Friday, February 23, 2007

Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker

The happy happy family were spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday with their beautiful son Nicolas Neruda, they also have a daughter. Seeing them together makes me smile. This should put a stop to all the rumors of him and Gabrielle supposingly dating.

Kim Fields ....

I reported a while back that Kim Fields was 3 months pregnant. I believe she may be about 6 months now. Check out those Ta-ta's..

On another note she's already picked out the the babies name: “If she’s a girl, Aria Grace, and if he’s a boy, Sebastian Alexander.”

B5's New Single "Erica Kane"

Remember the cute lil mulatto quartet B5.. well they are back again with a new single called "Erica Kane".. Their album is slated for release by April 24, 2007.


Quick Scoops

I have been getting alot of emails about not liking the "comment verification" thing. Well I've been getting ALOT LOT LOT of spam comments so this was the only way for them to stop. I'll have it off soon my pretties.

Did You Hear

According to Illseed, I heard that Free (formerly of 106 & Park) is possibly going to join the staff on Hot 97 in New York City. I don't know how true it is, but she is certain to replace somebody's favorite host.
Don't know how true this is considering she kinda just started at 10o.3 The Beat.. We'll see where this goes.

When Your Girl Goes Crazy...

Obviously HE puts it down,because he has chicks slashing wrists for all of this light-skin greatness.

A night of post-game partying turned ugly for Boston Celtics point guard Delonte West when his live-in girlfriend allegedly choked and bit him and tried to slash her own wrists with shards of glass because he dumped her.

D's girl , got into an argument with Delonte's sister, Danielle. Taylor (D's girl) who had a “few cocktails” at the game, “pushed” Danielle West during the dispute, according to a police report.

Delonte West confronted his girl about the fight with his sister. “During this conversation Taylor became argumentative and put her hands around Delonte's throat in a choking manner,”

Delonte then told the crazy bitch that “their relationship was over,” and she left the club, telling him she was going to stay at a hotel and would be moving out of their apartment the next day.

But when Delonte, his sister and some friends returned to the apartment around 2:30 a.m., His girl was there and she started yelling at him, reportedly calling him a "fucking bastard.”

Delonte told cops that she went upstairs to the bathroom, slammed the door and started smashing glass. He went into the bathroom and found her covered in blood and jabbing at her wrists with shards of glass. Then the chick bit Delonte on the hand when he tried to stop her from slashing herself.

Delonte's sister called 911 and police took Taylor to Newton Wellesely Hospital where she was treated for “superficial” wounds to both wrists, police said.

Taylor told police she wasn’t trying to kill herself but was cutting herself to show West she wasn’t “fucking around” about their relationship.

Britney Spears Is Fierce

Just look at that face. If I didn't know any better I'd think Brit was watching "Set it Off and "Sweating to the 80's" before heading over to her ex husbands house. Word is she went over there and he refused to let her in. So the bird got angry and beat his car up with an umbrella...
All I could do was laugh.. she's soo serious about this umbrella beating.

Celebs That Smell..

[Pop-Singer "Pink" peeing outside of her car]

Ever wondered what celebs smelled like? I know it's been my dream to find out what Diddy's breath, Kelis' crotch, or even Jennifer Lopez's underarms smells like. Well MTO has compiled a list of celebs who probably should douche, brush, or swipe some deodarent on after a hards days work.

  • India Arie - offending body part: underarms notable quote: "She doesn't believe in wearing deodorant ... Someone needs to explain to her that you don't wear deodorant for yourself - you wear it for the people around you."
  • Pink - offending body part: crotch notable quote: "I had the unpleasant experience of following her into the ladies room once. She really needed to visit a gynecologist."
  • Jazzy Pha - offending body part: entire body notable quote: "He' a nice guy but he has a gland problem that makes him sweat like crazy. It's kind of embarrassing.
  • "Biz Markie - offending body part: tie between breath and underarms notable quote: "Biz has that kind of aroma that stays behind hours after he's gone."
  • Kelis - offending body part: hair notable quote: "There's no excuse for her not washing her hair more often."
  • Busta Rhymes- offending body part: breath notable quote: "Not only is his breath bad, but he spits when he talks ... when he's done with you you're drenched in foul smelling liquid."
  • Serena Williams - offending body part: underarms notable quote: "I stood next to her at a club once. The musk was so strong I thought I was going to pass out."
  • Flavor Flav - offending body part: entire body notable quote: "He smells exactly the way you'd imagine - like a homeless person."
  • Diddy - offending body part: breath. notable quote: "He has quite possibly the worst breath in the industry. And he always wants to talk all up in your face."
  • Bobby Brown - offending body part: behind notable quote: "The chair he was sitting on smelled like he [had an accident] on himself. I think we ended up having to throw it in the trash."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!

Black Enterprise Top 50 Hollywood Power Brokers List Party
Shanice with husband Flex Alexander
Aunt Vivi looking quite exquisite
Eddie and Tracey
Eva Pigford
Chris Brown

Tatiana Ali
Katt Williams

The Diamond Information Center "Celestial: A Diamond Affair 2007"

Eva Pigford and Russell Simmons

Stars & Strikes Celebrity Bowling hosted by A Place Called Home Charity
Cordy Hardict (Tia Mowry's Fiance')

Keke Palmer

Marques and Omarion

I Love Serena

She's so beautiful, like a fresh little spring flower . Her eyebrows speak to me.

Hennessy Celebrates Giant Magazine Covergirl Jennifer Hudson

Ciara's New Video: I'm a Boy

Just joking, it's soo not called 'I'm a Boy' but it damn near should be. In this video Ciara takes on the gender-bender role of being a male. The song is Hot FIYA. But I'm still convinced she's trying to use reverse psychology on us all.. I'm on to your lil game you ol' 'Trey Songs' head having ass!

But on another tip, Reggie Bush can get it.

[picture courtesy of Hip&Pop]

*If you can't see the video click [here]

Akon: I could have had Beyonce & Alicia Keyes

Akon went on record to say he could have had both Beyonce and Alicia Keyes..

"Oh, yeah, that happens all the time, man! Alicia Keyes, Beyoncé - I'm pretty lucky in that respect, but I guess it comes with the circles you find yourself in when you get success."

Akon, who claims he has three wives, insists Beyoncé's boyfriend Jay-Z shouldn't be jealous because their liaison happened so long ago.

He said: "Nah, he's got plenty of other things to be concentrating on! The man has his own basketball team. I doubt he's going to be worrying about stuff in the past like that! And he sells records too, you know. " FemaleFirst

Um.. Alicia Keys pee's standing up. Word

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kelly Rowland Listening Party

Kelly Rowlands album has been pushed back yet AGAIN. As you may Remember her album was pushed back earlier this year for Beyonce's joint, and now it's rumored that it's getting set back again for Solanges sophmore effort.
Here are a few songs off of Kellys Album courtesy of "LovingTheBlackLight"

Fiddy Cent A Snitch?!

[Kenneth McGriff-right]

Chocolate Magazine is reporting that 50 Cent fears for his life after rival Kenneth 'Supreme' McGriff - who is believed to have plotted to kill him once before - escaped the death sentence for two murders.

Fiddy, dealt drugs for McGriff before shooting to fame.The rapper now believes McGriff will come after him for revealing his illegal activities in his raps.

McGriff was linked to a gun attack on 50 Cent in 2000, police suspect. Plus a special agent claimed to have uncovered another plot by McGriff to kill him in 2003.

This hurts my heart. I actually feel sorry for Fiddy and his buckteeth.

E-40 Killed During All-Star Weekend...

There was a rumor that E-40 along with like 3 other rappers were killed during All-Star Weekend in Vegas. This is a lie, and 40's lawyer has put out a statement concerning these rumors:

"I am writing to dispel any and all of the rumors currently circulating concerning the health and safety of Earl Stevens p/k/a E-40. Mr. Stevens is alive and well in Los Vegas enjoying all-star weekend and has not been the victim of any shooting or accident. Sick Wid It Records, Chaz Hayes, and 40 Water thank all those who have expressed concern and kept 40 in their prayers and urge whoever is responsible for generating these outrageous rumors to contemplate the gravity of their actions and stop immediately"

Throw Some D's On That B...

That's exactly what Star Jones did. According to In-Touch Weekly

Star Jones Reynolds went under the knife to treat herself to some bigger breasts for her 44th birthday last March.

“After you lose some weight, you go flat and I really wanted to have perky boobs,” she said at the time."
I bet the Dr. was pissed.

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