Friday, November 03, 2006

Flavor of Love Celebration Hosted By Deelishis

Yep, that's Busta burning the hair off of Deelishis neck with his stanking breath.

Grace Jones is FAB-U-LOUS!

Work it

Own it
Love it
Quick Scoops from my Partners in Crime
  • Mary gives the 411 on her marriage- Juicy News
  • Eminem blasts Mariah for denying their relationship- St8OuttaNYC
  • Brandy's reps tell us the real story behind the "church brawl"- PlatformLaunchAction
  • Remember the girl group "Cleopatra"..See what they're up to now- A Hot Mess
  • Check out the pic's from this years European Music Awards- Ghettofabu
  • Watch the video of Kanye Acting a fool at the European Music Awards- Rhymes with Snitch

Eddie and Gerald Levert..

Eddie and Gerald Levert performed in South Africa then sat down for for interviews.

It must be great to tour with your dad, sharing condoms,groupies, std's.. that's the life. Just joking, but I must admit, ol Gerald still has the moves!

picture source:ConcreteLoop

Dreamgirls Do Ebony...

I love B, I really do, but I'm tired of the movie being centered around HER and only her.

LeBrons Commercials

I love these commercials, they crack my shit up, no seriously, I'll be sitting on the toilet thinking about these commercials and I'll start laughing. They show a different side of King James! Check 'em out

Glory Days Commercial

Butter Commercial

Swimming Pool

Business LeBron Interview IV

The LeBrons : 2 on 2

Kanye has a B*tch Fit..

Kanye West unleashed an amazing outburst after failing to take home the going for 'Best Video' for his 'Touch The Sky' promo at the Europe Music Awards.
When the winners were announced this Bama jumped onstage (while the groupe was collecting their award and saying their "Thank You's" and yelled,
"F*ck dis! My video cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and sh*t! If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility. Nothing against you (J&S), but hell man."

Click here to read the rest of Kanyes tantrum

DAMMIT where was Alexis when all of this was happening. This child needs to be supervised at ALL times.

Mya's Buzzkill..

According to PanacheReport:A marijuana based cookie sent Mya to the hospital when she suffered a panic attack.
The star was partying with friends when she was persuaded to sample the hash-cookie and get high-but she had a terrible reaction to the treat and thought she was dying. She recalls, "I was rushed to the hospital and my heart was beating fast. "They put me on these pills every few hours to slow my heart rate down and put me to sleep. I was sweating and freezing at the same time. I said, I do not want to go out like this."

I've had plenty of those "sitting -down- butt-naked -over- the toilet -God- I'm-sorry- I'll- never- do- it- again" moments after drinking. I feel her pain.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quote of the Day..

"If anybody think I'm gay, come test me. I light you up. I probably smash your girl...twice! Her and her best friend."- Lil Wayne

New Couple Alert??

Reports are saying that Lindsay Lohan and Diana Ross' son Evan Ross (starred in ATL) are supposingly a couple. They're keeping the relationship quiet and won't show up or leave a club or event together. The reported new romance comes a month after Lohan's relationship with Harry Morton ended.


Rumor or Not??

The loud-mouth radio personality we all love to hate 'Wendy Williams' reported yesterday on her show that Karrine 'Supahead' Steffans is carrying Bobby Browns loin. In other words, she's pregnant with the cockroaches child. Considering the source this just may be a rumor.. but who knows, we'll see how this plays out.

UPDATE: According to ContactMusic

BOBBY BROWN has reportedly impregnated his girlfriend KARRINE STEFFANS after
telling her he'd had a vasectomy. The R+B bad boy moved in with the video vixen-turned-author after his wife
WHITNEY HOUSTON filed for divorce earlier this year (06) and now he's about to
become a dad again. According to a report in US tabloid National Enquirer,
Steffans, 28, is expecting Brown's fifth child. A source tells the publication,
"When Karrine found out she was pregnant she was so angry because Bobby had told
her he couldn't have more kids." Steffans and Brown are reportedly making plans
for a reality TV show focusing on their romance.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Guess Who..

Guess who stripped her supermodel looks to become a guy for an episode her show? hint: she's recently been linked to Chingy and last year she went undercover as a 350-pound woman.

New York and Pumpkin

Stop it. This picture was snapped by Pumpkins aunt after the VH1 Reality Awards shows, sources say the two may be doing more photos together in the future, showing a little more skin for a possible naughty pictorial.

I'd rather watch a dog try and hump a squirrel.

Quick Scoops

  • Check out the rest of Sara Stokes pictures from her photoshoot for her first new single here

Black TY

Not once in my life did I think Tyrese was fine until NOW. But he still looks like burnt toast and his chest area looks like the part of that burnt toast that you tried to scrape off with a butter knife. Has he been tanning?

Also if you're in the California check to see when Tyrese will be hitting a town near you here.
scooped up at: Sandra Rose

Quote Of The Day

Todays quote is brought to you by Because That's all Hollywood is"... [Thx Erin & J]

''I would love to sing with her, but unfortunately all eyes are on me.'" -Katharine McPhee on WHITNEY HOUSTON

Celeb Halloween Fun!

Gina, Pam, and Greg Woods stepped out last night as the cast of "America's Next Top Model"
Gina and Pam as "Miss Jay" and "Tyra"

Pam and Greg Woods

Too funny!

Picture Source

John Legends Model Girlfriends..

.. just a little random tidbit, here's a recent pic of John Legend and his girlfriend, Brazilian model, Danielle Abreu.

A while back he was linked to Nigerian Tayo Otiti. Rumor has it that although it was a very aggressive relationship, Tayo’s agent excessively publicized their romance because she saw it as a good opportunity for Tayo to get more showbiz exposure…

and after Tayo there was Jessica White.. another super-model girlfriend, she also appeared in his "So High" video.

John Legend tidbits:

  • John graduated from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania when he was just 20

  • John majored in English, with an emphasis on African American literature and culture

  • John then worked with one of the world’s top consulting firms, The Boston Consulting Group, before leaving to work with a non-profit organization, then ultimately music…..

Sara Stokes From Making The Band 2

[picture courtesy of Bossip]
Remember Sara Stokes from MTB2 (Da Band).. I guess she's finally doing her solo thing, here she is on the set of her new video "You".

Check out her Myspace page to hear the song:

Buckwild To Sell Her Shoe on Ebay.

Buckwild is auctioning the Payless shoe she threw at New York during the Flavor of Love Reunion Show.. The shoe so far is going for $299. This shoe probably smells like bigfoots dick. Keep it classy :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A 'WTF' moment...

According to CNN, sources are claiming that Anna Nicole Smith may have dyed her 2 month old daughters hair to make her look more like her supposed father, Howard K. Stern.

'Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead, who claims he is the father, saw the child with dark hair in leaked snippets of an "Entertainment Tonight" interview of Smith, Opri said.

"It's horrendous," Opri said. "We are calling our experts right now to see if dyeing an infant's hair is any way toxic or harmful to a child."

Birkhead frosts the tips of his sandy blonde hair. Smith's current companion, Howard K. Stern, appears to have naturally black hair.'

Just a re-cap on the story behind this is that 2 men are claiming to be Anna Nicole's Babies Daddy. Anna claims that Howard K. Stern is the father, but we all know he's a flamin homo'. Anna's off her rocker, I believe she would dye this childs hair.


Brandy in Bible Study Brawl...

Wednesday night Brandy showed up at First A.M.E (FAME) church in Los Angeles with 2 of her friends to sit in on a bible study service... During the service Brandy and her 2 friends (who were Scientologists) questioned the Christian principles taught in the bible. While Brandy was asking about the principles of lust a fight broke out.. Apparently the 2 guys she was with got into a tussle in the back of the church. According to sources it was an all out Jerry Springer brawl ,there was cussing , chairs being thrown around and upon exiting the church Brandy threw a chair at the Pastor who in return, threw up "Westside" and yelled, ' I ain't a Killa but don't tempt me"..

How you gonna try and get street-cred in the house of the Lord? She ain't right.


Random Pictures..


My Raven Baxter, Does she look thinner? Cuz ya know she was only a twinkie away from being a fat girl.

[picture courtesy of concreteloop]

Quick Scoops
  • For the record I intended to put ALOT more news up, but ya'll know how blogger gets. Los Siento's muchacho's.

  • Jay-Z wrote a diss track to Pac back in the days.

  • Duke Rape case takes another turn, looks like the accuser lied.

  • Love Ugly Betty? So do I , now you can watch FULL episodes online here

Happy Halloweennnnn!!!

New Couple Alert...

TMZ is reporting that Rick Fox (Former NBA Player and husband of Vanessa Williams) and Sharon Stone were seen at Hollywood hot spot 'Hyde' night club on Saturday swapping spit in the back of a private booth. They were also snapped leaving Hyde together, most likey to go half on a baby.

I bet Rick sweats Afro-sheen.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Guess Who Has A Donkey...

Get it...


Katie Holmes Has A Black Friend...

Katie Holmes and Jada Pinkett-Smith were out at Katie's step-sons baseball game.. WTF are we back in the "Set It Off" days.. Jada can be a hit one day, and a miss the very next.
[picture courtesy of YBF]

Famu's Homecoming Pic's...

If my head wasn't soo damn big I'd rock a mohawk.

He looks like he smells like those guys who walk past you in the gym after hoopin' for 4 hours.
T.I and Tiny.. she's looking cute in this picture.

Halle Berry..

Halle attended the 17th Annual Carousel Of Hope Ball ..

There were millions of pictures but next to Whitney, Halle blew all these chicks away.

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