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July 21

This has to be old..
Naomi Campbell was arrested AGAIN for having another temper tantrum. The super model arrived at the London home of her ex-boyfriend at 3:30 in the morning to pick up some of her belonging, but when he refused to let her in, she started yelling so loudly that the neighbors called the cops.

Someone needs to tranquilize this ho.. and even this pic looks suspect, ol' girl better watch herself.

Wendy Williams takes it too far..

Now we all know how controversial Wendy Williams is but sometimes the bitch just takes it too far, case and point.. Method Man and his wife

a recent video interview with Break Down, Tical let the self-proclaimed
of all media" have it for telling her listeners that Meth's wife had

"You can attack me any way you want to, I'm in the entertainment
business, but
you don't attack my family. My wife ain't got nothing to do
with that. You did
not have to do that," Meth vented. "Her family members
didn't even know she was
sick, the people that lived around us didn't know
she was sick until you said
that shit. Everybody looking at her, staring at
her, you know how uncomfortable
that make somebody feel, especially somebody
that's going through chemo, stupid
ass bitch!"

"People that listen to
her are just as fucking dumb, cause the bitch is
an idiot. She can say
whatever she wanna say about me, but you don't attack my
fucking family. You
gotta be out of your fuckin mind, lady," he added. "I ain't
no regular okie
doke nigga. I ain't no *NSync, Justin Timberlake ass nigga, man.
I come from
Park Hill, Staten Island. You've been on my block. You know where
I'm from.
You was fuckin them little niggas around there. [You] think I don't
sniffin blow, sucking these niggas off and shit. However you wanna do it,
Wendy. But me, I not gon do it verbally. I'm not gonna come on your little
and try to bark on you or something like that. Nah, man. I'm a street
You'll see me.

Keyshia Cole blacklisted

Keyshia Cole was blacklisted (or banned for you people with a G.E.D)from the Doug Banks Morning Show due to coping an attitude with co-host Dee Dee Banks, I listened to the interview and yea she was a lil short but she also once mentioned on her show that she "hated being compared to other people" and DeeDee kept on comparing her to DMX and Mary J, but besides all of that, bitch is from Oakland, what do you expec? click here to listen to the radio interview

New Outkast Video
.. another crazy ass Outkast video
Outkast - Morris Brown

In other reality TV news...

This isn't official but it's been rumored that "Play" of Kid N Play will have his own "Flavor of Love-esk" reality show. As you know Play is now a Gospel rapper and will have to fight for the affection of lovely, classy ladies *smirk*. This only goes to prove that black people love watching black women acting an ass cuz ya know 93% of us weren't even interested in "The Bachelor/ Bachelorette" unless we knew there was gonna be some kind of drama going down on that particular episode.

Young Jocs Video
I love this song, I'll even go as far as calling it the "Summer Anthem". I just wish artists would do more with their video.. the "baby oil'd up chicks wearing their "Rave" swimming suit" look is getting pretty dern old.
Yung Joc
Chris Browns Next Single...
I'm stoked to hear that Chris Browns next single will be "Say Goodbye", I always thought he shoulda put this song out way before any other song, it's a beautiful love ballad where's he's pulled between stayin with the chick he loves, and moving on to a chick he likes... tricky tricky.. look out for the video soon :)

Miami Vice Premiere
Yesterday the stars came out in Westwood for the premiere of "Miami Vice" .. .. I've heard bad reviews about this movie LAST YEAR. So I don't know, it's not like i"m gonna go see it or anything, it's just not my cup of tea.
[click on picture for larger view]

Rhodes Foundation Launch Party
Kerry Rhodes of the NY Jets recently celebrated the launch of his new foundation "The Rhodes Foundation" the idea of this foundations is to serves as a financial source for improving high school facilities which Rhodes believes will also help enhance young minds. *KUDOS* Of course all of the "D" list celebrities, who probably couldn't get into anything else, were in attendance.

p.s. attendees were "Audrina (College Hill), Brooke (Kanye's Chick), Camille (ANTM) & Jessica White , Melyssa Ford

I'm just sayin...

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