Friday, January 26, 2007


There's been a lot of hateration going on about Eddie Murphy's new movie "Norbit". Call me crazy but I can't WAIT to see this . Call it a "Nutty Professor" re-make because he's doing it again with "Norbit", where he plays a plethora of characters. Here are some pictures from the movie.

Cast includes Money Mike (Friday) Marlon Wayans, Black Guy from "White Chicks", Thandie Newton.

Movie hits theatres Feb.9th!! Check out the trailer here!

Celebrities as Disney Characters...

Annie Leibovitz was hired to shoot a new ad campaign for Disney. The campaign called World’s Year of a Million Dreams dresses up celebrities as famous Disney characters. The first images of the series will be in the March edition of Vogue, GQ and other magazines

The first set has David Beckham as the Sleeping Beauty prince, Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, Beyonce as Alice, Lyle Lovett as the March Hare and Oliver Platt as the Mad Hatter.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Will Smith on the set of "I Am Legend"

I must say I love Will with the hair, he looks about 10 years younger.

p.s. word is that Will is retiring from the rap game *chuckle*

Crazy Quote Of The Day

“Grey's Anatomy,” co-star Isaiah Washington’s character should become gay- Gay activists

Terrance Patterson..

Name sound familiar? It shouldn't, it's the long lost brother of Tiffany Patterson *aka* New York *aka* Daaahhkness. Where the hell did he come from? Check out his myspace page

[Muchas Gracias JessiO]

The "Original" Dreamgirls

The talented BrownSista has put together a photoalbum of the original Dreamgirls, "The Supremes'. Most of the younger readers don't know that the concept for the movie "Dreamgirls" was based off the hit girl group of the 60's.

At one time The Supremes were actually the biggest selling group in the world, even beating out the almighty Beatles.What made this especially impressive is that this all happened in a relatively short period of time, 1964-1969.During this period, the group recorded 12 American #1 singles and their 1966 album The Supremes A’ Go-Go became the first album by a female group to peak at #1 on the US album chart.Without a doubt they paved the way for every female singing group to come after them and for that we salute the Original Dreamgirls: Diana Ross, Mary Wison & Florence Ballard.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Eric Benet and Daughter

Eric Benet brought his daughter India as a date to the Trumpet Awards in Las Vegas. Yep that's Judge Mablean Ephriam!

Alicia Keys and Pretty Ricky on TRL

Alicia Keys is banging, and this is coming from a heterosexual female who only dabbled in some "girl on girl" action once Freshman year in College.

They all look like they smell of stale hot-dog water.

Tyra Speaks Out About Her Weight

"I still feel hot, but every day is different. It's when I put on the jeans that used to fit a year ago and don't fit now and give me the muffin top, that's when I say, 'Damn!' " - Tyra on gaining weight, she went from 148 to 162 pounds.

Click here to read the whole story at PEOPLE.COM

Tyra Banks ....

I swear that hair is from a Raccoon Dog.

p.s. the new season of America's Next Top Model starts Feb.28th!

Isaiah Washington Goes To Re-hab?

Isaiah Washington entered a rehab facility today for "psychological assesment". As you may remember it was said ( and I only say this because Isaiah never had a chance to say his side of the story) that he had gotten into a verbal argument with one of his castmembers from "Greys Anatomy". The cast member accusesd Isaiah of calling him "Fag" which in turn made the actor feel like he had to come out. Although there was no proof to this Isaiah was blasted on many tv shows and magazines saying he was homophobic and anti-gay, a petition was even started to get him fired from "Greys Anatomy" . A few weeks ago at the the "Golden Globes" Isaiah made it known AGAIN that he "did not call his castmember a Fag".. once again bringing up old wounds.

So with all this being said, why does HE have to go to rehab? Did KKKramer go to rehab when he spouted out the "N" word numerous times? Can someone say "double-standards" and to think racism still doesn't exist today.


Brandy Involved In Fatal Car Crash

NYDailyNews reported that singer Brandy Norwood was involved in a four-car freeway crash last month that left a 38 year-old woman dead.

"The 27-year-old actress-singer was driving a 2007 Land Rover on the 405 Freeway on Dec. 30, whe she failed to slow down and struck the back of a 2005 Honda at about 65 mph, according to a California Highway Patrol report."

The driver of the Honda (Aboudihaj) then hit another vehicle and slid sideways before it struck a center driver. Aboudihaj's car was THEN hit by an oncoming driver. Aboudihaj was taken to a hospital where she died of blunt-force injuries.

Brandy was not injured, and she wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash, said her publicist Courtney Barnes.

Sad sad sad.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lil Kim ...

"Where's my jello pudding pop"

Lil Kim is the executive producer of "Search For The New Pussycat Doll" a reality tv show that searches for another band member for the hit girl group "The Pussycat Dolls"

These pictures make Baby Jesus sad :(

Kimora and Daughter Shops at Toys R US!

Kimora Lee Simmons and 4 year old daughter Aoki Lee Simmons went on a shopping banaza at Toys 'R' Us in Times Square. Must I say that Kimora looks absolutely stunning, you can't even see her neck gizzards. Fab-U-Lous!

Ayanna from "Road Rules" Awaits Daughter

Ayanna Mackins, 28, who readers may remember from her stint on MTV's Road Rules: Semester at Sea and then Battle of the Sexes 2, will become a mom soon. She and her husband are currently awaiting the arrival of daughter Madison. Although the Real World Road Rules blog reported last week that she'd had the baby, she was still pregnant as of Friday.

By husband they mean girlfriend... just sayin. Congratulations!


Quote of the Day

[I] was picking up a special Valentine's Day outfit for [my] new boyfriend. I always take my kid with me when I go shopping for unmentionables, don't you?- Britney Spears on taking her 16 month old son shopping at the "Trashy Lingerie" store in LA

The Good and The Bad of Fanny Barrino

Fantasia on February's cover of "Vibe Vixen". 2 thumbs up

Yesterday Fantasia at Madison Square Garden with Jamie Foxx looking fierce as ever, she should totally be a model, her and her bam-bam feet.

And Another One...

Terry McMillians ex-husband , Jonathan Plummer has signed a book deal with Simon and Schuster to release a tell-all book of the notoriously famous author and their marriage.

"A black woman scorned is the worst kind of scorn -- and I've felt it from Terry,'' Plummer said. "That's why I'm doing this (book) -- to help (black men who have come out of the closet) and to give my spin on things.'

'Plummer denies McMillan's claim that he married her for her money or to get citizenship, insisting he truly loved her when he left Jamaica at age 20 to live with her."I know she was hurt, but I was hurt, too ... and trying to be honest about my sexuality,'' he said.

Source via C+D

Monday, January 22, 2007

Naomi Campbell at the Dreamgirls Premiere in UK

When Bad Lace Fronts Happen To Good People

Poor Beyonce, someone is trying to destroy her by making her wear these horrendous ass lace-front wigs.

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