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Weekly Vent...

Dear Miss. SCSL, (Sprint Customer Service Lady)

I am writing in regards to the help I asked for about 2 months ago. It involved a simple question asking how much would it cost to add free incoming calls to my plan. It really should have only taken about 2 minutes maximum. But WHY after 4 phone calls I'm still unsure of the cost and even more unsure if I really want it.

Now I understand that you are from Thailand or some other 'fried rice eating' country because not once were you able to pronounce my name correctly and on top of that you kept on reiterating that you've never even heard of "Okrahoma".. I've never heard of "Okrahoma" either my dear. But that is no excuse to mess up with my services.

Now it took you 15 minutes to get into the system and although I thoroughly enjoyed you humming some ancient Chinese hymns I became irritated after you kept trying to asking me "would u like upgrade to new pran" (plan). No Miss.Sweet & Sour, I just want to know how much it would cost to add free incoming calls. Why don't YOU get Jin Woo and ya'll collaborate over a bowl of Teryaki Chicken and let me know how much this thing will cost me.

Sadly I'm still waiting for that answer. I'm still upset that this matter is taking soo long to get taken care of. Sorry Chin Lee, but I think I will be filing a formal complaint tomorrow.

Sincerely Yours,

This is when you inform them you are no longer a sprint customer...I had this same problem with Dell tech support. However, I knew that if you requested a supervisor, they would transfer you to an American call center...my home boy help set up the center in India and gave me that tip. The language barrier, is a hard one to break-through, especially on the telephone. The chick I had a Dell told me to try what she recommended and then call her back...I was like WTF, call U back. I hung up, called back, asked for a supervisor, and was transferred to someone who could understand me and vice-versa. Girl, you better submit your formal complaint with the quickness.

LMAO!!!!!!!!! Okrahoma!!! damn. i want some lo mein now...

AHAHAAAAAH! I'm sorry, a simple "haha" would not suffice here!! I hated Sprint when I had them! Why? Because quite frankly my dear, THEY DON'T GIVE A F*CK! I couldn't even deal anymore, I had to keep it pushin. On to Verizon I went!! Girl, you need a new "pran"! ;)

Haha, I LOVE these!! Keep up the good work, HAlarious!! You cant even make this shit up, like someone saide in a recent Vent, it's LIFE.

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