Thursday, May 03, 2007

The N-Word is Dessert

I had to post this when seeing it. Cyber Jack from my other wifey/Asian persuasion Miss Info

Busta Rhymes Busted on a DUI

It's FreezeFiya again. what'dup peoples
Damn! Here we go again...Busta got nabbed for a DUI this morning (Thursday). At first the police pulled him over becasue the tint on the windows of his SUV were to dark...aka he was pulled over for a DWB(Driving While Black).....
After they pull Busta over, The officer started talking to Busta and smelled alcohol on Bust breathe when he responded.

Damn shame. All I have to say is.....DMX WHERE YOU AT BRUH-MAN!! Busta and Snoop Dogg are trying to take your crown. Show these negros how to get arrested 3 times in 1 month!

Yes it's true, DMX is The King of The Clink(that means jail cell for you slow folks)


The Truth Is Out There...

Former Source magazine owners David Mays and Benzino claims to have proof behind Jay-Z's "love-child" rumor .According to, Hip Hop weekly has obtained proof that Jay Z pays the alleged mother of his child $4,000 a month in child support. I mean couldn't they have picked a better picture of Jr.

Stars Firing Their Managers...

TMZ has it that Ursher is planning on firing his mother Jonetta Patton who's been his manager since he was 14 years old. Why might you ask? Well some people think it has to do with his new fiance' and soon-to-be wife, Tameka Foster.
According to TMZ: "They definitely don't get along," says one source of Mama Usher and Foster, who is ten years older than the R&B superstar -- and who left her husband for him. The buzz now is that Usher may replace mom with fiancée, which is concerning execs at Jive Records, Usher's label, who praise the job that Jonetta has done.
And if that one threw you for a doozy, how about this ....

Solange will be managing Beyonce in about 5 years when Daddy Knowles retires.
"Solange has revealed she’s the heiress to the music mogul’s MusicWorld empire, which also includes a record label.She explains, “In five years I’ll be answering those calls. I’ll be the president and CEO.”

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!

Princess and Diamond, Such dime pieces

Amidst all the rumors of them breaking up Monica and Rock were at the MTVU Music Festival hugged up.

SandraRose has new pictures up of Lil Rock (Monica's Son), click here to see more

The Beautiful, Talented and Smart girls of Danity Kane held a concert in ATL, and according to my sources like maybe 5 people showed up. Poor girls, hopefully they kept their receipts for the Charlotte Russe clothes they performed in that night.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons held a launch party for their shoes that are supposed to taste good or something. Who knows, but they sound yummy. Pastry Footwear!

Remy Ma is effin beautiful son.

Dammit, my idol Britney Jean Spears is on some stuff, and quite frankly i want some because girl is acting out.
ONTD has pictures of Britney Jean posing topless in her friends pretty garden.

Micheal Jordan and Tiger Woods are Best Friend 4ev. The couple paired at Wachovia Golf Tournament.

On another note, rumors are swirling that MJ and Nicole Murphy (Eddie's Ex) are dating,they both were spotted in Cabo San Lucas soaking up the Mexican sun.


Melanie B: I'm Taking Eddie To Court

Scary Spice plans on taking our beloved Prince Hakeem to court over the paternity test, according to Eurweb:

He's not doing a DNA test and he's not signing the birth certificate," Brown told the magazine Tuesday. "So it's going to have to go to court so he can be forced to do it, which is strange since he was the one asking for it."

Forget the whole story, look at her nips. It's like they're speaking to me.

Magazine Covers Galore...

Tyra graces the cover of "Shape Magazine" where she talked about her of course! She also mentions how there's nothing wrong with being a "big girl". She's definatly not a big girl, her "Gina" forehead makes up 98% of her total weight.

T.I. covers Billboard Magazine


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Damn!!! I Scuff My Jordan's!"

What'dup people, It's Freezy.Give me a minute to get the hang of this blogging ish, but until then, watch The Game fall on his ass "and pretend it never happened"


A Quick Word...

Posting will be a little slower than usual due to me having finals. ALSO, I'm proud to announce that I'll be bringing in my partner in crime FreezeFiya, sounds familiar?! He should, he's done the rumor section for and also assisted Illseed over at in the rumors section.

Ultimately this blog will become his by the end of the summer... as for now you'll see posts by both me and FreezeFiya!

Monday, April 30, 2007

R.Kelly's New LP/ Shocking News

This is the cover for Robert Kelly's new LP titled "Double Up" that's to be released on May 29. Is that an airbrushed goatee? Sweeett!
And shout out to World Star HipHop for sending me a video of R.Kelly's brother, Killa Kell, telling all of his brothers are some key points in the interview if ya'll can't see the video
"Reason why hes tellin this tell all rkelly story, is because it got to his kids.
a) He Helped wrote songs for Rkelly, yet his brother is still in the hood. All this money Rkelly got and still he leaves his blood brother behind? Is that real
b)Rob aka R Kelly fucked with his 12 yr old cousin and tried to mess with his brother's neice
c) Was R-kelly was jealous of his own brother's talent?
d)R-kelly dont give a fuck bout his fans, Says His brother
e)R kelly is a control freak. and he clears up rumors bout the R kelly sex Tape
f)On one of R Kellys Song called - "Aint number but a number", His Brother says Rkelly got a problem and been saying it on his songs, and if system let him off, they bogus, cause he will do it again.
e) Rkelly asked his brother to lie for him on court, and since he disagreed. Rkelly said he aint his brother no more
f)R Kelly's Brother's Daughter got jumped on by 15 girls, because of rkelly sex tape,"

Scott Storches New Friend

[Picture courtesy of DListed]

Scott Storch has the swagga of Jay Z and the looks of Shrek. But he can pull 'em and he showed off his recent eye candy in Miami this weekend. Scott is known for dating Lil Kim and Paris Hilton.
Poor girl, I'm sure she prays to Holy Buddah for strength everytime they are about to do the nasty.

Ray J Celebrates Sex Tape Release

[Ray J with faux Kim Karadashians]
Ray J actually went and threw a party celebrating the release of his sex tape with socialite Kim Karadashian. Damn, Kim must have done him dirty because this further proves that HE was the one who "leaked" the sex tape onto the Internet. Some say he's a publicity whore, I like to call it an opportunist, either way he'll always be known as "Brandy's Kid Brother" to me.

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