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Lupe Slams Jay-Z

Lupe Fiasco has slammed Jay-Z for coming out of retirement to record a new album, insisting, he is being mercenary. Fiasco, who is supporting the superstar rapper on his UK tour, is not convinced the hitmaker is simply giving into his creativity and eager fans. He says, "I think Jay's motivation are business motivations.

Who ISN'T in it for the money? Do you think rappers would rap if there wasn't some kind of payback? Be for real, what we really need to be asking ourselves is if Jay can go platinum again. And on another note, Lupe should be happy that Jay even allowed him to tour with him, he should have just kept his mouth closed until after the tour.I'm sure this will cause some kind of animosity towards each other.

Seems like Lupe is afraid of a little competition.

I'm still trippin that he said in in the midst of touring with Jiggaman!! He has some gonads!

Lupe can say whatever he wants cause he's 10x the lyricist Jay-Z ever was or will be...

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