Friday, December 22, 2006

Mariah Carey in Aspen

MC showed up in Aspen on Wednesday

She is a such a beautiful creature, I'm sure her farts smell of honey and petunias .

Kobe Bryant At Hilary Clintons Press Conference

I'd drink this mans bathwater.


New Couple Alert!

Tyrese and Rocsi

NYDaily news has it that Tyrese is dating Rocsi from BET's 106&Park.. Word is that they've known each other for 6 years and just recently got romantically involved.

Fiddy Cent Goes To War

Here are a few screen-shots from 50 cents new movie "Home of the Brave", the movie Chronicles the lives of three soldiers who struggle to re-adjust to life at home after returning home from a lengthy tour in Iraq. Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Beal are also in the movie.

Check out his interview here

Diddy's Girls..

Diddy posted a video on myspace of him in the delivery room.

The girls names : D'Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs

.. Jessie James ?? He set this poor girl up for failure.

Posted By:Diddy

Source: PopCultureJunkie, Diddy's Myspace

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Celebs Taking in Games...

The delicious Michael Jordan attended the Charlotte Bobcats VS. NY Knicks Game

Ciara, Missy, Beyonce & Jay Z were at the NJ Nets vs. Cavaliers game

Say Hello to Miss. Nevada

The 22-year-old was crowned Miss Nevada in Las Vegas last October, and will represent the state in the Miss USA pageant next spring.

click here for more pictures of Miss. Nevada

Kim Porter Delivers Twins!

A source close to the family confirms exclusively to Essence that the stork made two deliveries to hip-hop impresario Sean "Diddy" Combs and his long-time girlfriend Kim Porter. Porter, 36, at Mt. Sinai in New York City. The couple reportedly delivered a healthy set of twin baby girls early Thursday morning, according to a source close to the couple.

One of the babies reportedly weighs 5 lbs. and the other weighs 5 lbs., 4 oz.

NOW.. Mediatakeout somehow has gotten pictures of the twins still in their incubaters.. don't know from who or where, but I'd like to think they are fake considering the source.

Click here for the pictures of the twin girls.

Also Mediatakeout has the babies being born on Monday (December 18) and their names being Sara and Sarita or some shit like that.

Syleena Johnson Pregnant?

Mmmhmmm Illseed has it that Syleena was spotted killing a slice of pepperoni pizza.. I mean doing a straight '187' that pie in Chi-town the other day and rumors were swirling that she looked "pregnant".. Being the official news person that I've become in the past 4 months I thought I'd do some investigating and find out where she got that pizza from.

Naw but I did hit her up on myspace since we are friends and all and asked her about the accusations, pretty sure I ain't heard nothing back so it's safe to say she was just being greedy! But if she is pregnant, congratulations!

Stacy Dash..

Here's Stacy Dash on the set of "Nora's Hair Salon".. If ya'll haven't seen Nora's Hair Salon it's because it went straight to DVD. I hear there's word of a "nip-slip" in the movie. It isn't like I haven't seen her bagina and nipplets anyway... remember playboy!

Quote of the Day..

"I have a strict routine. I won't take calls an hour before bed. And Terri knows there are no questions after 11:30 p.m. Seriously don't even ask me the time. There are no rules except when to stop talking. If I've had a really long day, and I'm just beginning to relax, when someone says, 'What else happened today?' I have to say, 'I'm sorry you just have to shut up.' And it's the same in the morning. I read the papers, have breakfast in bed, have a bath, and I won't take calls."- Simon Cowell on banning his girlfriend from talking

Merry Christmas From The Obama's

So I'm checking my email and what do I see, and email from the Obama's.. yes the Obama's sent me a Christmas Card, it's no big deal, I get one from the Clintons every year also.

Halle Berry Pictures/Track Listings...

...was spotted leaving Heathrow Airport in London, take notice to that big ass boulder of a ring on her finger.

She also celebrated her one year anniversary with her boyfriend Gabriel last month, Congrats!

Also here's the alleged track-listings for her "upcoming album".. yeah I said alleged because I don't believe it but it's entertaining nonetheless.

1. Miss Sexy (Scott Storch)

2. No Problem (Timbaland, S.G. Jarard)

3. Sunshine (GiGi Franklin, Harold Jennings)

4. How You Been? (featuring Jamie Foxx, G. Thompson)

5. Like That (Scott Storch)

6. Around (Cee-Lo)

7. Lazy (featuring Lupe Fiasco,J. Crew Productions, Kundei Supormorgei)

8. Your Love Is Always Good (Timbaland)

9. Not Today (Im Not In The Mood) (Jason Jackson, Jackie Jackson, GiGi Franklin)

10. Write Me (Scott Storch)

11. Love & Emotions (Robin Thicke)

12. Singing To You (G. Thompson)

13. Go Left (featuring Bun B, Timbaland)

Nee-gro please.

[Thx FreezyF over at]

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jamie Foxx : What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas..

"At night club 'Jet', scene of the Grammy kickoff party sponsored by People magazine and The Recording Academy, Foxx jumped off the stage and poured tequila shots down the throats of a group of his female admirers while he chanted "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Bullshit. I'd be mad as hell if I choked. Do you realize how damn embarrassing that would be.


El Pictorio's!

Bow wow hosted his album release party at his local Chucky-E Cheese, looks like they had a blast!

Also, Beyonce visited the Today Show and TRL and The Letterman Show..Damn I was tired writing all of that.

Danity Kane were in Miami.. Let's Make It HOTTA!!

LeToya Luckett Hosts Party at her Boutique

Destiny Child alum 'LeToya Luckett' hosted a holiday party at her Lady Elle Boutique in Houston last weekend. I actually have a friend in Houston who's been to her boutique, I hear it's quite pricey but her stuff sells really well, she even sells "House of Dereon" clothes... It's all about the money baby!

LeToya and Bun B
Lady Elle Boutique

Keisha Knight Pullman (Rudy from the Cosby's) and LeToya

Grandmother, LeToya, Mother.

Your Girl is Throwed!

I saw these pictures and couldn't stop laughing!! Here's before and after pictures of Paris Hilton drunk. She's so graceful, like an ostrich.


Fiddy Cent Loves GAME

Fiddy Cent sporting a "Game" shirt.

Pretty cute, I guess 50 claimed that he's still getting paid off "The Game". I wonder if he's into giving dirty sanchez's..

[Thx JessiO]

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