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My Weekly "Vent"

Excuse me while I pull a P.Diddy right quick and vent. This weeks vent is called "Dear Roommate"

Dear Roommate (Who shall remain nameless),

I was very upset to see that you ate one of my sub sandwiches from wal-mart when I woke up to pack my lunch for work today. Aside from eating the sub that was 3 damn dollars, you failed to throw away the wrapper that indicated you ate my sub and didn't even care to throw away the evidence. On top of that, you took it upon yourself to drink my damn Dasani water. You didn't just drink ONE Dasani, or even two.. but 3 damn Dasani waters. I hate to say this, but I would like to be re-imbursed. I expect you to come up with my $3 for the sub and $3.99 for the waters. You probably think that since I'm black I have foodstamps and I can just buy that food for free but that's not the point. I don't go in the fridge and eat all your scrumptious looking grapes. I want to, but I don't. I don't dig in the cabinets and pour me a bowl of "Cocoa Puffs" at 3 am. I want to, but I don't. The principle of the matter is that you stole from me and quite frankly I'm offended. I expect to see $6.99 on my dresser by the end of the day or I'm wrecking shop on those Cocoa Puffs.

p.s. CLEAN out the damn shower sometime.

Love, Juiicy

Do you live in a college complex where you have individual leases? Your situation does not sound like fun. My college roomie was my BFF and she and I went grocery shopping together, but we were very respectful of things that we brought into the house separately. Your roommate could have at least asked if it was ok.

Girl yes, we all have individual leases. I wish I lived with my BFF (that dirty hooker).. This is the first time I've lived with all white-girls and it's DIFFERENT. There is ALWAYS hair everywhere. But hopefully we'll settle somethings when we have our house meeting.

Good luck with this one. No matter what you say, and how right you are, or what tone you say it in, you will be the "angry" black girl. I lived in a similar situation in the dorm for freshman year, I feel you on the hair everywhere thing. I developed OCD during that time, and had to clean everything, and shower all the time just to feel comfortable.

I can not leave your blog? Is Your major writing it should be You are hilarious, freakin Hilarious I am literally laughing my azz off. I am at my desk doing the I gotta pee dance in my chair because You have me laughing so freaky hard... You Rock Chick Keep up the good work. People dont understand you can't make this shit up. Real life will fuck you up in the head fo sho


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