Friday, January 19, 2007

James Browns Will...

[James Brown Jr]

There's been a lot of Hoopla over the fact that James Brown still isn't buried, but on top of that it seems like Browns "widow, boo, baby momma" whatever you call her is upset because she nor her son, James Brown Jr., are included in his will.

Brown's attorneys contend that Hynie is not Brown's widow because she was still married to another man when they said their vows. They have said Hynie later annulled her previous marriage, but she and Brown never remarried.

Hynie's attorney, Robert Rosen, said Wednesday that he will sue, asking a court to rule Hynie was legally married to Brown and is entitled to half of his estate.

Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold-digger....

Click here to see the will.


Apparently All Blackies Look Alike...

At the Golden Globe Awards Brad Pitt mistakenly kissed "EXTRA" correspondent "Tanika Ray" on the cheek after congratulating her on her win. Apparently he mistook her for Jennifer Hudson.

Eh. I can see it.

Here's Tanika and Jennifer Hudson at the Golden Globes

"Smoking Aces" Red Carpet Premiere

Alicia Keyes and Mom at the "Smoking Aces" Premiere

Chris Rock and Kanye
Kanye and Fiance' Alexis
Her lips are mighty plump now-a-days

Loving this look, the whole braids thing wasn't working for me.

Daddy Knowles is Angry Beyonce Didn't Win.

What's new right? Well it seems that Beyonce's daddy is outraged that Beyonce didn't snag a single award at the Golden Globes held last week. He went on to tell reporters:

"Today is MLK's birthday and it saddens me to say that things have not changed for blacks. Working class blacks and blacks in Hollywood are still being discriminated against. We still have a long way to go,"

Did he not see Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy, Forrest Whitaker,and the ENTIRE cast of 'Dreamgirls" win a Golden Globe?? I guess if it ain't about Beyonce it just doesn't make sense to Papa Knowles.

While we are at it here are recent pics from the 'Dreamgirls" press conference in Berlin.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mya at Four Seasons Hotel


6th Annual Michael Jordan Invitational Opening Night Party Hosted by Jordan

Terrell Owens

Dr. Jay and Jordan

Larry Miller

Flex Alexander

LL on TRL/106 & Park

LL was on TRL and 106 & Park promoting his new book and lipgloss.

David Beckham ...

I'm not one to put cream in my coffee, but dammit if this man doesn't make me want to slap my momma.

David Beckham was in Japan at the Motorola MOTORAZR event.

FYI : David (husband of Spice Girl "Posh") Recently agreed to a five-year deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer. His new deal is worth more than 250 million dollars. Making him one of the worlds highest paid athletes.Can you say " BAAALLLLIIINNNNN".

Inga Needs Some Assistance..

Rancorous rapper Foxy Brown has really outdone herself - getting into a fight at a court-ordered anger management class.

Brown narrowly avoided jail time yesterday after it was revealed in court she threatened to beat up a counselor on Tuesday.

She threatened to be physically harmful," said Matilda Leo, a Probation Department lawyer.

But the sexy rhymer countered that the counselor, identified only as "Mr. Kennedy," threatened her after she refused to pay a $180 fee in cash. NYDailyNews

Who is this Mr. Kennedy? Doesn't he know Fox Boogie Brown is a superstar of the highest calibar and shouldn't be asked to pay for a damn thang, not even a manicure from the chinese lady who smells raccoon-fur?

Jay-Z Doesn't Like Raccoon-Dogs.

The latest trend in Hip Hop is to cop a Raccoon-Dog fur jacket. Last Month Diddy was blasted for having animal fur on his coats and yanked them from stores. Now Jay-Z is getting slammed for having fur in his clothing line.

The Humane Society says the "faux fur" on his Rocawear "Hunter" jackets is actually raccoon-dog fur, which is sometimes obtained by skinning the animal alive. Sean Combs used the same fur on one of his Sean John coats.

A Rocawear rep told PageSix, "We were not aware that our product included raccoon-dog materials. We have immediately instructed all manufacturers and licensees that no product can be produced using this fur. In addition we have removed those items from our Web site."

I think I saw a Raccoon-Dog eating a squirrel in my backyard yesterday. Sonofabitch.

Mase Brings Church to GGGGGG-UNIT!

Mason Betha took the stage at a recent G-Unit concert and publicly apologized to the Holy Hip-Hop community for "past statements denouncing Christian Hip-Hop ministry infront of 60,000 people. Mase *aka* Murda Mase asked that everybody pray for him .



Naomi Campbell Sentence

[Naomi Campbell reads a letter of apology outside of New York Criminal Court after receiving a sentence of 5 days community service for assulting her house keeper]

Yesterday Naomi Campbell walked into to a New York City court and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault charges for hitting her maid with a cell phone. Naomi said "I threw a cell phone in the apartment. The cell phone hit Ana," "This was an accident because I did not intend to hit her".

Anywho, for punishment The Sun says that she will be "getting her hands dirty scrubbing toilets in hospitals".

Jack Ryan of the "New York Probation Service tells the Sun: "This counts as punishment so Naomi won't get a choice in what she does," he explains. "She won't be given a task she enjoys. If she is sent to work in a hospital cleaning, she will be doing everything the usual cleaners do. There will be no special treatment."

Pretty sure we're going to be hearing about Naomi being arressted for throwing a toilet brush at an amputee.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Guess WHO!

None other then "Baby Why oh Why oh Why" himself. Keith Sweat


T.I. and Tiny Expecting..

Sandra Rose has the exclusive on T.I. and Tiny's (Xscape) pregnancy and wedding.
She reports that Tiny is indeed pregnant and is due in June. (Guess that Louis Bag was covering up her baby bump) Also, a wedding is in order for July, a month after the baby is born. The sex is unknown. She also confirmed that Tiny does have a myspace page which she checks it frequently.

That's it, i'm taking him off my Top 8 as .we. speak

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Quote of the Day

""I hear they use my image and likeness. Maybe I should go see it with my lawyer."- Diana Ross on seeing "Dreamgirls".

Karrine TV

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse Miss. Steffans now does video diaries from the privacy of her jacuzzi. If you listen closely you can here "blurps" everytime she moves, I'd like to think the chick was farting in the tub. Who knows.


Boris,Nicole, Sophie and Nicolas

The Kodjoe's are featured in the January issue of PEOPLE magazine with their 2 children Sophie and Nicolas who was born in October.

[Thx Cathyd53]

And The Winners Are..

The Golden Globes went down, seeing as how I already have a limited time on the internet I won't waste it posting pictures. So if you want to see the fashion hits and misses click here, here, here, or here. Also, if you missed the show it will be re-airing Saturday at 8pm on BRAVO

OJ Crashed PhotoShoot

SCANDAL plagued the failed launch of the Fubu fashion line's hip-hop fragrance Plush, a new book reveals.

Author Daymond John recalls how O.J. Simpson once crashed a video shoot his company was doing: "Karrine Steffans was on the set dancing up a storm, and Ludacris had a chain with handcuffs on them, and O.J. started really getting into it, rubbing up against Karrine, putting the handcuff necklace on, really mugging it up for our cameras.

He started talking about how he knew handcuffs really well. Wow! O.J. in our video with Karrine shaking her booty on him! What a sight!" But John scrapped the footage, realizing it wouldn't look good to be promoting products with a suspected double murderer in the picture.

I can sum this story up in one word: FUBU. Come on now!

Could The Rumors Be True?

Whitney and Ray-J? They were spotted yesterday in Beverly Hills. I can't imagine them knocking headboards..Lets hope this is just a rumor.

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