Friday, January 05, 2007

Halle Berry Shopping in Malibu

Halle was out shopping in Malibu a few days ago. Rumors have been swirling that she's pregnant.

Jer "magesty" Is In The Building..

Jermaine Jackson was the first celebrity to enter the house on the UK Reality Television show "Celebrity Big Brother"

I bet $10 when he wakes up he has grease spots on his pillow.

Star Jones Replacement Might Be Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd (Jamie Foxx, Beauty Shop) is a lock-in for the chair vacated by Star Jones Reynolds. The past two days that she's been on the view have been a test run to see if she could hold her own without Rosie.

Rumor is they are going to work the angle of Shepherd's sudden divorce. Her ex hubby, Jeff, was a cheating, all while their newborn baby was in the neonatal intensive care.

Like a strong black woman this chick kicked him to the curb and has now been
living her life for her 19 month son and Jesus. Go'ne girl!

As much as I loved Rosie, I would love to see another black women on the panel.

Check out her myspace page:

Tyrese Channels His Inner Ike ...

Gossip site TMZ has reported that Tyrese is under investigation after his live-in girlfriend claimed that the two got into a heated argument around 5:30 AM at their Los Angeles home. According to their sources, paramedics responded after Tyrese allegedly struck the woman, who is three months pregnant, twice and then drove away from the scene.

He also was supposed to call in to a radio station to chat about his upcoming "Transformers" movie but never did.

Yesterday when I read this story it said he had punched her in her stomach, now today it says he hit her in her arm and thigh.

This ain't "Baby Boy"

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Beyonce in GQ Mag

Not only did she start out 2007 still on our minds, but she's also been named the "Hottest Woman in the W O R L D". Not the country, but the W O R L D Craig.

Check out the rest of the scans here

Tyra Banks Slowly Gains Weight

Yesterday while watching the SUPER DUPER Marathon of ANTM on Vh1 I saw that within every cycle Tyra was gaining weight. scanned some pictures of the current Tyra in a Bikini.

I think everyone is surprised of the weight gain because she used to be so skinny, bitch is retired let her enjoy her greens and cornbread.

Scary Spice Wants Tests Results Revealed On TV.

Mel B is planning to reveal results of her baby’s paternity test on live TV.

The former
Spice Girl is reportedly determined to get revenge on her former lover, actor Eddie Murphy, who dumped her during an interview on Dutch television at the end of last year.
After the split, the ‘Dr Dolittle’
actor said he would be demanding a DNA test to confirm he is the father of Mel’s unborn child, due to be born in March.

Jilted Mel is determined to have the last laugh by revealing the results to the entire world.


Oohhhh she's on some Maury shit!!

Whitney's Auction..

The Grammy-winning diva is selling off hundreds of her famous stage outfits and accessories, including intimate undergarments, at an Irvington, N.J., auction next week - an event that could earn her hundreds of thousands of dollars in welcome cash.

Among the items on the block are 13 of Houston's Dolce & Gabbana bustier bras adorned with animal prints and sequins; four velvet bodysuits with "WH" logos; six black stretch pants; several gold, black, white and red evening dresses; and 16 wardrobe cases.

Some of her soon-to-be ex's possessions are also on the block, including "16 assorted Bobby Brown music awards."

[pictures courtesy of YBF and SplashNews]


Baby Lebron Loves The Ladies...

Recent pictures have surfaced of Lebron James taking his son to a pool where a chick is running around topless showing her lucious grapefruit- like chi-chi's.

click here for more pictures

Hey Lova..

LL Cool J was out in NYC signing his new fitness book "LL Cool J's Platinum Workout" at Barnes & Noble.

I'd make love to his lipgloss. Ol' sexy *#$&(@#*@!&

Happy Birthday Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs white women celebrated his birthday on Jan.2 at Mokai in Florida.

Dallas Austin and Craig David
Lil Jon, Gabrielle Union and Taye Diggs

AJ Calloway, Gabrielle Union and Lil Jon.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Keyshia Cole..

Keyshia and her sister.

Check out Keyshia in the background!

I Love New York First Episode

Can't wait until January 8 to watch "I Love New York" Well you don't have to, in true VH1 fashion they premiered the full first episode of "I Love New York" over at the VSpot...

Remember show premieres Januray 9 at 9:00 EST

[Click here to watch the first full show]

You Say Osama, They Say Obama..

Attention to detail is not a requirement to work at CNN. They aired a special titled "Where's Obama" when it was clearly supposed to be "Osama".. Wonder how "Barack Obama" feels about this.

Denzel Loves His Black Women.

Denzel Washington once turned down a love scene with Julia Roberts out
of loyalty to his female African-American fans, Allison Samuels
reveals in her new book, "Off the Record" (Amistad).

Washington explained: "Black women are not often seen as objects of desire
on film. And they have always been my core audience."

The Oscar winner also said he turned down the starring role in "Love
Field" with Michelle Pfeiffer because of the N-word. "It was n— this and n—
that. I wasn't going to be but so many n—s in a film."

Thank you Denzel, not only is that a GREAT personal move but a huge business move. Since his core audience is black woman he doesn't want to bite the hands that feed him. He needs to teach this class to Taye Diggs.


Thugs Don't Read..

Fiddy Cent will launch his G-Unit Books this Thursday (Jan. 4) at Borders-Columbus Circle at the Time Warner Building in New York.

Authors 50 Cent, Nikki Turner and K. Elliot will sign copies of the upcoming G-Unit Books release, Death Before Dishonor (Nikki Turner) Baby Brother , Hood (Noire) and Solider 7 and The Ski Mask Way (K. Elliot.)

I can see negros using this book to roll a blunt , kill a roach, or iron clothes on.


The Evolution of the Booty

I don't remember Ciara have a donk. Here's Ciara on the January issue of VIBE. Upgrade indeed.

Oprahs Leadership School for Girls.

Yesterday I did a "Quick Scoop" on Oprahs school for girls. After seeing her this morning on the Today Show I have much respect for this woman. I know alot of people have criticized her about not doing for poor black kids in America. In my mind we have enough resources for a black child to go to school (financial aid, pell grants, shelters) whereas the children in Africa don't. I say KUDO's to Oprah. Changing the world 152 girls at a time!

Oprah also had her friends come out and support.

Tina Turner

Mariah Carey


Chris Rock and wife Malaak.

Mary J Blige and Sidney Portier were also in attendance.

That Bag...

Louis Vuitton Miroir Voyager Alma Handbag.

Right now the only way you can get this bag if you have a personal shopper at Louis Vuitton. We first saw Paris Hilton and her beard Nicole Kardashian sporting it while in Sydney.

Tiny had the thing in a choke-hold while partying it up in Miami on New Years

Kelly Rowland was spotted sporting this hard-to get bag in Miami also.

Janet Jackson was probably carrying JD in the bag.

Although it looks like you can wrap a pork roast in it and stick it in the oven. The price for a speedy (which is a smaller version) goes for $1330 but with the ppopularity of the bag the prices have been shot up 10%. So if you are contemplating buying one you should call Louis Vuitton immediately to place yourself on the waiting list.

[click here to enlarge]

Eddie and Tracey on vacay

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds were on vacation in St. Bart's on Monday. "We're having fun," Edmonds told PEOPLE recently of their relationship.

Health and Wellness for 2007

Many of you know I'm a Nutrition major so health and wellness plays an extreme role in my life. I'd just like to take this time out of our regular scheduled gossip to address the ways YOU can make your New Years resolution/goal stick.

Many people (as with myself) like to call New Years Resolutions goals because resolutions always get broken. But in order to attain these goals you have to really find out what makes you happy as a person, or in the great words of one of my teachers, who probably got it from a philosopher, how to maximize your total happiness.

The number one New Years goal is to lose weight. But how can you lose weight if dieting/running/lifting weights doesn't make you happy? You first need to gather a list and come up with things that will yield total utility then plan your goals from there. Dr. David has come up with a list of questions to answer to find out what gives you the most joy. The idea is to answer each question HONESTLY, in return you will gain that personal understanding with yourself and do more things that make you happy instead of doing it because it's healthy/or because simply have to do it.We all know it's no fun to have to run 3 miles when you can walk your pooch for 30 minutes and get a workout as well as upping your happiness level . So get your pens and pad ready to find out what really makes you happy because as we all know the best way to clarify your priorities and organize your goals is to write it down. But that's another story. Good luck!

  1. What makes you happy at work?
  2. What makes you happy at home?
  3. What makes you happy with your friends and family?
  4. What makes you happy when you're by yourself?
  5. What do you love to do?
  6. What would you do with your life today if you weren't afraid of
  7. What's not working in your life?
  8. What are you currently doing that prevents you from experiencing
  9. What's working in your life?
  10. Who's not working in your life?
  11. Who in your life is subtracting value from and adding misery to it?
  12. Can you fix any of these relationships, or should you let them go from your
  13. What relationships are working in your life?
  14. If we were getting together one year from today, what would have to happen
    for you to be able to tell me that you now have more joy in your life?
  15. What's the single most important thing you've learned about yourself as a
    result of answering these questions?

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