Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Paris Jackson..

Michael Jacksons daughter, Paris, celebrated her 9th birthday in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Too bad no one knows what the heffa looks like because of her weird daddy, The only people who attended the b-day party were the security guards and "Bubbles" the monkey. On a serious note, how in the hell is this child WHITE?

Underneath It All...

There is a BANGING black girl. D.Woods from Danity Kane graced the pages of the latest issue of KING Magazine. If you remember Diddy ALWAYS bashed her for being too "thick" on the hit reality show,"Making The Band. "

Welcome Back Cassidy!!

Cassidy is back in the game! As you may or may not remember Cassidy did a short stint in jail awaiting murder charges, on top of that after being released he had gotten into a near-fatal car accident hospitalizing him for months.He made his first public appearance Tuesday at the NY radio station Power 105.1's five-year anniversary bash with a highly visible scarred face.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Would You Wear It?!

According to this press release the new Cellphone Ankle Strap is whats hood in the streets.
"When you wear your Bluetooth headset and your cell phone strapped around your ankle: * You have flair * You have a strong sense of style. * You are a trendsetter and you don't mind being the center of attention."
Would You Wear It??
Shout-out to Chanel over at Hipcandy Blog!

Most Downloaded Girl on the Internet

Is HER...
Don't know who she is? Well for you American Idol viewers it's Sanjaya Makdsfjasdf's sister. See, you can be a famous reject. If you remember she auditioned for American Idol but didn't make it into the Top 24. This is a picture from her Myspace page, sadly her brother looks more girlie then she does and I'm sure he's likes it that way. Anywho, like I said she's the most downloaded chick on the internet right now, is it me or does she have little boy arms?

Kanye's "Quote of the Day"

Kanye West loves him some snow bunnies and he doesn't care to who knows, he was recently quoted asking if Sienna Miller was single and also said: "That's a white girl I would take to the mosque,"

What's a mosque? Is that like a Brothel? Will there be alot of whores there? Is it open on Sundays?NYDailyNews

"Nappily Ever After"?

... I don't know what to think about this but its the title of Halle Berry's latest film which is due to be released this summer.

A lot of hoopla is surrounding the film because Halle will go BALD in his movie. She was quoted as saying:
"In the course of the story something bad happens to my character's hair and she shaves it all off. I'm scared to death but that's what I must do. I suppose going bald could be a little exciting too, thought, so we'll probably film the process from beginning to end."

Halle Berry may be the most boring celeb out there, I think I fell asleep twice typing this up.

3 6 Mafia Is Just Doing Too Much

According to TMZ , Three-Six Mafia was kicked out off their home by petition after a member of their entourage peed on Jennifer Love Hewitt's lawn. They had recently moved into the Toluca Lake neighborhood and marked their new territory by having one of their assistants relieve himself on Hewitt's front yard.
See you can't give negro's anything, but the move must have paid off, because now they reside on the mean streets of Bel Air.

And for all you Three-Six fans, their new MTV reality show "Adventures in Hollyhood" debuts tonight.

Meet My Friend

Who is this handsomely feminine gentlemen you ask? Well he's my friend Keite Young. He's only the hottest gospel artists out, but what makes him different is that he doesn't sing your typical gossip songs, he sings and love, lust and getting poked in the dookie shoot!
Although he says he's hetero he's totally gay and loving it, you can tell by the Yaky #5 weave he's wearing from "Sallys Beauty Supply" (because you know they sell weave and stuff now).. anyways, I love his nappy chest hair and his beautiful hazel/green/violet eyes. On top of that this man sings for the Lord. Although I find something quite peculiar about his looks he can blow.. ... .. dick of course:)
Check out his myspace page..

Whitney Houston Gets Custody of Jr.

So things are finally moving in the Houston/Brown divorce case. On Wednesday, an Orange County, California judge ruled that Houston will get full custody of their daughter Bobbi Kristina.
The couple's 14-year-old Marriage will also end this month on the 24th as ruled by Superior Court Judge Franz E. Miller. Brown was a no-show at the hearing. Whitney dabbed her eyes with a tissue to hold back the tears. She testified that she did not need spousal or child support and that 14-year-old Bobbi Kristina, could not depend on her father."He's unreliable," Houston told Judge Miller. "If he says he's going to come, sometimes he does. Usually he doesn't."

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Meet My New Friend

Although she may look like she licks windows, french kisses farm animals or occasionally shits on herself, she is perfectly sane.
My friend Lola here claims to be the child of Micheal Jacksons children

Lola filed papers last October demanding a say in the custody arrangement between Jackson and Rowe, but her request was rejected last month after a judge ruled she had no “credible evidence” to support her allegations and had failed to notify Jackson and his ex-wife of her claim."

Tango Has Love for New York!

It's over, "I Love New York" wrapped up it's final episode last night with NY choosing Tango, or as Chance and Real liked to call him "Ninga Turtle Head Having Ass "N****", if you didn't catch it I'ma tell you that Tango ended up getting on his ashy knee and proposing marriage to the beautiful Miss.New York, bitch was soo shocked I coulda swore one of her fake eyelashes flew off. Anyways, I HEARD that TANGO is dating some chick in FLORIDA and has no intention of getting back with NY.
And another thing, will SOMEONE please get NY "Hooked on Phonics: Elementary Edition", she never uses words right and had the nerve to ask Tango:"did you just engaged me?" after he proposed to her.

Click here to read his "after the show interview"

Meet Fergie Ferg

This is the chick singer from the group "Black Eye'd Peas" Fergie has lead quite an interesting life.
1. She's bedded ladies, that's right, Fergie WAS a self-acclaimed lesbian. I don't know you go from munching the carpet to sucking the hog but according to her it happened. Here are her exact words: "I have had my head in between a woman’s legs with my tongue in the out position."

2. She was a drug-dealer. But not just any drug-dealer, this chick dealt drugs on the mean streets of LA. What made her stop slinging those thangs was when she had a gun put to her head during a drug deal that went wrong.

3. To top everything off, this chick isn't afraid to pee on herself in public! How hood is that.

Ok so it wasn't that interested, I just mainly posted this for all the closet lesbians so you can start sending her friend requests on myspace.

Lil Wayne Just Wants "C"

Rumors have been swirling that Weezy F Baby in enamored with Ciara. According to ALLHIPHOP.COM he raps, "Hov got B and I just want C, I want C even if she taller than me." NOW.. A few weeks back Weezy was doing an interview and said he was digging him some Christina Milian. We'll see how this plays out!

In other news Weezy was on 106&Park with his Daddy yesterday. And check out his "UPGRADE YOU" Remix.. Weezy is still spittin like a retard!

Welcome Baby Brown to the World

[Eddie Murphy and Melanie B last summer]

Yes my pretties, Mel B has popped out a beautiful 5lb,. 4 oz baby girl early this morning.

According to PEOPLE: "The baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair," a"Mother andbaby are now resting. No name has been decided on as yet and she is purely known as Baby Brown."

Get this, the baby SHARES a birthday with her alleged daddy "Eddie Murphy"!! (Happy 46th B-Day Murphy)

Anyways as soon as Murphy agrees to take a paternity test we will once and for all know if he fathered this child. For some reason I feel like a whole dookie-load of drama is about to be unleashed.

Guess Who's Belly This is!

I'm sure she's kinda pissed at losing all that weight. Ya'll will probably never guess who she is because she's not a Britney, Christina, Lindsey or any other pop star I talk about.. Click the pictures to find out who these washboard abs belong to.

Happy Late April Fools from Danity Kane

Aubry and D.Woods sent the gossip sites into a FRENZY by posting pictures of them buying pregnancy tests and other baby paraphernalia.... yeah this is funny, but it still doesn't cut the one time I took a picture with a dildo going up my friend, Robbie's, anus. He enjoyed that. Yes, that's the new Dwayne Wade Sidekick.. lucky whore.

Celebrity Fit Club

This show is one of my guilty pleasures, next to "Thats So Raven"of course. This year they are changing things up by pitting the men against the women. Da Brat has her choice to take either side. According to the previews this show is going to be full of D R A M A!

Dustin Diamond (Saved By The Bell), Tiffany (pop star), Cledus T. Judd (country music artist), Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch), Da Brat (Hip Hop Artist), Warren G (rapper),Kimberley Locke (American Idol) and Ross “The Intern” Mathews (The Tonight Show)
Get ready for an all new season of Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women premiering on April 22 at 9 PM ET/PT.

Timbaland vs. Scott Storch

So the beef is brewing in the Timbaland/Scott Storch fued. Timbaland made it apparent he didn't like this beautiful Jewish specimen by screaming "SCOTT STORCH IS A BITCH" at Club Marquee in New York a few weeks ago.
This beef reminds me of the NSYNC and BSB beef. TIRED. Lets see who wins this round by comparing the lyrics.

Timbaland diss: "I get a half a mil for my beats/You get a couple grand. Never gonna see the day that I ain't got the upper hand. I'm respected from Californ-i-a way down to Japan. I'm a real producer and you just a piano man."

Storch: “You tryin’ to lose weight, tryin’ to get some respect, Still ain’t lose that pack of franks out the back of your neck.
BEEF FRANKS! This one goes to Storch!

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