Thursday, March 08, 2007

All Grown Up!!

Angela and Vanessa Simmons must have had' Beyonce' on repeat because they have definitely been UPGRADED. I for one never thought they were the prettiest girls on the block... Angela looked a lil special to me. But I think they are beautiful here in these pictures, hussy lipstick and all.

Paul Wall New Video "Break em Off"

Paul Wall has love for ALL the Flavor of Love girls, this is his second video in which he used one of Flav's rejects. Deelishis is his latest video vixen. I ain't hatin, why pay for steak when you can buy a bean patty.

[If video fails to play click HERE]

Quote of the Day

"Why you in my face like that"- Whitney Houston
Nippy and Brandy's lil brother were caught grabbing a bite to eat last night...

Pedophile Targets Barack Obama's Daughters

Senator Barack Obama is threatening legal action against a self-described pedophile who has posted photos of the Democratic politician's young daughters (ages 5 and 8) on a web site that purports to handicap the 2008 presidential campaign by evaluating the "cuteness" of underage daughters and granddaughters of White House aspirants.

On his creepy web site,, which is registered from a Panamanian address, Ashford notes that his Latin nickname translates to "lover of little girls." He claims to "have been bestowed with the gift of girllove. I have chosen to unmask here because I have a very strong conviction that I should not be forced to hide my sexual orientation."

Congratulations Lala and Melo

He's HERE!! Kiyan was born at 1:35 pm in Denver, CO, weighing in at 5 lbs, 9 oz, and 18 1/2 inches long.

ESPN reported yesterday that Carmelo Anthony and Lala Vasquez are first time parents - or will be quite soon - as Lala was admitted to the hospital last evening for an induction. After last evening's game, Carmelo was heading to the hospital, but stopped to say,

"Just waiting for it to happen. The anticipation is always high this time when you're about to have a baby and about to be a father."

I mean is it normal to have breasts sag that low BEFORE you have a baby?

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!

Beanie Segal celebrated his 56th birthday last weekend with some of his friends!

They must have been playing that PS3

Beanie and his wife Of course Hov's other half was there.Melyssa Ford was all up in Tyrese's junk that night.

Dammit Maxwell. This freak was in NYC a few days ago celebrating Denise Vasi's birthday..

Queen Latifah was in Beverly Hills yesterday for a press conference for her HBO movie "Life Support"...

Stars flocked Hollywood last night for the premiere of Chris Rocks new movie "I Think I Love My Wife"

As posted before, Chris Rock said "Ain't a damn thang wrong with my marriage"

Rodney and Holly Robinson Pete Gina Torres, you may remember her from 'Hair Show', a BET Bootleg Movie! Kerry Washington, the dress looks 3D
Mary J. Blige and Mr. Mary J Blige.
Mario Van Peebles and his son

Brandy's ex lover and Knicks player Quentin Richardson and Channing Frye did their part in holding a ' Toy Drive on Behalf of the Garden of Dreams Foundation ' yesterday.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Guess Who!

Guess who's corn dogs these are.
[Click picture to find out]


B & J in Mexico

Beyonce and Jigga were spotted vacationing in Mexico. Papa Knowles also put his 2 cents in the whole "break-up" rumors by saying "If they broke up would I be wearing this [rocawear] shirt?" That Papa Knowles is one smooth talker.

Rip The Runway

Too many pictures for me to try and make commentary.. Enjoy!

Deelishis in Sister2Sister Magazine

[picture courtesy of Ghetto-Fabu]

Sister 2 Sister : Are you working on singing projects?

Deelishis: Yes, ma'am. I am. I go to the studio. I'm dealing with some people that are out of Philly. Busta Rhymes and I are working on some stuff together.

Deelishis : That's my baby.

Sister 2 Sister: You love him?

Deelishis : Oh yeah.

Deelishis: Yeah, he's a sweetie. He's a really nice guy.

Sister 2 Sister : Tell me more about the singing. Come on, come on. I want to know.

Deelishis: [laughs] The singing has been a pleasant surprise. Some people had gotten in contact with my management team and asked, “Does Deelishis want to pursue her singing career?" And I said, “Why not? So they prepared some tracks for me and they sent them, and the tracks were awesome. They actually just received a message from Def Jam asking as soon as we get a few songs or whatever down, that they would like me to walk them over to the company. So I said, “Not a problem."

Sister 2 Sister : So you want to sing, and what about acting and videos and stuff like that?

Deelishis: No videos. The only person I said yes to for that was Bus, which is how I met him. I didn't want to go into music videos because I didn't want to be recognized for that, because remember, Flav indicated that I was a booty girl. I never came out and said that.

Also Deelish has her own brand of jeans for girls who can fit a small animal in their pants, called "Deelishis Jeans".. Check Check Check Check 'em out!

Guess WHO!

This person has the best natural wave pattern this side of the Mississippi.

This is non other than Pootie from "I Love New York"!


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