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Janet Discusses Her "Alleged Daughter'

"Janet Jackson had to convince her ex-husband, James DeBarge, that she hadn't given birth to a secret child with him because of the media rumors. The allegations (spread by a former in-law) were so persistent, DeBarge (who was rumored to be the father of the child) came forward and asked Janet to reveal the truth.

She says, "He and I have actually talked about it. He said to me, his mother actually mentioned it to him so much, he had to ask me about it. "He was like, 'You wouldn't lie would you?' I had to tell him, 'If I'd had a baby, you would know. I would never keep a child from its father.'

Jackson admits, she's now seriously thinking about becoming a first-time mom after finding a soul mate in producer Jermaine Dupri. She reveals, she's had plenty of offers to impregnate her. She adds, "People offered to help me out after my divorce but now I would really love to experience motherhood." In Related News: Janet Jackson calls her union with Jermaine Dupri, "unconditional love from the soul." But marriage is still a long way off and and she adds, "No, we are not married. A lot of people think we're already married."

Here is a picture of the daughter in question.

hmmmmm. that child does look like one of the 3T boys. janet stop your lying.


that girl is actually janet's niece. i think her father is jackie, the oldest son.

look at her face, she does have the "jackson" look. LOOK AT HER!! OMG. If she isnt Janets, then she belongs to one of the jacksons for real!!

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