Friday, October 27, 2006


Sorry about the lack of updates but "blogger" is acting an ass. Sit tight my pretties.......

Child Stars- Where Are They Now

Jurnee Smollett

Her most noteable appearance was her performance in Eve's Bayou where she played Eve, an impulsive, intuitive child possessing supernatural skills and the need to know the truth about everything. She uncovers some of her family's most frightening hidden truths, and then tries to bind them together against the tide of tragedy that threatens to sweep through every facet of their lives which also uncovers some frightening truths about her family.

Jurnee was a beautiful child and most of the time these childstars turn into the most fugliest adults.. but Jurnee has transpired into a true beauty.

She also starred in Roll Bounce ,Gridiron Gang, The Cosby's as the next door neighbor, and Full House as Michelle Tanners bestfriend.

Mega Post: Carmelo,MJ,Kelis, Mariah

Due to the fact that blogger is still messing up I'll just continue to post stories without the pictures then whenever it starts working again i'll go back and post pictures! Thanks for understanding :)

Carmelo Anthony and Blackmail Sham

A while back I posted that Carmelo Anthony got into a bar fight after someone spit on his baby momma Lala, probably to get the bitch to wake up because she always looks like she's either sleepy, drunk, high or all of the above. Well apparently a man videotaped the whole ordeal and was planning to use it as blackmail. The genius ,Santos Joubert, and 2 others were arrested in November 2004 at a meeting with an undercover police officer at the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan for what they believed would be a $1.25 million payoff.

Santos Jobert: "I'm from the ghetto. I have a criminal record. I'm going to do what I have to do to get my family out of the ghetto."

Now whatcha gonna do Santos? You didn't get any money AND you're in jail.. guess it's gonna be 'spam and cheese' night in your families casa for a while.

Michael Jackson had sexual relations with a real person?

An English woman (Nona Paris Lola Jackson) has filed papers in Los Angeles, claiming she is the biological mother of Michael Jackson's three children. Nona claims she has known Michael since he was a teenager and has had a sexual relationship with him. She insists, Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley never had sexual relations with him. Nona refers to herself as a 'black Jew born in Britain.' She also claims she has written over 3,000 songs for Jackson.

Where was Bubbles when all this was going down?

Kelis Releases Cookbook
We all know what Kelis' 'Milkshake' can do, but the singer will get a chance to show off her other culinary skills when she releases a cookbook in January.

"It's for people like us, who have lives and jobs and still like to eat well and entertain and do fun, creative stuff," she tells AOL Music. "It's a comprehensive book for people who don't generally cook, but who want to.
AOL News Blog

Umm I can't wait to go to Burger King and try that new Italian Burger, I guess to make this post get back on topic I'll order a milkshake as my drink. tada!

Mariah Carey's Concert in HongKong Cancelled
Mariah Carey's weekend concert in Hong Kong was cancelled Thursday (Oct. 26) because of poor ticket sales and what promoters said were "unreasonable demands."

"We have decided to cancel the event due to both the poor response of public ticket sales and also due to specific last-minute demands which we find wholly unreasonable and not with the best interests of Hong Kong, us and also the fans," said a statement posted Thursday on the promoter's Web site according to the AP." Vibe

Aww Mimi don't worry girl, I'm sure you're personal "nipple tweaker" will make everything better.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kissin on my Daddyy...

[picture courtesy of 33Jones]

Weezy F Baby ain't foolin no one, we knew him and Solange were too good to be true. I'm sure Baby be manhandlin' his lil ass.

Weekly Vent...

Dear "Blue Tooth" Earpiece Users

Whats up with this trend? Is it cool to look like you have a huge roach climbing up your ear? I'm not talking about the cock-roaches we see in Grandma Luitha's kitchen but the ones that are breed in the deep jungles of Africa.

I'm even more disturbed by the people walking in a crowd talking to no real person, while they use these headphones. And WHY must you always use your outside voice when talking through this blue-tooth thing. I mean is it that hard for someone to hear you? Although I enjoy hearing that while you were dancing at the club last night you busted a bunyon, I would rather not get the visual while waiting for my Whooper Jr. at Burger King.

I feel real sorry for people who actually talk with their hands, while having this in, You look real retarded son. It makes me even scared to go near you.How about we stick to using the regular cellphone, or atleast use the earpiece with the string hanging down, it's better for YOU and society.

Love, Juiicy.

Read Last Weeks Vent

Damn Diddy..

Diddy and his entourage of professional bag bitches were in Europe to promote his new fragrance "Unforgivable". There are 28 bags in this picture and one cockroach wearing socks with sandals.

New Ciara-Promise

Usually I don't post artist videos up too much because they just take up space, and 9/10 you can watch it on BET 69384843943 times a day.

BUT, When I first heard this Ciara song I fell in love with it. It's not your usual Ciara.. this is a certified "creepin" song for those late night creeps!

Ciara- Promise

Damn Gina!

ITV reports that Naomi Campbell was arrested again on suspicion of assault yesterday at 1:30 pm. This crazy broad was taken to Londen Central station after a woman alleged she had been assaulted at her address. It is believed that the woman Naomi allegedly assaulted was her counselor.

This chick is fabulous, she gets into more fights then the hoodrats from Flavor of Love!

The Game Speaks On His Relationship with Mya

The only things these "ugly" thugs have going for them is their swagga.. Lil Wayne, Game, Jay, they all look like shit on a stick but have the hottest chicks in the game.

"Rapper "The Game" has fessed up to his former romance with singer, Mya. He confirmed that the romance is long over but they are determined to remain friends. Game says, he will always be fond of his ex and claims the romance was doomed because he and Mya are celebrities. He says, "Dating a celebrity has its ups and downs. The up is you kinda feel hot, like Jay-Z and Beyonce. The downside is that you don't get to spend as much time with double celebrity shit. Then there's the thing that be switching up-you take my girlfriend now, and so on. I'm pretty much done at this point. I'll keep a regular woman. But we still cool. We're good friends."

Mya still insists that she's never been involved with Game or 50 cent.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Young Joc Videoshoot/Performance

It's goes down in H-Town Baby! Young Joc's video-shoot for "In the hood"..

Young Joc and Trae's son

Fat Pat, Big Hawk and Trae's lil bosses.

Apparently they do it big in Florida too.

Reality Tid-Bits

Launch Party For the New T.V. Show "My Model Looks Better Than Your Model"

Yesterday the Reality Remix Awards went down and all the people we love to hate were in attendance.. here are a few pic's..
Hottie and her "sexy eye"

New YAWK. She makes me dry.

Flav and Omarosa.. She better stay away Flav has some powerful sperm, he can probably get someone pregnant by spitting on them.

Amerie Releases Mixtape

[picture courtesy of Rap-Up]

Amerie is taking it to the streets by releasing a 15 track mixtape called "Because I Love It, Vol. 1". She sings over tracks including Lil Scrappy’s “Money In The Bank,” Rick Ross’ “Push It,” and Ludacris’ “Money Maker.” This is a preview of her upcoming album due out in March 2007

Stars.. Better Naked or Clothed?

I prefer most stars to be clothed, with the exception of Reggie Bush and Prince, I want them naked on all fours rolling around in Jello. ... together.

Mario speaks on NE-YO

Mario recently stopped by the AOL Music Studio in NY and chatted about his upcoming album and his "alleged" beef with Ne-Yo.
"I respect Ne-Yo," Mario said of his collaborator on 'Let Me Love You.' "I think he's very talented, but you gotta have your own swagger.

Mario also went on to say that, "Everywhere I see him, he's saying he wished he kept the song for himself. But it wouldn't have been the same. The passion I have for it would be totally different from [his]. He portrayed it as if [the song] didn't belong to me, as if I didn't do that joint. Sometimes you gotta let go and let the past be the past, bro.

I really didn't like Marios rendition of that song, they should have gotten someone else really hot to sing it, like Tito Jackson.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flav has 7th child on the way...

Yesterday on the Tom Joyner Morning Show Flav was on talking about how people called him the "black" Hugh Hefner", his relationship with Deelishis AND how he has a shorty in Vegas thats pregnant with his lil cockroach, homegirl is due any minute now. Not to mention his kids are are looking for New York for calling them "bastards" during an episode.

Is "Designer" gonna have to run-up on a bitch!

Gospel American Idol...

"Simon Cowell and Fremantle Media, the producers of "American Idol", are inviting gospel acts to try out for "the biggest talent search in America." They are auditioning for "the best" of gospel acts, kids groups, dance troupes, novelty acts, and all amazing talent.

This might be boring, I mean you really CAN'T say anything bad about someone who's singing for the Lord.

[the picture has nothing to do with this topic, just thought it was another funny one of Beyonce]

Man Bag or Purse?

All these mens sexuality has been questioned.. they all look like manbitches to me! Except Terrance, me love you long time.

Kanye West

Terrance Howard

Vin Diesel

Wesley Snipes Spotted!

Wesley Snipes was spotted in Swakopmund, Namibia posing with a local artist in a gym recently, as the actor avoids the long arm of US justice in the African nation, whether intentionally or not. The "Blade" star also signed another photo that he took with the artist with the following inscription: "From one great artist to another ... long life and bright light, Wesley Snipes."

This fool done' sweat his hair grease out. I hate when that ish happens.


Teddy Riley Divorces Wife He Met On Myspace...

In general I think looking for love online is pretty wack unless you're a 38 year old Wal-Mart Tire Lube & Express worker who weighs 450 pounds and smells like bean pies. But it's even MORE wack if you're famous.

Teddy Riley's marriage to Melinda Santiago is over after only 2 months of marriage. The couple met on MYSPACE. Santiago had previously dated Ursher and had a short fling with Tyrese which ended sour before he even got into them drawers.. reason being, he noticed that she had "Usher" tattoo'd on her hip.

All the freaks be on myspace, no diggity.

Monday, October 23, 2006

What They Were Doing This Weekend...

Rihanna was in Tokyo promoting Clinique's "Happy" perfume line.

Kelis wore the same thing to 106&Park

Looking at Lil Kims mug jumpstarts my day

Chante & Kenny Latimore did their "couple" thing on the Tom Joyner Skyshow in ATL

The flawless Halle Berry and her boo were spotted in Malibu yesterday. Halle and Angelina Jolie are the only two chicks who'd make me a certified "Carpet Muncher"

Ya'll already know how I feel about the donkey from shrek.. keeping it moving

Janet Dupree was in Tokyo trying to promote her album, hopefully it sell bookoo overseas, you know they like anything black over in chopstick land.

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