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So The Truth Comes Out...

So Diddy went on Power 106 radio station recently and they have a section where stars answer questions out of "The Hat of Forbidden Questions". The DJs asked some questions which he had to answer truthfully.

In true Diva fashion before the interview even started Diddy asked if they could turn down the air. Probably cuz all that cold air was making his knuckles ashy.

1. How many times did you cheat on J.Lo?
- Once, it wasn't really cheating with Kim

2.What's the biggest check you've ever cashed
-46 million dollars

3.If you had to pull one member of of Danity Kane who would it be?
- Aubrey

4. What did you really think about Cassie performance on TRL?
- I thought she had some growing to do and I thought she was very nervous, she's better now.

5. Who in the industry has bad breath?
- Busta Rhymes breath smells like a bag of HORSE sh!t.

6. How many members of Danity Kane have you slept with?
- None

8. Who do you regret signing to Bad Boy?
- Da Band

9. Who was better in bed. J.Lo or Naomi Campbell
- J.Lo

Get the audio here for all the questions/answers.

Wow, brutal honesty! I'm surprised he only cheated on JLo once...

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