Friday, August 10, 2007

Does Tommy Hilfiger Hate Black People?

Mother Oprah had Tommy Hilfiger on her show today to discuss the rumors that I'm sure many of us African Americans have heard and suspected for a while, that Tommy Hilfiger does not like black people.

The rumor started 10 years ago and claimed that while being a guest on the Oprah show, Tommy supposingly said, "If I knew African Americans would wear my clothes I wouldn't have made them so nice." This statement sent the African American community into an uproar banning any and everything that was related to the Hilfiger empire.

After 10 years Tommy now decides to address this issue. Here's part of the interview between Mother Oprah amd Tommy Boy:

Oprah: Let's break this down. Tommy, in the 21 years that we've been on the air, have you ever been on the show before today?

Tommy: Unfortunately, not.

Oprah: And when you first heard it, Tommy, what did you think?

Tommy: I didn't believe it. … Friends of mine said they heard the rumor. I said, 'That's crazy. That can't be. I was never on The Oprah Show. I would never say that.' And all my friends and family who know me and people who work with me and people who have grown up with me said that's crazy.

Oprah: Well, did you ever say anything close to that? Where do you think this originated?Tommy: I have no idea. We hired FBI agents, I did an investigation, I paid investigators lots of money to go out and investigate, and they traced it back to a college campus but couldn't put their finger on it.

Do you believe him??

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Freak In The Evening

Lionel Richie was seen departing sex shop 'Coco De Mer' in LA. From the looks of it he got that vibrating glitter buttplug he's been eyeballing!!

Happy As Can Be

Here are a few flicks of Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin leaving Meagan Good’s birthday party in Hollywood Tuesday Night. I'm sure the couple planned this outing to dispel rumors of the couple splitting and Duane liking peen :)

Open Casting Call For Biggie Smalls Biopic

The still untitled Notorious B.I.G. project, which has been in the works for nearly seven years, will seek its star by auditioning actors and non-actors alike who resemble the rapper Anyone can submit audition videos beginning 3 a.m. (EDT) Sunday to or

An official announcement of the online casting call will be made Friday by Fox Searchlight Pictures, which in 2005 secured the rights to a film about the slain rapper. Wallace's mother, Voletta Wallace, and his two former managers, Wayne Barrow and Mark Pitts, are producing the movie.

Whitney and The King of R&B Back Together Again..

Guess who's bizzack! The undisputed King of R&B and his boo Whitney! This classy couple was spotted together at Joes Crab Shack in Alpharetta, GA celebrating Whitney's 44th Birthday.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Sean Jean Ad

Lauren London (Entourage) & Cassie posed for the camera for Sean Jeans new female clothing line.

Best Dressed Men in the World!

Jay Z topped the Esquire's "Best Dressed Men" list at #2 while Barack came in at an impressive #4. There are considered to be the best dressed men in the WORLD. Check out the savvy males who made Top 10 .

1: Tom Brady, football player
2: Jay-Z, record exec, musician
3: Daniel Craig, actor
4: Barack Obama, U.S. senator, presidential candidate
5: André Balazs, hotelier
6: Nicolas Sarkozy, French president
7: Hidetoshi Nakata, former soccer player
8: Ryan Gosling, actor
9: Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Ferrari president
10: Hamid Karzai, Afghan president

#14- Dwayne Wade, #23Tony Parker,
The Afghan President is on the list??? I TOLD ya'll negro's Turbans are what's hot in the '07!


Diddys Little Girls...

Here are a few up-to-date flicks of Diddy & Kim Porters little angels D'Lila and Jessie James courtesy of SandraRose!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And The Nominees Are..

Timbo, Kanye, Robin Thick, Rihanna and Chris Brown hit up the MTV studios to announce the nominations for the MTV 2007 Video Music Awards.

Pretty much everyone in this picture was nominated in every category every time minus Beyonce and Amy Winehouse. This is going to be a B O R E. MTV is trying to change it up by adding categories such as "Most Earthshattering Collaboration", "Quadruple Threat of the Year" and "Monster Single Of The Year".. STOP the insanity, my pretty little brain can't stand all this excitement.. *pause* .The show will air live from Las Vegas, September 9

Click here to check out the nomination list HERE!

Marion Jones Is B R O K E

Seven years after winning a women’s record five Olympic track and field medals and snagging multimillion-dollar endorsement deals, Marion Jones is broke.

The sprinter is heavily in debt, fighting off court judgments and down to a bank balance of about $2,000, according to recent court records reviewed by the Los Angeles Times.
Last year, a Jones urine sample tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug EPO. Jones immediately quit a European track tour and returned to the United States. Although she was cleared when a backup sample tested negative, she missed at least five major international meets, forfeiting an estimated $300,000 in appearance and performance fees.

In her prime, Jones was one of track’s first female millionaires, typically earning between $70,000 and $80,000 a race, plus at least another $1 million from race bonuses and endorsement deals.

To this day people are still claiming that Marion Jones used steriods. It's a proven fact that she didn't but all the bad press has worked against her. Be looking out for her on the next season of The Surreal Life, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother or Dr.Phil.

Beyonce Films Commercial For American Express

You know I can't mention B without the J! Jay-Z hit up Hot 97's Radio Station and spoke candidly about the rumors surrounding his alleged "son", the Def Jam split and Beyonce's infamous fall.

Maybe They Are a Couple...

Ray-J and Lil Kim were spotted at the Rodeo Drive Experience this weekend in LA. Word on the street is that even though this nasty couple isn't dating. But were seen walking around holding hands during the event. The couple had also made their way over to Serena Williams (and her boo Jackie Long) where Kim told her that she was a huge fan, then stabbed her in the eye with her hard ass nipple. ok ok, the last part was a lie but she did tell her she was a huge fan! A FAN of that ass. Ok ok, I joke again.

Melanie B Shows Eddie What He's Been Missing.

After having a "baby momma's " party with the donkey's ex wife, Nicole. Mel B hit the beach in MIA to show off what she's working with. Ladies, this is the body of a woman who just had a baby 4 months ago!!

Quick Scoops
  • Toni Braxtons money is no good here [Eurweb]
  • Chris Rock. You are NOT the father [PopCultureJunkie]
  • Ursher is happily married to the man of his dreams [AHotMess]
  • Mariah Carey has a new fragrence that smells like the hand soap at Subway [Urban-Hoopla]
  • James Brown has 2 more kids. [RhymesWithSnitch]

Mr. Jackson if You're Nasty

Jermaine Jackson's estranged wife has filed court papers claiming the singer is pleading poverty, even though he's loaded. By the way, she's also alleging Jermaine has some weird sleeping arrangements with their two kids, Jaffar, 11 and Jermajesty, 7.

In legal papers filed late last month and just obtained by TMZ, Alejandra Jackson says she's not getting squat from Jermaine in spousal or child support. As a result, she says she can't make her car payment, has to borrow money for gas, drives with an expired registration and has to eat ramon noodles with hotsauce and crackers for dinner. Justtttt joking!

In legal papers, I have concerns regarding Jermaine's sleeping accommodations for our children while they are in his care." She goes on -- "I believe it is unhealthy for our children to sleep in the same bedroom with Jermaine and his girlfriend...."Jermaine filed for divorce in 2004. Prior to marrying Jermaine, Alejandra was married to his brother, Randy.

WHAT?! She was married to Randy and Jermaine.. where's the love for Tito. Everyone knows I love me some Tito. Someone google Tito for me. I love that bitch. Annnnddd.. I just lost all train of thought cuz' Tito will do that to you.

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