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Ebay CRAZY....

First it was Buckwild auctioning her shoe off on Ebay, now the landlord (I assume) is auctioning off Kevin Federlines (britneys ex husband/baby daddy) rent check that was returned for insufficient funds.

I'm thinking about taking this tootsie roll I'm chewing on and auction it off as Oprahs dogs dookie just to see how much I can get for this bad boy.

p. s. Where the hell did he live to have rent that expensive, must be back rent.

Click here for eBay auction
Source: TMZ

I know eBay says you can get “it”…whatever “it” may be on their site…but I think this is taking “it” a little too far.

Damn that's some expensive ass rent. Is this even legal?

Oh my damn, K-Fed that bad, lol!

k-fed is a loser..get him outta here.

Hilarious coincidence that I was just talking to a friend on Friday about his trifling ass, and how just before he met Britney he & Shar were going to lose their home and were just that close to foreclosure. This check, things that make you go, "hmmmmm!" :)

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