Friday, October 13, 2006


I get it that Eagles’ fans think Terrell Owens tanked their season last year. I also get that they were more pissed when he signed to play ball with their NFC East rivals, the Cowboys.

I get all this.

I even understand that most Philly fans simply wouldn’t have lost a wink of sleep had T.O. fatally overdosed on those pills.

Hell, they might’ve even thrown a party or made it a holiday complete with sales at the mall. (Remember, these are the peeps who booed Santa Claus.)

Once again, I get all this.

Yet, simulating a lynching act, even with the very hated-enemy No. 81, looks a bit classless, if not racist.

Especially when it looks like you just crawled out of a double-wide trailer.


Quick News

Grace Jones Scares Me..

Let me be frank,I would literally shit my pants if I ever saw Grace Jones on the street late at night. I don't scare easily but bitch woulda had me rolled up in the fetal position.

and why does she look like Paris Hiltons pup?

Weekly Vent...

Dear High School Bastard Kids Going To Lunch

Dear H.S.B.K.G.T.L,

Lets start this off by saying, I hate you all. I hate you all with a passion that you'll never be able to understand. I hate you and your big ass wide-legged jeans, I even hate your lil fat girlfriend with the "Hello Kitty" baby tee that is 4 sizes too small.

Now I take lunch everyday at 11. I think there are outside forces working against me because the little High School freaks of nature has their lunch at the exact same time.

I'm mad that you bastards want to all go to McDonalds during your lunch. That's MY SPOT. I'm a baller on a budget baby, I can't afford Arbys and Taco Bell gives me the runs from hell. And what's up with you nerds taking like 5 hours to order? I'm on a time limit you lil twats. Nothing is funny about "Shannon" saying "Can I please have a big WAC". Next time I hear her say that and someone laughs I'm popping each of you losers with rubberbands.

You all better hope I don't see you Monday flocking to MY McDonalds because I'ma run you over.. all of yous. Sorry but you all have brought me to this point.

Love, Juiicy

Last Weeks Vent

Danity Kane in car accident

According to ONTD The Pussycat Dolls Danity Kane was involved in a really bad car accident. All the girls (Except D.Woods) are in the hospital. Aubrey has a mild concussion and a black eye. Dawn hurt her shoulder and they all have whiplash injuries

The girls felt so bad about not being able to attend the club appearance and still wanted to show up. Clearly the doctor did not grant their wishes, he advised them that there is no way they can be in public right now. Doctor’s orders were medication and plenty of rest.Aubrey wanted everyone to know that Danity Kane is very sorry and upset about not being able to make their appearance at the club tonight.

These chicks got into a terrible car accident and they still wanted to perform.. that sounds like some "Joe Jackson/Papa Knowles" type ish to me. I hope they all have a quick and speedy recovery.

New Justin Timberlake!!

This has to be the best song this year hands down.. T.I's part only made it better. Guess he finally got his hood-pass! [Thx Mrs.Chi Chi]

Justin Timberlake- My Love

Vivica Looks Normal...

Vivica A. Fox and Lisa Rinna were in Santa Monica yesterday to give makeovers to help raise awareness and funding for the prevention of domestic violence.

Her plastic surgery is finally softening up. She doesn't look so "bubbly" anymore. I'd still hit it with or without the fake boobs/lips/nose/botox/cheek implants/weave ponytail

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!

Nick Cannon and Mom at his Birthday Party. He needs to send a memo over to Lil Scrappy because this is how your mother is SUPPOSED to look at special events

Not like this..

Swizz Beatz was in NYC this week for the Royal Honors.. Is this a new clothing line.......

Because Kanye was wearing the same thing last week in Milan.

Mariah was in Japan for her Tour, I have strong feelings about that hair peice, I just can't explain it quite yet.

Angie Stone was dropping it like it was hot in Chi-town. I guess her little stint on "Celebrity Fit Club" didn't work out.

Weezy and his Breezy..

So I guess the rumors were true. Weezy F. Baby (Please Say The Baby) and Solange are infact a couple. Um. EW.

I wonder what sex with Lil Wayne smells like, you know that shit has to be something RAW.

Anywho, Solange, Wayne and Kelly were partying it up at Prive in Miami last night.

Black is the New White.

First Angelina Jolie, then Madonna and now Wynonna Judd.. According to Wynonna Judd is planning to have a child with her second husband. Only one problem, her daughter, Grace, is demanding she wants a black sister or brother. Wynonna went on to say "Grace" is around my singers, and most of them are black . But I do think I may adopt."

Grace is gonna be one hood-bitch. I bet she's going to learn how to make kool-aide like nobodies business.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Slimmer Ruben Studdard

"RUBEN STUDDARD is speaking out about dropping close to 100 pounds thanks to his new vegetarian diet.Dubbed the "Velvet Teddy Bear" during his days as a contestant on "American Idol," Ruben once weighed over 400 pounds. He says he recently slimmed down by cutting back on his food and becoming a vegetarian. On the "Today" show, Ruben said that he was put on a 1200 to 1500 calorie diet at a weight management center at Duke University. The "Idol" winner has lost almost 100 pounds on the new diet plan.."

Although I love my men big, Ruben was TOO big. I'm happy he's doing something with himself.

Another 2-Pac Album??

Damn skippy, Hip Hop will NOT let 2-Pac rest in peace. No word on what the latest album will be called. So should we be expecting to hear some more from Biggie anytime soon?
Here's the official tracklisting for the upcoming cd:
1. Pac's Life (feat. T.I. and Ashanti)
2. Dumpin (feat. Papoose)
3. What's Next
4. Fade Me (feat. R. Kelly)
5. Soon As I Get Home (feat. Chamillionaire and Akon)
6. Untouchable
7. Watch Ya Mouth
8. Til I C L.A.
9. If There's A Cure (I Don't Want It) (feat. Snoop Dogg and The Outlawz)
10. Play Ya Cardz Right (feat. E-40 and DK)
11. Street Life (feat. Snoop Dogg and Zola)
12. 21 Gun Salute (feat. 50 Cent and Young Buck)
13. When Nobody Lovez Me
14. Watch Ya Mouth (Ron Browz Remix)
15. Untouchable (Swizz Remix) (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
16. Play Ya Cardz Right (Kanye Remix) (feat. Kanye West and GLC)

Bobbi Christina is Taking Mommy's Side..

According to, Bobbi Christina updated her MYSPACE page with a header that reads: "Bump Bobby...I'm Stuntin' Like Whitney."

Her myspace name is
but the damn thing comes up with something totally different, so if you know another myspace addy for her holla at me!

Bobbi Christina always acted like she didn't like Bobby whenever I watched "Being Bobby Brown" anyway., I guess the whole divorce/cheating thing hasn't affected her THAT negatively, that's always a good thing.

In World News: Small Plane Crashes Into Building...

A small helicopter crashed into a uptown East Manhattan apartment building. Initially CNN reported that it could be a terrorist attack, then quickly retracted that statement.

According to the website, its reporting that some people saw helicopter make a sharp right turn into the building. Luggage was found on street along with two bodies and the wheels of the aircraft.

Sadly the pilot of this helicopter was Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle. High-Ranking City Official Says." Lidle's passport was found on the street.

I'm not an avid baseball watcher so I do not know who he is, but my condolences go out to his family/team-mates/friends. This is a horrible tragedy and may he and the 2 others who died rest in peace.

Miss Jackson if you're nasty

As if he couldn't get any freakishly weird, reports are saying that Micheal Jackson was spotted in St. Tropez wearing "figure-hugging jeans, green blouse, high-heels and a orange handbag".

I guess his transformation is complete. MJ is officially a white woman.

Daily Mirror

Here's Micheal with his daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, I guess it was father/daughter look-a-like day.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jamie Foxx at Playboy Mansion

It's always been rumor that his hair line is sprayed on.. kinda like Steve Harveys.. I always thought it was a lot lower then usual when he came out with "Unpredictable" but slap me on the ass and call me Becky if this damn thing isn't painted on CROOKED!

Is that Angie Stone?

Give Us Free...

Here are some photo's of B and Jay in Africa. Beyonce performed a rendition of Nigeria's anthem and moved the crowd and many officials to tears. Get 'em B!

Angelina Jolie= Modern Day Blackface?

There has been alot of controversy about Angelina Jolie's new character in the movie "A Mighty Heart". Below is a picture of Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl, the widow of Daniel Pearl. Daniel was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan while doing an article for 'The Wall Street Journal'.

A lot of people are outraged because Mariane Pearl is of Afro-Cuban descent and why would they hire a white actress to play Mariane when there are qualified "mixed/black" actresses. Some have even went as far as saying this is a form of modern day blackface.

My View:
From my standpoint, who knows.. Jennifer Aniston was originally supposed to portray Mariane Pearl in this film. I don't know who else could have pulled this off. They look identical and we don't need to always bring in Halle Berry to play all the light-skin roles. Also, Mariane personally wanted Angelina for the part. It's not as extreme as saying it's a modern day blackface, but I can understand my people's concerns.

What's yours?

Nick Cannon in Flaunt Magazine

Looks like he's bringing skinny back.

[pictures courtesy of ROD 2.0]

Venus Williams New Man?

Hopefully it's just her bodyguard cuz homeboy looks like he cut a ni**a or two back in the day and lets hope that he was the influence in her life that told her to take out those God-forsaken crotchet braids.

[pictures courtesy of Splash News]

Diddy/Danity Kane/Kim Porter

According to the Panache Report P. Diddy will be hanging up his mic after the release of his new album "Press Play" to focus on an acting career.

He says, "To be honest, I would love for it to be the last one. "My first couple of albums talked about drama, death, tragedy, controversy-ups and downs. This album is about love. I would love to end it on a note of love. I don't want to overstay my welcome. I fell like I'm at my best on this album. "So many things at the end of the day are my strong points. I look forward to my acting career. But right now, the focus is on "Press Play" and us doing the best thing for that."

Umm.. aight well, er. Dang. Ok. So no more diddy ad-libbing? Cuz I need that in my songs.

  • In other BadBoy news DANITY KANE sold 500,000 albums making them certified gold. Congrats to these girls, hopefully they'll stay together long enough to go pla-ti-num.

  • and in lil badboy news, Kim Porter was spotted at a bridal bash

Get Yo' Momma

So the "Dirty Awards" went down in GA. I don't even know what kind of awards ceremony this is. I think black people just be making up shit.

The pictures were pretty blah until I saw these.

Would someone be so kind as to tap Lil Scrappy on his shoulder and tell him to lock his momma up in a closet. Check out the rest of the pictures

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