Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Goes Back To Jail

Paris Hilton is my guilty pleasure and I'll stab anyone in the throat who laughs at it. The past 3 days have been a rollarcoaster ride for Paris.. yesterday it was announced that Paris would be released from jail and put on house-arrest due to an unknown "medical illness". Nowshe is ordered to go back to jail and finish serving her sentence. According to :

"Paris Hilton was just ordered back to jail in Lynwood to serve out the remainder of her sentence! She'll get credit for at least 5 days already served.Hilton left the courtroom in tears, screaming, "Mom, Mom, Mom." Hilton was also heard saying "It's not right."

One witness described the scene as: Paris was "physically escorted" out of the courtroom by a female deputy.."

Mike Jones Prepares For His Album...

And what better way to prepare for an album then to put out.. wait for it.. a SEXTAPE!! Yes Kiddo's.. Mike Jones has put out a sex tape featuring his lovely lady lumps, check it out!

Update: Although this is my first time hearing about it, I've been told that I'm hella late, he put this out in April.. oh well.. enjoy!

Maia Campbell Sighting

For those of you who were worried about Maia Campbell's whereabouts after she did that sex tape for crack and jimmied someones car and skipped town need not worry because she's been found!According to Blackvoices Maia was spotted in LA looking quote ravishing...

"[She] still manages to keep her nails and feet done and is still very pretty," a West Coast source told the newspaper. "She really needs to go to rehab based off what I saw with my own eyes."

Keep hope alive, this could turn out to be a "Whitney-Houston" like story.. minus Bobby and the crazy child.

And This Is The Remix...

Lil Mama (LipGloss) hooked up with punk rocker Avril Lavigne to record a raw ass remix for Avril's song "Girlfriend".. Here are a few photo's courtesy of PCJ of the video shoot.


Lil Kim hit up Avalon in NYC the other day..Apparently Avalon isn't that trendy of a club judging from those dirty ass nut stained chairs.

[Pictures courtesy of my partner in crime Don Chi Chi]

Terrance Howard and his Youngin's

[picture courtesy of CelebrityBabyBlog]

Terrence Howard is featured in Gap's latest RED campaign with their children. The ads will appear exclusively in the new Vanity Fair "Africa" issue that has 20 different covers. Terrence is photographed with his kids, Aubrey, 13, Heavenly, 9, and Hunter, 11. Mom is estranged wife Lori McCommas.

Ne-Yo is a Stand-up Guy!

I am proud to post that there are numerous black men in Hollywood who are GREAT Fathers but in my eyes the best Father is a man who will take in a child who isn't his, and raise it like it is.
Ne-Yo has admitted his love for children and reveals his son Chimere, around 2 years old, is not biologically his child. Determined for Chimere to have a father in his life, the R&B star volunteered to raise ex-girlfriend Jessica White's son as his own after Chimere's biological father split..

"Now the thing is, I think in this day and age, everybody knows that blood does not make a father. He's known no other father but me since the day he was born, and though I did not make him, I am his father and he is my son, and that's what it is."

Here are a few pictures of his ex-girl Jessica White and her/their son Chimere.

Happy 30th Birthday Kanye

Now there's a look of satisfaction. Kanye West celebrated his 30th birthday party yesterday at none other then the Louis Vuitton store in NYC. It was a star-studded event!

Who invited "The Nanny??"

Here are a few flicks from the carpet..

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ludacris Believes He Has A Mammoth.

According to an interview with Playgirl Magazine Christopher Bridges was quoted as saying:

If you're proud of yourself, you've broken out a ruler and measured yourself. All I can say is I'm extremely proud of myself. And it took me a while to realize because it's not like I go around peeping at other men. It's something I have been told by many women. I'm exceptional - very much, I was told. Women, watch out for us medium built guys."

Whatever. You wanna know what I'll watch out for. I'll watch out for small length guys trying to wear mangum sized condoms with the damn ends tucked under and ish, that's what I"ll watch out for.

Guess Who!

Someone should slap the shit out of Oprah, because apparently black DOES crack.

[Click picture to see who this celebrity is]

Quick Scoops

Looks like the rest of this week is turning into a slow news week so DJ BooTLeGG had to bring you one more foolery/D4L/club banger hit....

When word first got out that Reggie Bush was scoring touchdowns on this Tight End (ESPN slang) the female fans of football and 1/4 of the WNBA went into a rage of anger. All of a sudden this song was getting all kinds of radio play, especially when a female DJ was on the radio. Its 4th grade material, its a club banger, and it comes with a dance, Perfect for BET!! NEways, I'm doing this for Juiicy and all the rest of the female fans who once adored you Reggie...
Brutha 2 Brutha..Hit it, Quit it, and Do The Heisman On That Hoe

Listen - Soulja Boy - The Heisman

O yea I was serious! It comes with a dance! College bands are doing it.....Well the HBC's at least. Check it out around 2:41

Quick Scoops

Apparently licking on jail cell bars painted as penises makes your herpes flare up (Bossip)

JailHouse Affirmative Action isn't for black people (Ryhmeswithsnitch)

Chris Brown is looking for a Cinderella-ella-ella-aye-aye-aye (A Hot Mess!)

Kayne fears Cuurrrrtiisss? (Ya Heard?)

Ray J 4 President! (Juicy News)

Alright! The Fatman will be on tv! (DrewNews)

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And The Lawsuits Begin!

You knew it was going to happen...Now a woman named Abby Rosa demands that Akon apologize for throwing the kid on her. Apparently she was the only smart person (and I use that term "smart" loosely) who tried to catch the boy on his way to the ground face first. She realized she was injured when she felt a headache and had blurry vision. Rosa claims the doctor diagnosed her with a concussion. Now while perusing this "apology" she has spoken to police and hired a lawyer. So being a human mattress paid off! People tried to warn Akon...Those TRL kids will get you in trouble. He'll be singing that real Konvict Music in a hot second.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Steve Harvey Engaged

[picture courtesy of Crunk&Disorderly]

Congratulations to Mr.Hightower and his lady friend Marjorie Bridges. Word is that they have recently gotten engaged and plans to wed in 2008. If you remember he got a divorce in 2005 from his wife of 10 years.

What In The World Is In Them Jeans?

Call it photoshop or whatver you want, but Kim K has been walking around Hollywood with this mammoth of an ass on her backside.. Some people are saying that she got ass implants, but the people who watched her sex -tape with Ray J know the deal....

Shemar Moore Still Getting His Sip On

A few days ago Shemar was pulled over and charged with a DUI. He was recently spotted at the CW Network party toasting the bubbly with his fellow cast mates, not a good look for someone who still has to stand in front of a judge and plea against that alcohol related misdemeanor charge.

These pictures are from a week earlier when he was partying in Vegas.

and this was ol' boy's mugshot.. DAMN!


She Likes Cake...

You can't tell me That Rihanna
Doesn't sit on school buses

and licks the windows.

Beautiful girl, but sometimes she looks soo special to me, and where's her damn umbrella ella ella...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer Jam 2007 / DJ BooTLeGG New Music

As you can see I had a bunch of fun! I went in with yellow & white Ice Cream's on my feet, now they are brown with green grass/mud stains....but it was worth it!!!

But the Kaynevil beats verses Swizz was the best part throughout Summer Jam

Also while in NYC, I heard this song all day in clubs. Surprisingly this is a new artist name Hurricane from Shreveport, Louisiana. Now this is a club/strip club banger so some of you may not like this BUT trust me you will be hearing this all summer,check it out.....

Listen: Hurricane - Aye Bay Bay

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He Can't Stop Won't Stop

For those of you who thought Diddy's Bad Boy Upfront event was his last hurrah..Press Play


Who Authorized This?

Brooke Hogan performing at KFest.

The Highlight of the MTV Movie Awards

I was at Summer Jam but from what I hear,this was the best part of the whole show. From the crowd's cheer; Sarah Silverman saying "Paris is going to jail" Sounds like President Bush saying "We caught Osama Bin Laden". To Mr. Jack sipping on conyack in between commercial breaks. I'm glad I have TiVo, for the rest of you


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50 Cent to Lil Kim:She is the Ugliest in Hip-Hop

During a radio interview the jocked asked Fiddy Cent & Yayo who were the ugliest people in Hip-Hop? As you know most people would say Craig Mack but 50 thought different and stated, "there have been several ugly artist since then". While Tony Yayo said Llyod was one of the uglies because he reminded me of a Christmas Troll, 50 said the Queen B herself, Lil Kim. According to 50 he said, "Lil Kim is the ugliest in hip-hop since she goes to the plastic surgeon so much. "If you fixing sh*t then something must be broke!" He also said that Flav isn't on the list because he has a few Flavs in his hood.

Quick Scoops
  • Amy Winehouse says she's going to retire from music and go into snorting that ish full-time. [AllHipHop]

  • Karrine Steffans deny's the internet rumors that she and NeYo are dating, but he did smash and lick her ass ;) [Juicy-News]

  • Did you know Carl Thomas was working on an album, let alone it dropped today?! Check out T-Pains Full album on AOL Music's Launch Party [AOL Music]

  • Like girl on girl action? Check out Dawn and Aubrey from Danity Kane playing tongue hockey on the red carpet. [Str8OuttaNYC]

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Alicia Keys and Jigga Covers Vanity Fair Magazine. that's why they call him Joe Camel toe...When you turn your neck at a 45 degree angle he kinda does remind you of one. Either that or down syndrome? These are the covers for the July Issue of Vanity Fair. Alicia Keys always looks good without the braids. I dunno Bey, I just don't see why your "crazy in love"? I guess what's in the inside really does count in Hollywood??

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