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Alicia Keys and Friend..

So mediatakeout posted some pictures with Alicia Keys having fun in the sun with a friend. Of course they went and said that it was her (girl) friend, and by that I don't mean sleepovers, gossiping, waxing each other type of girlfriends. I mean .. well you know what I mean.

You be the judge of these pictures.

I could see her as a lesbian. I wouldn't care if she was, though- she still has a beautiful voice!

I had no idea she has such think legs!

It's a sad, sad day when a girl can not hug a female friend without it being some freaky S&M crap... Well, I will continue huggin people regardless to what the world would like to believe...We could all use more hugs!!!Hugs are good dag nab it!!!!
the people over at metro need a hug

Keep it huggable and Cute


I agree she's just hugging a friend, but since when is lesbianism "freaky S&M crap?"

Y'all are ridiculous! That's her mom!

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