Friday, February 09, 2007

Serena Williams Photoshoot

Fresh over at C+D got ahold of a photoshoot Serena did while in Australia.

She's owning those eyebrows.

Lil Wayne on XXL

Weezy F Baby graces the covers of the April 2007 Issue of XXL

Family Affair at "Norbit" Premiere

It was a family affair yesterday at the LA Premiere of Eddie Murphy's movie "Norbit". I'm soo geeked about this movie and can't wait to see it. It's released in theatres today.

Terry Crews and Family Eddie Murphy and Family

Brian Robbins (director of Norbit) and family
Chris and Malaak Rock
Eddie Griffin and wife

Charlie Murphy and Family

Jennifer Hudson Covers Giant

Oscar nominee J.Hud paid tribute to her longtime boyfriend in print and now she hopes to make him feel extra special if she wins gold at the Academy Awards.

The DREAMGIRLS star has dated sweetheart JAMES since 1999 and she wants him to play a major part in her Oscar night success - if she's picked as Best Supporting Actress.

She tells Giant magazine, "He's seen it all and been through it all with me.
I'm the dreamer, and he supports my dreams - always has.
I have a patient, understanding man who’s there for me when I get home. He’s home to me."

"He's happy to be my rock and let me fly and I couldn't ask for anything more than that. Source

Love is such a beautiful thing, she's taken him to the Dreamgirls premiere's numerous times where he played the humble boyfriend. Love her and love him!!!

Here are recent pictures of Jennifer Hudson at the Versace "Walk of Style" Awards.

Meet The Jordans

Michael and Juanita Jordan's 3 children, Marcus, 16, Jasmine, 14, and Jeffrey, 18.

Pic via SandraRose

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Collapses

MSNBC reports that Anna Nicole Smith collapsed in her hotel room at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Hollywood, Fla., and was rushed to a hospital on Thursday. A Hollywood, Fla., fire department spokesman told MSNBC TV that the actress was unresponsive when the rescue unit arrived on the scene.

Sources confirmed to Access Hollywood that Smith was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital shortly after 2 p.m. EST on Thursday. Access Hollywood also is reporting that Smith was intubated at the scene.

Officials told the Miami Herald, "it does not look good."

UPDATE: CNN is reporting that Anna Nicole was "Dead On Arrival", I can't find anything online but I'll update as soon as I can.

UPDATE II: It's been confirmed by CNN that Anna Nicole has indeed died after being found unconscious in her hotel room. Check out to get the full info. My prayers go out to her 5 month-old daughter Dani Lynn and family. As you may remember Anna has a lawsuit against her pertaining to Trimspa, and also she was to meet with the courts to determine paternity of her daughter Dani Lynn on Feb.21.

"Daddy's Little Girls" L.A. Premiere

Kelly Rowland @ Fashion Week

This girl just ooozzzeeessss class.

Britney Spears Fans Love Her

Yes ladies and gents this is a picture of an anonymous person pulling up Britney's thong ,poor thing is soo out of it. I mean someone can just come up and stick their finger up her anus and she wouldn't know. Bless her heart.

Quick Scoops

All my New York people, seems like YOUR State Senator has proposed that a bill be passed that will not allow pedestrians to be able to use iPods, Blackberrys, Cell phones etc.. while crossing city streets. If this bill is passed you could be charged a hefty $100 fine.

Beyonce and Solange, "Got Milk" Ad

Too cute!!

America's Next Top Model Cycle 8

I'm loving the chick with the fro, hopefully they'll let her keep it through the season. Be sure to tune-in for the first episode on Feb.24.

[Thx JessiO]

Raven Symone Covers Ebony

Everyone knows I'm a "Thats So Raven" Freak! Raven graces the March cover of Ebony which she is said to be worth $400 million, mostly due to the Cheetah Girls movies, her "Thats So Raven" television show and her perfume line. Ok Little Oprah!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kim Karadishan and Ray-J Sex Tape

Hip and Pop has the exclusive preview of the highly anticipated sex tape of Ray-J and Kim. Check it out.

Video: Kim and Ray-J Sexin It Up On Dirty Sheets UPDATED! Thanks FreezeFiya!

R.Kelly In Hospital

CBS Chicago reports that R. Kelly was unable to see the Super Bowl this weekend because of a serious health problem, it wasn't herpes or the claps but a ruptured appendix.

He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and missed the game

As of Wednesday, Kelly was still hospitalized in good condition.He will miss a status hearing at the Criminal Courthouse in Chicago in a criminal case against him.

In that case, Kelly is accused in a 14-count indictment of having sex with an underage girl and videotaping it. He is awaiting trial.

He probably busted his appendix tryna hold in a fart I told you, those things were deadly.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chris Tucker on set of "Rush Hour 3"

CHRIS Tucker showed off his Michael Jackson impressions and sang for the cast and extras waiting each night between takes for "Rush Hour 3" at L.A.'s Galaxy Theater.

His Micheal Jackson impressions are sooo tired, where's the Smokey impressions?

Speaking of Smokey, Chris Tucker is making a cool $25 mil from the movie, I don't think all 3 Fridays could have paid him that much.


Celebs at Basketball Games!

Martin , Bow Wow and Tim Allen were in attendance for the Hawks vs. Lakers game last night in ATL.

Happy Birthday Aubrey!!

Aubrey from Danity Kane celebrated her birthday in NYC yesterday with some of her Danity Kane bandmates. Poor Aubrey.

Eazy-E's Daughter on My Super Sweet 16

Her name is Erin and she's a looker! The show aired yesterday and as usual I missed it. But check out the promo clip for the episode!

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