Friday, July 21, 2006

July 21

This has to be old..
Naomi Campbell was arrested AGAIN for having another temper tantrum. The super model arrived at the London home of her ex-boyfriend at 3:30 in the morning to pick up some of her belonging, but when he refused to let her in, she started yelling so loudly that the neighbors called the cops.

Someone needs to tranquilize this ho.. and even this pic looks suspect, ol' girl better watch herself.

Wendy Williams takes it too far..

Now we all know how controversial Wendy Williams is but sometimes the bitch just takes it too far, case and point.. Method Man and his wife

a recent video interview with Break Down, Tical let the self-proclaimed
of all media" have it for telling her listeners that Meth's wife had

"You can attack me any way you want to, I'm in the entertainment
business, but
you don't attack my family. My wife ain't got nothing to do
with that. You did
not have to do that," Meth vented. "Her family members
didn't even know she was
sick, the people that lived around us didn't know
she was sick until you said
that shit. Everybody looking at her, staring at
her, you know how uncomfortable
that make somebody feel, especially somebody
that's going through chemo, stupid
ass bitch!"

"People that listen to
her are just as fucking dumb, cause the bitch is
an idiot. She can say
whatever she wanna say about me, but you don't attack my
fucking family. You
gotta be out of your fuckin mind, lady," he added. "I ain't
no regular okie
doke nigga. I ain't no *NSync, Justin Timberlake ass nigga, man.
I come from
Park Hill, Staten Island. You've been on my block. You know where
I'm from.
You was fuckin them little niggas around there. [You] think I don't
sniffin blow, sucking these niggas off and shit. However you wanna do it,
Wendy. But me, I not gon do it verbally. I'm not gonna come on your little
and try to bark on you or something like that. Nah, man. I'm a street
You'll see me.

Keyshia Cole blacklisted

Keyshia Cole was blacklisted (or banned for you people with a G.E.D)from the Doug Banks Morning Show due to coping an attitude with co-host Dee Dee Banks, I listened to the interview and yea she was a lil short but she also once mentioned on her show that she "hated being compared to other people" and DeeDee kept on comparing her to DMX and Mary J, but besides all of that, bitch is from Oakland, what do you expec? click here to listen to the radio interview

New Outkast Video
.. another crazy ass Outkast video
Outkast - Morris Brown

In other reality TV news...

This isn't official but it's been rumored that "Play" of Kid N Play will have his own "Flavor of Love-esk" reality show. As you know Play is now a Gospel rapper and will have to fight for the affection of lovely, classy ladies *smirk*. This only goes to prove that black people love watching black women acting an ass cuz ya know 93% of us weren't even interested in "The Bachelor/ Bachelorette" unless we knew there was gonna be some kind of drama going down on that particular episode.

Young Jocs Video
I love this song, I'll even go as far as calling it the "Summer Anthem". I just wish artists would do more with their video.. the "baby oil'd up chicks wearing their "Rave" swimming suit" look is getting pretty dern old.
Yung Joc
Chris Browns Next Single...
I'm stoked to hear that Chris Browns next single will be "Say Goodbye", I always thought he shoulda put this song out way before any other song, it's a beautiful love ballad where's he's pulled between stayin with the chick he loves, and moving on to a chick he likes... tricky tricky.. look out for the video soon :)

Miami Vice Premiere
Yesterday the stars came out in Westwood for the premiere of "Miami Vice" .. .. I've heard bad reviews about this movie LAST YEAR. So I don't know, it's not like i"m gonna go see it or anything, it's just not my cup of tea.
[click on picture for larger view]

Rhodes Foundation Launch Party
Kerry Rhodes of the NY Jets recently celebrated the launch of his new foundation "The Rhodes Foundation" the idea of this foundations is to serves as a financial source for improving high school facilities which Rhodes believes will also help enhance young minds. *KUDOS* Of course all of the "D" list celebrities, who probably couldn't get into anything else, were in attendance.

p.s. attendees were "Audrina (College Hill), Brooke (Kanye's Chick), Camille (ANTM) & Jessica White , Melyssa Ford

I'm just sayin...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 20

BET 25 Hottest Bodies

I don't get to watch TV as much as I would like so it's no surprise that I didn't catch the "Top 25 Hottest Bodies" countdown hosted by Tocarra and Kevin Hart (he just comin up out of no where). But low and behold I came across the top 25 list. Thx Crunktastical

25. Omarion
24. Tracee Ellis Ross
23. Morris Chestnut
22. Ciara
21. Ursher
20. Serena Williams
19. Will Smith
18. Roselyn Sanchezz (who??)
17. Henry Simmons
16. Tocarra (WTF, how she beat Serena?)
15. Boris Kodjoe
14. Gabrielle Union
13. Tyrese
12. Lisa Raye
11. The Rock
10. Tyra Banks (come on now)
9. Fiddy Cent
8. Melyssa Ford
7. Nelly
6. Halle Berry
5. Terrell Owens
4. J.Lo
3. Tyson Beckford
2. Beyonce ( don't think she should hold this spot)
1. LL Cool J ( didn't he win this last year also?)

Needless to say, there are alot of discrepancies in this list, where's Miss. Jackson? Who the hell is Roselyn Sanchez and as anyone ever seen Halle Berry's body OUTSIDE of "Monster Ball?" Will Smith, WHO?? I know Big is beautiful, but how the f is Tocarra gonna beat Ciara, Omarion and Serena.. just sayin.

Celebrity All-Star Softball Classic
Allen Iverson hosted his annual "Celebrity Softball Classic" game this past Saturday at Prince George's Stadium in Maryland. The ticket proceeds went to Iversons Crossover Foundation to help improve and address the health, educational and social needs of inner-city youths in the Mid-Atlantic Region. It's always nice to see black people coming together without LaQuesha fighting Janeeka and Pookie tryna shoot up the place.

[Thx Tristan for the pictures]

Remy Ma vs Foxy

Apparently Remy Ma and Foxy brown had some sort of beef back in the day. Recently at a radio station in NY Remy went on air saying:

“ Foxy suddenly got her hearing back, Remy wanted to be the first to inform her that she’s wack."

..she then went on to say that she wouldn't even entertain a battle with
lil Kim.

Well we all know how this would end. Remy Ma is one of the BADDEST female free-stylers out, she would do a straight 1-8-7 on the Queen B. And I bet Foxy heard that a MILE away.

People don't dance no mo'
all they do is this ....

Chicken Noodle Soup Dance

What the shit is up with people making up new retahded "seizure" like dances? I still never got the jist of crumping and I just NOW learned how to "lean wid it rock wid it" which I still feel awkward doing. I hope this "new move" stays in streets of Harlem.

B.Spears getting married.. again?

B.Spears and K.Fed are to renew their wedding vows, it has been claimed.The
couple - who are expecting their second child together - are said to be so
up with the negative rumours surrounding their personal life they are
to head down the altar again to stop the speculation.Britney and
Kevin have
reportedly planned an
intimate ceremony on the Hawaiian beach of Maui next

Wasn't this the same chick who sat up on tv all snot-nosed talking about "I just wunt mah privaceee ya'll"?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19

Oh Joy
*note to self* remember to put this on my "list of things "I want for Christmas.

p.s. notice that she has 3 tender love openings, what a classy way to word it.

What do you get when you put


In Recent Britney News...
I could careless about who Brit is dating.. be it K-Fed of the manny pictured here, I'm just saying she swore up and down she wouldn't hire a manny, she's such a f'in liar I can't stand that trick whore. Just joking :)

...The singer and her husband Kevin Federline refuse to hire a nanny to care
for their impending arrival.

...She explains, "I wouldn't trust anyone to look after my child, and if that
means the end of my career, then so be it."

Ciaras New Video
My homegirl Yolanda put me up on this Ciara video. Now I don't really care for Ciara so I didn't pay much attention when her video came out, but Yo told me to check this joint out, and I must say bitch is fierce. I still don't think she can sing, but then again neither can Janet Jackson and look where she's at.

Check out the video here

Stacey Dash does Lingerie
I guess posing for Playboy has inspired her to create a new lingerie line called Letters of Marque.

Stacey Dash is a huge fan of high-end underwear and is hoping her new line,
which she'll launch at New York Fashion Week later this year will compete
with Janet Reger and La Perla items. Dash says, "The name takes its inspiration
from the pillaging of booty and stuff."

Here are some recent pictures of her line, is it me or does this look more "Coutour" also?

Coutour Year
It's the latest fashion trend that is taking America by storm.. of course, not EVERYONE can do Coutour... while Christina Aguilera does it flawlessly, Beyonce can't seem to comprehend that it's more then big shoes and Micheal Jackson-esk gloves. She should know better.



Gnarles Barkley in Concert
What's up with his get-up.. he's a weirdo but I guess when you put all that weirdness in one big bowl and mix it around it makes for a great album.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 18

Instead of feeding your stalkerish tendencies by browsing random people's profiles on myspace, check out these celebrity myspace pages, it's a great way to past time unless you can't get the damn thing at work then that shit sucks balls. Celeb Myspace Pages

That's what friends are for

Access Hollywood host Shaun Robinson and a bunch of friends celebrated her
birthday at Koi Tuesday night. Beaming Shaun was obviously not in mourning over
her fizzled romance with Eddie Murphy. Rush Hour comic Chris Tucker popped
over to their table and sang a hilarious version of Happy Birthday to giggling
Shaun (Don't get ideas - he's happily married.). When it was time to leave and
Shaun's party asked for their check, the waiter told them that Tucker had paid
for everything.

That's soo sweet, I'm sure in like 3 weeks rumors are gonna be circulating that these two are dating.. I can FEEL this shit!

Britney is a poet ya'll
Apparently mommy takes a big ol’ hit on the ganja pipe before she settles down on her laptop and shares her thoughts about tigers while Sean P rolls around on the floor eating lint.

Who gave this chick the password for her site?!

Letoya's BET Show
LeToya has a new show reality show debuting tonight on BET @ 10. First off.. Heck NO.. In Living Color will be on, and secondly, where the hell was I at when this executive decision was being made, I've never even seen promo ad's for it. Well atleast ya'll will get first hand experience on what a bama from H-town REALLY sounds like.

Danity Kain's Album Cover

These chicks don't have a chance. I watched the show ONCE and was so bored that I switched over to youTube to watch people Taze each other. Needless to say I'm sure they'll be on the $3 cd rack at Hastings in about 2 weeks.

.. and on some other P.Diddy shit he told Aubrey that her hair looked like a "bootleg wig"... this coming from a man who's mom walks around lookin like THIS ERY DAMN DAY.

Kimora Lee on the beach

If you couldn't tell she had Asian in her before, you damn sure can tell now, I didn't know her booty was that flat.

Welcome Back Sisqo
Sisqo's new album is just about finished. In late June, there was a listening party at a lounge in downtown Baltimore. Supposedly, a new single titled "Who's Your Daddy?" has already been released, although I have yet to hear it on any radio station. I saw a recent pic of him, he's lookin old as hell I hope he comes out with something hot.. it would a shame to waste all of that.. "talent".. hehehehe

This pic's just for shits and giggles!

K-Fed will perform at the Teen Choice Awards
Ohh snap, this will mos def. be the highlight of my summer K-Fed will be performing some ungodly sounding rap song at the Teens Choice award to August 20 ,this is a sure fire way to boost his street cred. Please oh please let him perform Pappozoa or whatever the funk it's called.

Welcome Back C-Murder
The "No Limit" Rap Artist C-Murder (Master P's brother) whos' famous for the song... well.. he really ain't that famous. Has been released from home confinement as he waits a re-trail for second degree murder.. homeboy shot& killed a 16 year old outside of a night club during a fight. Under the judge's order, Miller can move freely in Jefferson and Orleans parishes, but must be home from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. He is barred from drinking alcohol and going to bars, and visitors to his residence are restricted. Story

Come on black people, why is there always a need to be shooting up shit, and most importantly what club were they at that allowed a 16 year old to get in?

Outkast turns down Oprah
Oprah recently extended the invitation for Outkast to appear on her show September 6, which they politely declined.. now I know you're probably thinking this has something to do with the hiphop boycott but it's not. It seems like there is trouble in paradise between these two,it's been rumored that Andre doesn't want to have anything to do with promoting the new upcoming album, he's turning all thespian like and just wants to act. Of course this is messing up the relationship with Big Boy because he's trying to plug the album as much as he can and not going on Oprah would be a big chance to promote the album. Story

It’s not part of the hip-hop boycott, however. Sources tell me that Antwan
'Big Boi' Patton wants do the show, but Andre '3000' Benjamin has declined,
effectively nixing the deal.

Benjamin is said to be averse to doing almost anything to help the album, and that decision is making Patton properly upset.

Outkast is an ongoing truce anyway. The two artists literally make separate
songs that are combined together. Benjamin no longer tours with the group, and
Patton is said to be steamed about the way things have gone.

Micheal tries to adopt Brazilian babies
This shouldn't even be allowed, first he wanted to go look for Leprecauns, now adopt lil brazilian babies.

At first he wanted two boys, then a boy and a girl. “He couldn’t make up his
mind,” says a source. “He was also looking at 3-year-olds and
4-year-olds.” Story

He's CRRRAAAZZZYYYY ,he's gonna adopt a boy and a girl then mate them so they can produce a myraid of lightskin Micheal Jackson mini me's to take over the entire universe.

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