Friday, March 30, 2007

Beyonce Madness!!!

They're here, just when you thought you couldn't get enough of Beyonce she went and released 5 video's on her Anthology album "B-day".. I guess that's whats hood in the streets, to release an album, then re-release it. Anyways, enjoy the video's..

WATCH: Suga Mama

WATCH: Get Me Bodied
WATCH: Green Light WATCH: Freakum Dress
WATCH: Kitty Kat (Due to copyright restrictions this isn't the video in it's entirety, but it does run 1:30 so you'll get the jist of it.)

But WAIT, there's more! Here are 3 unreleased tracks!

Welcome to Hollywood (Beyonce's solo version of "Hollywood")



Oye (Listen)


Amore Gitano'


Shit, Beyonce...

Brandy Is Searching For The Lord

TMZ cameras snapped Brandy in West Hollywood leaving outside the Bodhi Tree bookstore, which specializes in New Age and other spiritual texts. Sources also said she attended a Yoga Class.

But on another note, check it out.. Moesha done got herself a shiny NEW Range Rover, she totalled the other Range Rover when she got into the accident a few months ago in LA which resulted in the death of a woman.
Moesha needs to be looking for spiritual guidance to help her cope with the fact that she's going to be coming out the ass paying the family for 2 wrongful death lawsuits.

Young Buck Covers May Issue of XXL

In the words of Young Buck: Buy my album! March 27!” . “And always remember: Fuck the police!”

Ursher to Wed Girlfriend..

Ursher has confessed that he plans on marrying his girlfriend Tameka Foster by years end, ON top of that he plans on releasing his new album in November, so I guess the paparazzi's will be up in his anus until the end of the year helping promote his album AND marriage. As you may or may not remember Urshers people, more specifically his mother, weren't too happy with his decision to marry Tameka. Remember she cheated on her hubby with u-s-h-e-r and also has a clothing line coming out, so she see's her as having alterior motives.

The Game and his Dame

The Games baby momma, Tiffany, celebrated her baby shower last week. She's a pretty little thing and I'm glad to see she doesn't look like the hoodrat that previous pictures claimed her to be. Hopefully the warrent out for Games' arrest won't make him miss the birth of their baby.

[Shout out to FreezyFBaby (FreezeFiya) for sending me these pictures, we gon' have cable this month!!!!]

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rev Run and Family Talk About Loss...

After a hard year facing the death of their newborn child, The Simmons family talks openly to Essence about how they coped with the loss and Justine's hopes of adopting an African-American child.
Read the interview here

New York Opens Up About The Miss.Jones Interview...

VH1's Celebreality blog interviewed NY and got down to the nitty gritty about what really happened with the whole Hot97 interview with Miss.Jones

VH1:Before we really get into it, I wonder if you have anything to say about what went down with Miss Jones last month on the radio, when she hung up on you after accusing you of lying about college.
NY:I'm glad we're gonna address that. First of all, Miss Jones doesn't appeal to me in any type of way. I don't have any respect for her. She's very angry. She's very nasty. She was asking me very personal questions about myself and I wasn't going to answer her honestly, because I felt like she wasn't really interested in my life. She was trying to attack me. So, of course, I just played with her. And her being a radio personality, she knew I wasn't being honest. I didn't care, I knew I had to get through that interview and remain professional. But I will say this: I think she's a fat, bitter bitch.

.....And I was having a great day! I wasn't going to let anyone ruin my morning. You can only push my buttons if I allow you to, and I didn't allow her to push my buttons. She would have loved to have gotten into it with me. Who wouldn't want to get into it with me? That could have boosted her career that never went anywhere. She was an aspiring singer that never did anything. Miss Jones sucks. She gained about 80 lbs. She looks terrible.


[pic courtesy of DLISTED]

I must say if I were a lesbo I'd let Hottie sit on my face, she's effin hot and I'm geeked to see her back on television. While browsing through VH1 I saw a video Hottie made introducing us into her new world after Flavor of Love. Bitch says she's living in a mansion in Bel-Air with her dog, Cash. And I believe every word of it :) Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School Starring Mo'Nique premieres Sunday, April 15 at 10/9c on VH1.
Watch: HOTTIE!!

Chris Rock Joins The Club...

Of former girlfriends claiming stars to be the daddy of their children. Kali Boyer claims that Chris is the father of her 13-year-old son Jordan, who suffers from seizures. And she believes the comic's medical history may help with the boy's treatment.

"Take the damn DNA test!" blasted 35-year-old Kali Bowyer in an exclusive NATIONAL ENQUIRER interview. "My son's 13 now and he knows what's going on. He told me the other day, 'I don't need him in my life, just to take the test so I can find out what's wrong with me.'"

She has filed papers in Georgia requesting Chris take a paternity test, pay child support, medical coverage and attorney fees. Stating, "I don't want a dime for myself, but support for my son,"

Quick Scoops

  • Youngbloodz don't have any money in the bank [ContactMusic]
  • Suge Knight didn't get evicted from his house, he was just moving... with police escorts[Contact Music]
  • Kanye West did NOT buy a 7.2 million dollar house ya'll.
  • The Game and Vida Guerra Beef is kinda wack, but that's not the only wack beef, word is Vida's cat smells like chimichanga's..
  • Can you do the "Wu-Tang"?? [YouTube]

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BET Spring *BLING*

Sooo BET's Spring Bling went down last week in Florida. *sigh* Although the even won't aire until April 5 I was able to cop a few pictures of the event just to let you know what you should expect during the show!

This picture confuses and offends me.
The camera adds 10 pounds

I'm sure she's watching her figure.. aside from the big ass plate of pizza and hog mogs she is very health conscious, choosing a diet pepsi.

Pop lock & drop it

Kimora Lee Simmons is Barbie.

Soon you'll be able to own your very own Kimora Lee Simmons. Mattel will launch Simmons' own Barbie in September.I hear the doll will be dressed in outfits inspired by KLS, Simmons' high-end clothing line, not Baby Phat.

Olivia Dropped from G-Unit.. But Why?!

Rumors are swirling that Olivia was dropped from G-Unit, that much I can say it true, but the nature of why she was dropped stems from long-term allegations of being sexually harassed.
According to her non-official myspace page she was dropped as of 3/26/07 . The Singer reportedly was sexually harassed on numerous occasions by members of the G-unit roster as well as the boss himself Curtis '' 50 Cent '' Jackson , Her un-willingness to oblige to these sexual invites lead to her departure from the G-unit/ Interscope imprint. Olivia has been in talks with other labels and looking over new deals , so fans should not fret for she will get another chance at music. p.s. Behind Closed Doors ( Her Album recorded during her stint at G-unit) is going to be leaked very very soon !

Hmm, maybe these allegations will HELP her to sell her album, because Baby Jesus knows her career was going down the shitter fast.
Check out her her myspace, or her main website page it's bombarded with advertisments and links for Young Bucks new album.

Kelly Rowland on TRL/New Video!

K.Row was in NYC yesterday and stopped by the TRL Studios to premiere her new video with Eve called, "Like This"... I must admit, Kelly is on her shit this time around.

Fantasia's Video Shoot!

Taking a quick break from Broadway, Fantasia is on set shooting the video for her next single "When I See You" in New York, New YORK! Since seeing her on Oprah she's grown on me and I no longer think of her as the female version of bubba gump. Thank you Oprah.

Quote of the Day

'Hit the net like any Negro would"- Heckler to SERENA WILLIAMS during her match Monday at the Sony Ericsson Open

Heidi Klum and Son Out and About!

Heidi and 4 month old son "Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo"made a rare public outing for a lunch date at The Grove in Los Angeles. This is Heidi's 2nd child with singer, Seal. The first , Henry Guenther Ademola Dashtu Samuel ,age 1, is pictured below.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

In other SWV News..

[Lelee is at the top right]

Sister 2 Sister magazine ran a story stating that Lelee from the hit singing group SWV was homeless, they even said that she slept in her expedition after group member, Taj's wedding. According to Lelee this couldn't be further from the truth...

She posted on her myspace:
According to Webster dictionary the word homeless means "having no home" or "having no permanent place of residence". I had none of the two for a while. I lived with several family members for a while until i got to the point i could think. For some reason the article in S2S have people believing that I was sleeping on the streets of NYC (lol). So not true people. I did not sleep in my truck (Expedition at the time) after Taj's wedding so please don't believe that. The order in which the story was told was really crazy and I apologize if it was misunderstood. I damn near misunderstood it (lol).AND FOR THE RECORD, "Lelee is notttttttttt homeless. I sleep very well at night(smile)."Peace! Check out her myspace page

But for anyone who's really read this article it's quite sad how she suffered, even being in the hit group SWV they only made $0.05 for each album they sold...and when the group split RCA only gave them $25,000. She even says that she had to resort to selling her body (to women)for money and shelter.

On the other hand, Taj is doing pretty damn well, she's on a new reality tv show called "I Married A Baller" which is an original TV One reality series about the marriages and careers of African-American athletes and their spouses. ( She is married to Eddie George, ex Tennessee Titans player) In the summer of 2007, Taj will publish her first book, “Player HateHer: Why Can’t Women Just Get Along?”.

As for Coko, her gospel career is thriving, she's happily married with a son and is currently on tour. Just a lil FYI, did you know she sang the hook on Will Smith's single "Men In Black"? Check out her myspace

Eve in GIANT Magazine

Eve is on the April/May cover of GIANT Magazine. She shares her thoughts on everything from MySpace to sex tapes.
  • ON THE LEAKED SEX TAPE WITH FORMER BOYFRIEND STEVIE J. "I was hurt by it. But what kept me calm was that everybody knew he was my boyfriend. Not that I wanted people to see me having sex, but it wasn't like I was getting gangbanged - that would have been crazy."
  • ON RECONNECTING WITH LIL' KIM "I used to roll in the car with my high school friends listening to Biggie and Kim. (But we were) not speaking, for whatever reason. When my publicist told me we would be sitting across from each other, I was like, 'Are you serious?' There wasn't any real beef, but I just didn't want any tension. But we ended up talking, like really talking, for forty-five minutes. We even exchanged numbers. I'd love to do a joint with Kim. I really want to see her come back, you know?"
    Eve in April/May issue of Giant Magazine (phot Kenneth Capello)

  • ON INTERRACIAL LOVE "I'm going to love who loves me, and if I'm attracted to a person, I'm attracted to them. I've had black men say to me, 'Oh, I heard you were dating a white man.' It's like, 'Have I gone out with (a white man)? Yes. Am I dating someone white? No, but if I was, it would be my choice, so stay out of my business.'"
  • ON THE DECLINE OF HIP HOP MUSIC "For me, it all started with (D4L's) 'Laffy Taffy.' When I first heard that song on the radio, I just knew it was a joke, but then I kept hearing it. Every artist has the right to do what they want, but I don't believe in making that kind of music. It's disposable. Hip-hop is in cardiac arrest, but I think it's revivable."


Now I Want A Croissant....

Apparently people do because Eva Longoria's fiance, "T.P.".. otherwise known as Tony Parker, has finally released his debut rap album.. in FRENCH! Remember I reported this a few months ago showing ya'll a video for one of his singles off the album. [CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO]...

The Eiffel tower is sooo hood .This is going to be HOT SHIT! Rapping in French? GENIUS!

Click here to purchase the album

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Mega Post!!

Jenny from the block was spotted in Berlin this weekend, her outfit screams 3 different era's but I'm feeling every single one of them!

Naomi Campbell showed who was the boss as she left her last day of community service wearing a Dolce & Gabbana gown...I hate to be the bearer of bad news and shit but that female rap group "Head B*tches In Charge" that Remy Ma, Shawnna and Jackie-O were supposed to form is a no-go. According to an interview Shawnna did with a radio station she is pulling out of the group

"I love Remy, I love Jacki, but I personally don't get down with girls in a closed environment, in a structured environment. Girls need too much catering, too much pampering. So, I would rather us [not] fall out. I want us to keep the beautiful relationship that we got."

Blah, I'm not phased
What's a MegaPost without BEYONCE! First off here is the latest ad for her "Dereon" clothing line, and yes that is the same outfit she wore on 106&Park

Secondly I'm sure EVERYONE has heard that Beyonce is re-releasing her album B-Day with extra songs and unreleased videos. Here are screenscaps from the video's on the album

Freakdum Dress
Kitty Kat
Suga Momma

Get Me Bodied (Next Single with Solange, Kelly and Michelle cameo's)

Kimora Lee Simmons presented her KLS (Kimora Lee Simmons) Fall 2007 Collection and obviously every broad brought their A game that night.

Ok, the whole "WestSiiiddddeeee" thing was sooo 10th grade.

Why won't Miss. Tyra ever blend her hair, I mean damn can we not get any baby hair up in this piece.
HATE HATE HATE the "kissy lip".. do you girls not know your mouth looks like a bootyhole.

Someones been getting those sit-ups right.
Ronde Barber and Tiki Barber were at Club Tao in Vegas last weekend, this is what wet dreams are made of!

Starlet Jones arms are the DEVIL, she celebrated her birthday and Shaq's birthday this weekend

The whole arm-pit area offends me.

Tony Yayo is just mad reckless son, according to Mr. Yayo himself went "Ike Turner" on a 14-year old boy.The alleged assault happened on Tuesday (Mar. 20), as Rosemond’s 14-year-old son left school on the way to an internship with his father’s Czar Entertainment, an entertainment-based record label/management firm. According to sources close to Czar, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo were leaving the offices of Violator Management and saw the boy walking down the street, wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt. They were apparently unaware that the teen was Rosemond’s son. According to sources, Yayo backhanded the teen then screamed profane words towards Czar Entertainment.

Yeah the story is sad and all but I'm jealous that a 8th GRADE bastard had an internship.
Quick Scoop
  • I've been slacking on the blog, in between working 2 jobs and doing my blog after I get off from my 2nd job (7am) and then GOING to class there will be some words misspelled, so please excuse any typo's or grammatical errors! Gracias

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