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Mario speaks on NE-YO

Mario recently stopped by the AOL Music Studio in NY and chatted about his upcoming album and his "alleged" beef with Ne-Yo.
"I respect Ne-Yo," Mario said of his collaborator on 'Let Me Love You.' "I think he's very talented, but you gotta have your own swagger.

Mario also went on to say that, "Everywhere I see him, he's saying he wished he kept the song for himself. But it wouldn't have been the same. The passion I have for it would be totally different from [his]. He portrayed it as if [the song] didn't belong to me, as if I didn't do that joint. Sometimes you gotta let go and let the past be the past, bro.

I really didn't like Marios rendition of that song, they should have gotten someone else really hot to sing it, like Tito Jackson.

I liked Mario's rendition of the song.

Go-Go, oops I mean Ne-yo sit your demolition man behind down somewhere. Why are you beefing over a damn song that you wrote, and got paid off of? All you songs sound the same, so maybe you should start collaborating with other writers. Just a thought.

...uh-huh, I love everything the MARIO does...I've said it b4, Neyo really needs 2 get over it...I guess he has, but like Mario said, the song would not have been the same it someone else sang it...Let Me Love You...that's Mario's song all day...yeee-ah...;)

First of all I respect Ne-Yo for writing that beautiful song for Mario. No one could've sung that song like Mario did. He is a true musical pioneer with sex appeal as well as emotions.

Ne-Yo or anyone else couldn't have pulled that song off the way Mario did, because they don't drive from the same passion as Mario.

Mario did it, he did it good and that's a wrap. Get over it Ne-Yo!

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