Saturday, August 19, 2006

Eva and Karamo

Eva Pigford and Karamo hosted an event at the Gay Pride Festival this week.Thanks to YBF for these pictures.

tsk tsk tsk.. I guess all the white girls are taking the asses
and you know Karamo is scouring the crowd looking for some fresh black anus.

What Kind of.....

Crap will they come up with next. This is "Stiletto Run" held in Berlin Germany. 100 women in high heels joined the competition which was part of the "Global Fashion Festival".

It's nice to see they do this for fun, because in the HOOD we run in our Stiletto's to dodge bullets... IT'S REAL in the HOOD SON.

Critics Tear Beyonce Apart

The first review of Beyonce's album bidet B-Day has arrived.... it's not pretty folks, but I understand that most people who judge these albums don't even listen to hip hop/r&b.. get Mother Love up in that bitch and it woulda been a whole different review!

Imagine if Whitney Houston never had Clive Davis steering her career for those first few important image-defining albums. The result would have been Beyonce Knowles ’ new "B'Day," the follow up to her huge-selling debut album "Dangerously in Love."

Post-Destiny’s Child Beyonce serves up a mixed bag of Tina Turner-inspired videos, shrill singing and invariably tuneless songs

.The closest they come to a defining single is "Déjà Vu," The song is catchy if you hear it enough times — like a sidewalk drill — but it lacks a consistent melody

I am told that focus groups (yes — can you imagine?) don’t care for it.

A London radio DJ told me last night that "Déjà Vu" and Justin Timberlake’s new "Sexyback" recently tied for least-liked records in his station’s polling

Among the tracks that sound less obvious — and more tired — are the next planned single, "Ring the Alarm." It features an extremely annoying siren and is accompanied by a bizarre video depicting a wildly angry and unappealing Beyonce telling off someone (maybe Jay-Z?) for cheating as if she were an enraged guest on Maury Povich. Fox News

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ricky Martins New Do

Yeah.. that's about right

Meagan Good Celebrates her 25th Birthday

Megan Good celebrated her 25 birthday in Miami.. obviously these pic's were taken inside of a club.

Quick News Casting calls

  • BET wants YOU to act a FOOL on the new season of College Hill

  • FOX wants you to sing yer lil heart out in hopes of becoming the next American Idol

  • MTV wants you to make out with some chick and piss on the floor while in the Real World

Tyra Banks is a L I A R!

A while back I posted a story about Tyra Banks speaking out about photoshopping. The model/talk show host said that she will not let any photographer digitally enhance any of her photos, she will rely solely on make-up and hair extensions to make her gorgeous.

You lie Tyra.. YOU LIE LIKE A RUG!

[pictures courtesy of Juicy-News]

Pam Anderson Has Pretty Hair....

She sure does..

p.s. she's leaving a vet clinic, if you were gonna walk anywhere barefoot why would you walk around a place where dogs piss and shit?

Akeem Eddie Murphy and Mel B Plan Get Together...
Mel B and Eddie Murphy are planning a trip to Disneyland so that their children can meet. The only way they could possibly make this any more terrifyingly awkward is by leaving the kids in the Haunted Mansion for the entire day, then forcing them to watch Pluto Nash while mommy practices her new single. Source

Madonna's Camel Toe..
Has it's own Myspace Page.

May God bless that camel of a toe.

Kanye and his WIFE

Guess this put all of our Brooke rumors to rest, here's Kanye with his bride-to-be Alexis.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Celebrity Events

Power 105.1 Live Broadcast With Monica At Planet Hollywood
Dang is this an old picture??.. this looks like the "Just One of Those Days" Monica!

Radio One's 25th Anniversary Awards Gala

While Beyonce and the other half of DC3 were at the Gala, Michelle was playin with Snotty Nose kids, just joking.. Michelle love the kids!

Luda and Rev Run on TRL
I like Luda's new cut, I'd always be skeptical to cut all of my hair off if I was a guy cuz lawd knows what kind of dome you got up underneath there. But it's looks normal shape, so Kudos to Luda for having a normal shaped head!

Miss Run lookin a lil pregnant! and Rev's daughters are gor-geo-us!

Eva Longoria in Maxim

Here's her spread in Maxim magazine. She looks gorgeous of course .......
[picture courtesy ofJuicy News]

But people, we must remember this is how she looks when she wakes up, who am I kiddin.. I'd still hit it.

Christina Aguilera's F.U.S.S

A while back I posted that Christina Aguilera had a song on her album called "F.U.S.S" (Fuck You Scott Storch)..Well I got ahold of the song [courtesy of hipandpop]. Click
here to listen to F.U.S.S

Also.. Scott Storch did an interview in response to the lyrics:

"I thought I knew who you were, I see now you were a lesson to learn.” And then: “This song is for you to remind you / that I moved on … looks like I didn’t need you.”

“ S.Storch replied: “It’s pretty pathetic that she would do a song like this.” “I worked on half of her last CD and sold her millions of copies. Obviously, she cares more than I do that I didn’t do this album. “But I can’t blame her, with an album full of fillers, oversinging and lame Vegas-like cabaret music.” Storch adds: “You should fire your management for letting me slip through your fingers.”

Common Can't Draw

I know we ALL aren't artists, but dammit if you are gonna design a t-shirt please don't have that mug lookin like something my 3 year old sisters daddys neice LaQuanda drew, and on top of that, don't sell it at The Gap where you know the shirt is gonna be atleast $30. Cuz I know I for damn sure won't buy a monkey shirt for that much!

.. and are these two dating?

I Love Backstreet BOYS!

Yeah yeah I was one of the blackies who was all over the BSB/NSYNC shiz like 6 years ago!! Here's pics from Howie's birthday party.

p.s. you know a party is gonna be wiggity wack when Carlton shows up.

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