Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dreamsgirls in Entertainment Weekly

I was listening to the songs on the album and I actually might go and watch the movie. Check out the scans from Entertainment Weekly.

[pictures courtesy of ]

Click here to read the article in Entertainment Weekly

Friday, November 10, 2006

R.I.P Gerald Levert

R&B singer Gerald Levert has died at his home in Newbury, Ohio.

His family said it appears he died in his sleep, possibly of a heart attack. Gerald was 40 years old.
He leaves behind 4 children.

His father, Eddie Levert is founder of the legendary O' Jays whom he collaborated on an album titled Father and Son. Levert scored again success as a member of the R&B group LSG (Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill). LSG released its first album in 1997 titled "Levert.Sweat.Gill."

In 2005, Levert's daughter Carlysia was featured on an episode of MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen, his lateast cd was also released this year entitled "Voices".

It's always a sad day when a parent outlives their child. He will be missed.

Source: Yahoo

Ebay CRAZY....

First it was Buckwild auctioning her shoe off on Ebay, now the landlord (I assume) is auctioning off Kevin Federlines (britneys ex husband/baby daddy) rent check that was returned for insufficient funds.

I'm thinking about taking this tootsie roll I'm chewing on and auction it off as Oprahs dogs dookie just to see how much I can get for this bad boy.

p. s. Where the hell did he live to have rent that expensive, must be back rent.

Click here for eBay auction
Source: TMZ

"The Black Ball" Hosted by Alicia Keys and Iman

At first I thought this was Nelly Furtado. Her and Alicia are rocking the same 'do'

Alicia and Damion Marley

Alicia and David Bowie

..and you know Iman wasn't far behind, jamming to her husband and Alicia

She also brought along one of Madonnas adopted African kids Wanda Sykes

Beyonce on TRL/ B and J Celebrate 1 Yr. Anniversary of Club 40/40

I love listening to Beyonce Live, she's the best live singer next to Britney Spears. No doubt.

Irreplaceable Acoustic Live on TRL

Jay Z Celebrates 1 Yr Anniversary of Club 40/40 in NYC

Too cute for words!

Ron Artest CD Was A Flop

Yesterday I read that Kevin Federline only sold around 6,478 (don't quote me on that) cds, I thought that was pretty sad considering 6,400 probably were bought by Britney, but now I hear Ron Artest of the Sacramento Kings only sold 343 copies, which further proves my theory that athletes should stick to shooting the J's. Must we not forget that rapping lead Shaq to starring in the movie Kazaam!

This just isn't a good look for rap, be it veterans or newbies.
  • Lil Romeo Greatest sold 161 albums
  • Ice-T Gangsta sold 744
  • Cee-Lo The Closet Freak: The Best of Cee-Lo Green The Soul Machine sold 788
  • Flavor Flav Flavor Flav sold 2,181


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Set Your Tivo's..

While getting my daily dose of beauty and hair tips over at Afrobella, I found out that Jada,Mary J, and Lisa Price of 'Carols Daughter' will be on the Tyra Banks show, from the looks of it Miss Lisa herself will be giving out some of her secret ingredients. The show aires November 10, on the OXYGEN network so check your local listings.

Also, apparently there will be some kind of special offer available on Carols so set your TIVOs, DVR's, Tape Players for this episode!

Funny Ish..

This is a non-black story, hopefully ya'll know who these people are, but a strange incident with paparazzi occurred yesterday on the set of Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson’s movie “Blonde and Blonder” in. Police were called to the River Rock Casino where Denise was having a problem with two paparazzi. Apparently, Denise approached two photographers, grabbed their laptops and then threw them off a balcony. The laptop hit an 80-year-old woman in the arm. The woman did not suffer any major injuries and will not press charges against Denise.

LMAO. She's better than me, I would have fell to the floor rolling around screaming my "neck" and demanded that she pay me promptly with a diamond encrusted 40 ounce and a bucket of hush puppies.



For all my hiphop heads be sure to pick up the latest issue of YRB with Lupe Fiasco.

Eva Pigford's Premiere Party for her new BET-J series "My Model Looks Better Than Your Model

Eva and Aretha Franklin Erica Watson, Director of the show

For all you lucky whores who have the luxery of having BET-J, let me know how this show turns out. It premiered November 1st.

Get more info on the show here

"First Look" at the PLAYSTATION 3

Regina Hall and Sanaa Lathan looking pretty as a beaver.

Bill Maher and his "new" Supahead

Mr. "Take that take that" himself. P.Diddy

Raven Baxter

Vida Guerra

Garcelle 'Fancy" Beauvais

Christina Milian and lets take a moment out of our busy schedule to check out Nicole Richie's "Footwork"... *cue music*

New Couple Alert?

Shareefah and Young Buck, a match made in heaven, be sure to check out her new video "Cry No More" you'll see Young Buck all up in that peice.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Very Pregnant Lala..

Here's Lala and Fat Joe at the MTV2 studios.. Lala is due in March

The Dress Everyone Loves to Wear..

Recently Wendy Williams wore this schnazzy Dolce & Gabbana dress to her Alize Live Party

Lala wore the dress to LA Reids 50th birthday Party, and Rihanna wore it on TRL

Who do you think Rock'd It the BEST?!

picture source: Juicy-News, WireImage

Leave The Weave To The Professionals..

Pamela Anderson
[picture courtesy of Celebrity Smack]

Must we not forget Britney's
lil weave mishap

The NEW Destinys Child..

Papa Knowles and Omarion have teamed up to put together a new boy group called "2 Much", the lead singer of the group is Chris stokes son. You may remember Chris Stokes as the man behind B2K.

I'll pass , I'd rather much listen to the Backstreet Boys

But you can check out their new song Fire.

Regina King Divorced?

New York Post is reporting that Regina King, most noted for playing Ray Charles' lover in "Ray" filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years Ian Alexander . Rumors also have circulated that there was abuse, drugs and extramarital affairs in the relationship.

Regina has been doing ALOT of political campaigning especially urging single, divorced and widowed to go to the polls. Also mediatakeout reported that on her myspace website she's listed as "single"..

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