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You ain't IKE..

Soooo.. a while back I saw this clip of Jay-Z slapping/stiff arming one of his Roca-fella executives.. I mean damn NAOMI! I don't know how it came up again, but I like watching it for some reason.. I'm such a dirty hooker, God has a special place for me.

Guess that's how he keeps B in line.

LMAO @ the above comment, that ain't right...

I remember when this shit broke, everyone involved tried to say it was "playful"... look at his face! He is NOT playing!

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J knows he was wrong for that. J and Bey may be the modern day Ike and Tina..then again, I don't know...Bey seem all nice and quiet but she also seems like that type that might cut a nig in his sleep.

you are a dirty hooker? that was really lame.

LMAO @ all the comments!! Juiicy I added you to my links kist...

i wonder if she still works for him. i bet she felt stupid after that

Diva is right, besides she's always walking behind him instead of besises him, that tells me somethign right there!

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