Friday, October 06, 2006

Quick Re-Cap

It's a holiday ya'll AND Fall Break (atleast for me) So todays news will be quick but JUIICY! Enjoy and Happy Columbus Day!

  • Tyrone Banks needs an man and she ain't scared to admit it. Recently she did an interview with Maya Angelou on XM Satellite Radio show and discussed how hard it is to get a date:

    The dating thing is hard, Dr. Angelou. It is so hard," Banks complained . "Do you know anybody?" Banks asked. Angelou replied: "I think you need to let it be known that you're interested." Banks answered: "Yes, I am, and I know you know somebody that's a nice, upstanding young gentleman that you can hook me up with."

    Well if she would stop acting like a 12 year old boy on Ritlin then maybe she'd have a man by now.. just sayin.

  • SHOCKING video footage of Big Pun pistol whipping his wife. Footage caught from his in-home video security camera. This ish isn't right. Part 1 , Part 2

  • Jay Z's new song "Show Me What You Got" was leaked by a source near and dear to him. His record label is threatening to take legal action against the "individual" accused of leaking his song. Anywho, I happened to hear the song and it's kind of good check it out here

    powered by ODEO

  • Hip Hop Honors went down over the weekend, watch out for the show that will aire on VH1 Oct.17. I was happy to see Salt-N-Pepa back in the building, Lil Kim was there looking a mess, and I am thrilled to see that dookie chains are coming back . Check out the pic's here

  • Papa Knowles (Beyonce's Father) loves the kid, he has come up with the idea to make a kids "hip hop album" it will be famous rap/hip hop songs rapped by kids with cleaned up lyrics. Note to Papa nKowles.. Kids BOP did this already.

Da Brat on Celebrity Fit Club

So much for complaining that she's not a has-been

Da Brat recently was in New York with Egypt and “Ashy Larry” Donnell Rawlins on Power 105. She revealed that she’s now on of the next contestants on “VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club.” And you should remember she was also on the network’s other show, “Surreal Life.” She is trying to drop about 30-pounds.

She also took the time to spread some rumors about Angie Stone. You know how Angie stays complaining? Well, she said that the on-camera Angie Stone is on the show eating lettuce and looking frail. But, off-camera, Angie eats steak and puffs a cig or two.



I don't' too much post new videos up in this piece, but I *heart* this song from Beyonce.

SO before watching the video I was hype, I mean I was ready to throw on a Daishiki and do some African Spiritual type dance, but the video is mad relaxing and I for one happen to like the cool, calm, and collected B.

Should I Be Laughing?

I probably shouldn't be, but dammit I couldn't help it. Iconic fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent fell in Paris this morning. According to his representatives the reclusive designer missed the curb upon exiting his car and fell but is doing well and resting at home.

That must have been a high-ass curb to miss it completely and fall.

...and on another note, looks like someone's been putting in some squats. Here is another photo of Jessica Biels donkey.

Splash News

Kelis Says No To TV Show and Yes To Weed

"I used to smoke a lot of weed," she said. "I don't anymore, but I forgot about like nine years of my life. I feel like that era was just a haze. I always knew I was gonna be a weed smoker; I did not think drugs were bad."

Kelis told us the missing years in question were ages 14 to 22, or maybe 23. She's not quite sure. "I can't remember the exact year I stopped, but I remember stopping. I wasn't even getting high anymore, it was more of a habitual thing. That's how I knew it was time to stop. It was like 'I'm bored. Let's have a sober period, that could be fun," she joked."

Well, hell the President did it. Also in this interview she dismisses the rumors about having a reality show with Nas:

With all the events we do, I like to see my life," Kelis said in a visit to AOL Music's New York studios Wednesday. "I drive Nas crazy 'cause it's usually me with the camera, which he is totally over. So, I just got this guy to help us document our life. Whether we choose to do something with it or not is still up in the air. Right now, I really just wanna show my kids how fly Mommy was when she was in her twenties."

Quick Scoops

Prince Is The Next Al Sharpton...

Prince was at a Hollywood Strip Club over the weekend. Now during his attendance at this strip club he went up to the dancers and started preaching to them in his little squeaky voice, telling them that it is "wrong to dance like that", "What would your parents think if they could see you now", "you're too good for this".

Prince then asked them how much they made per night and said he would pay them double if they would go home and stop doing this because it offended his beliefs as a Jehovahs witness.

Of course the panty-droppers looked at him all crazy and told him to go' on about his business, because if he paid them tonight, what about tomorrow night, and the next night?

Then prince sat back down and continued to watch them fling their crotch-less panties over greedy mens heads.

Prince is the only person I know who can go into a strip club, preach to these young ladies telling them that what they are doing is the evil, then go back to his table and continue sipping on his Patron while throwing dollar bills at 'Diamond'.


African- American Book Club

Recently Keli and I came up with the idea to start An African America online bookclub blog, here's a little more about it:

"All are welcome, however, the reading selections will only be those written by African Americans. For those like me who love to read and have open dialogue in regards to your readings...this is the place for you. Every month or two Keli will select a book to read, and you can go there to reflect and share your thoughts. However, I ask that we are mindful and open to others opinions. I hope that this will be a great experience for us to connect, while celebrating our African-American authors. I am open to suggestions, if there is a book you would like to see featured let me know. Stay tuned..."

More then anything I would love to have a place where African American woman and men can come together and enjoy ourselves while discussing certain aspects of the books we read each month.

The book for this month is "Chasing Destiny" by Eric Jerome Dickey click here to preview the book.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

50 Cents Beef with Miss.Winfrey

In an exclusive interview while backstage at 106&Park Fiddy said:

"Oprah's great. I just think the only misconception is that she's a Black woman. They say Oprah Winfrey's a Black woman, but she's [been] catering to a demographic of a middle-aged White woman for so long that I believe she's a middle-aged White woman.""Oprah will have a rapist on her show and have a discussion about why they do it, but won't have a rags to riches story on her show," 50 said.

He went on to even throw rapper/producer Kanye West in the fire. "She'll have Kanye West on her show. I think middle America would rather have they kids be gay, than have them aggressive." BET

I guess things are starting to get a lil wack in the beef world when you choose to pick a bone with Oprah, what is he gonna do next? Shoot her... Get the hell out of here!

Random Pictures...

Fonzworth performed last night at Lotus in NY yesterday Ya'll can't tell me he's not 1/2 of a woman.

Vanessa Simmons seems like she's recovering well, and yes, that' Jade in the back tryna become one of the elite in Hollywood!

Missy performed in Berlin last night, is Miss. Supa Dupa Fly putting back on that weight, So much for those "Beyonce Hips"

Kimora was in NY for the Cancer "Disco & Diamonds" Fundraiser.

Legends were in the building that night including Gloria Gaynore (I Will survive), and Sister Sledge ( We Are Family)

We can't forget about Ashford and Simpson (Solid)

Kimora with Sister Sledge

Kelly and Scott Storch were seen partying together again in Miami, I pray to Jehovah that he is helping her on her album, I'll die if I hear any rumors about them being a couple.

Seems like Kanye and soon-to-be wifey Alexis were enjoying theirselves in Paris at the Stella McCartney Fashion Show

Vanessa Carlton signed to Def Jam

It all makes sense, remember when Jay performed in London (the night B drank her ass off), in the audience were , Irv Gotti, Vanessa Carlton, Hype Williams, John Demsey and Big John. Now Vanessa Carlton (chick that sings 1,000 miles) caught me a little off guard but what the hey I figured since Gwyneth Paltrow was there she probably brought Vanessa along for "color-support".. anyways, now word is that Irv Gotti (who was supposingly responsible for making Ashanti who she is was) has signed Vanessa to Def Jam.

All I'm saying is that I hope she doesn't think she can get a "hood" pass because of all of this. Also, she's changed her name to "V". Hmmm
All Hip Hop

...and in

case her name still doesn't ring a bell, here's her video.

Is Club Hyde The Hot Spot?


Apparently it is and they aren't letting ANYONE who is short of being B list get in. Case and point "Bobby Brown"..

Here is recent video of Bobby trying to get into Club Hyde. The doormen completly ignored Brown as Paris Hilton made a worry free entrance right in front of him..

Remember a few weeks ago Tara Reid and China Doll were denied entry into this club also.

Bobby should have went into full song and dance with "Don't Be Cruel"

R.I.P Cleopatra Jones

The NY Daily News is reporting that black female action hero, Tamara Dobson who played the kung fu fighting, platform shoe-sporting title character in the blaxploitation movie "Cleopatra Jones," has died. She was 59.

Tamara died Monday night from complications of pneumonia and multiple sclerosis.

A few years ago, there was talk of a "Cleopatra Jones" remake with Whitney Houston in the lead role but due to Houston's problems, the project never happened. Rest In Peace Miss Dobson.

So The Truth Comes Out...

So Diddy went on Power 106 radio station recently and they have a section where stars answer questions out of "The Hat of Forbidden Questions". The DJs asked some questions which he had to answer truthfully.

In true Diva fashion before the interview even started Diddy asked if they could turn down the air. Probably cuz all that cold air was making his knuckles ashy.

1. How many times did you cheat on J.Lo?
- Once, it wasn't really cheating with Kim

2.What's the biggest check you've ever cashed
-46 million dollars

3.If you had to pull one member of of Danity Kane who would it be?
- Aubrey

4. What did you really think about Cassie performance on TRL?
- I thought she had some growing to do and I thought she was very nervous, she's better now.

5. Who in the industry has bad breath?
- Busta Rhymes breath smells like a bag of HORSE sh!t.

6. How many members of Danity Kane have you slept with?
- None

8. Who do you regret signing to Bad Boy?
- Da Band

9. Who was better in bed. J.Lo or Naomi Campbell
- J.Lo

Get the audio here for all the questions/answers.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Where Are They Now ChildStars?

Marcus T. Paulk better known as Miles from Moesha

Miles was a pretty weird looking boy and I was kinda worried about how he would turn out as an older man. But he turned out to be a cutie!

He's currently in "Take The Lead" and was in "Roll Bounce" with Bow Wow as "Boo'

Plus Sized Model Hits The RunWay

"Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier found his own way to comment on the 'size zero' debate - by putting a larger model down the catwalk to show off his clothes

Clearly more of a size 20 than the controversial model Size 0, this voluptuous woman proved big is beautiful as she strutted down the runway at Gaultier's 30th anniversary show yesterday during fashion week in Paris." Dlisted

While it is very refreshing to see another size on the catwalk, Gaultier has done this for the wrong reasons, i.e. shock value and publicity. I agree that it would be more interesting to the buyer to see models in average sizes (12, 14, 16??)

Girl Fight!

Paris Hilton and Shanna Moakler (Travis Barkers Wife) filed police reports early Wednesday morning, alleging each was attacked. Paris says Moakler socked her in the jaw. Moakler claims Paris' ex shoved her down some stairs.

So in my own words, this is how the story went down.

At approximately 1:10 a.m.Shanna walks up to Paris in the club and starts screaming ' You wonky eye'd bitch you boinked my man'. Then Shanna proceeds to knock the taste out of Paris' mouth. (she punched her kids) and continued to shout profanities such as "You roast beef pussy having slut, and telling her to go suck a horses d*ck'. Shanna was restrained and several people helped Paris exit Club Hyde.

Hilton then went to the LAPD where she filed a police report, alleging battery.

But Paris wasn't the only one who filed a police report, Shanna also went to the station to file a report against Paris' companion that evening, Stavros Niarchos, alleging that he poured a drink over her head. She also said that Niarchos pushed her down the stairs.

It was also encouraged that Paris, with the consent of her attorney, to seek a restraining order against Moakler to prevent any escalation of this irrational and dangerous behavior.

Now that's a bad bitch :).. When will Paris learn that you can't just go around messing with other chicks baby daddies!


Lenny Kravitz and Zoe

Here are 2 more pictures of Lenny Kravitz and daughter Zoe during Fashion week. Zoe's resemblance to her mother is frightening (Lisa Bonet) [Thx Cujo]

Whazzup, Whazzup, WHAZZUUUPPP!

Finally.. Martin will be coming on DVD, this is a 90's overload for me. First the Jamie Foxx Show, then the Wayan Bro's and now Martin. I will definitely be downloading purchasing this DVD.

HBO will release the first season of “Martin” which features not only the first 27 episodes, but a blooper real and commentary from Martin Lawrence himself on his favorite scenes. Check out Amazon on
January 2nd!

Presidental Sh*t

Looks like Lil Kim is getting her 'political groove' on, she's been seen at alot of charity events since she's been released, I wonder if this is part of her community service. Anyways, I just can't stop looking at her. It's like a bad train wreck, you know you aren't supposed to stare but you just can't help it.

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