Friday, September 15, 2006


Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder and his wife, Kirsten, are expecting their first child, the actor's rep has confirmed to PEOPLE. Heder, 28, who stars in the upcoming School for Scoundrels, first alluded to the good news during a Hollywood Foreign Press news conference at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

Heder, who is from Salem, Ore., burst onto the scene playing the memorable oddball Napoleon Dynamite in the 2004 film.

He has also starred in Just Like Heaven and Bench Warmers.

Heder met his wife, Kirsten, at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. People

Survivor Show Re-Cap

Yesterday the new and controversial 'Survivor' aired last night.. as you many of you may remember I had posted earlier on that the contestants on this season were going to be grouped by races (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic) Now I was really hesitant to watch this because
  1. I have all white room-mates and they woulda heard a N**** PLEASE! Atleast 9 times throughout the show.
  2. I couldn't remember what time it came on.
Needless to say I missed it. But I wasn't surprised when I read online that the first person to get voted off was from the "Black" tribe. Now I am in no way, shape, or form saying this is a conspiracy to get a black man off the islands.. but.. this is a conspiracy to get the black man off the island! Just joking.. click here to continue reading the re-cap
African Tribe

Asian Tribe

White Tribe

Hispanic Tribe

Queen Latifiah and the "Gay" Question...

"Latifah says when she was cast in Set If Off--arguably one of the standout performances of her career--playing Cleo, a rough and rugged lesbian who enjoys an on-screen girl-on girl kiss, she called her siblings to warn them that they might catch some jokes. "I told them they had to be strong because I really thought I could do something special with the role." Now, a decade later, she's still getting asked about how much she and Cleo have in common.

For her part, Latifah refuses to confirm or deny. She says she has plenty of gay friends, and to deny anything about her personal life would be an insult to them. Plus, she says, the whole thing is stupid. "If I'm not going to tell you what guy I'm dating, I sure wouldn't tell you I'm dating a girl."

Let me translate lesbian for you. It means "Yes I bang chicks on a daily as a matter of fact I have a big ol' tube of anal lube and a 10 inch super donger on my dresser waiting for missy my boo as we speak. Just joking, I love Queen Latifiah, especially in "Set it Off", that movie makes me want to go buy dickies. C&D

New TV Shows....

Looks like R&B singer Brandy is planning a small-screen comeback.

According to an entry on, TV writer and Girlfriends creator Mara Brock Akil is developing an as-yet-untitled project for the singer. The plot outline for the show involves a “young New Yorker” who “moves to Los Angeles to work as an entertainment editor.”

Ok I refuse to watch this show unless the following demands are adhered to

  1. She fix those 'donkey from shrek' lookin teefes. They offend me.
  2. Someone get some toilet paper and wipe all that extra petroleum jelly off her face.
  3. Get some Yaky #5 weave because the kind she has isn't exactly working for me or the enviroment.

All in all....I'd rather watch MOESHA re-runs while eating Frito Lays and picking ear wax out of my ear.

Casting Call: Snakes on a Plane Reality Show
Probably one of the dumbest things I've heard all day

Borrowing from the momentum set by what is quickly becoming a cult classic, Snakes on a Plane, this reality show will provide drama, suspense and consequences unlike any seen on any show.

"Synopsis: 20 contestants (10 male/10 female) travel by commercial aircraft to 10 different cities around the world. With the crew and pilots secure, the contestants will share the cabin area with 200 snakes. 5 of the 200 are poisonous. Each flight will be between 5 -12 hours in length. The reward at the end of each flight will be a day spent in luxury visiting the exotic destination city. Contestants can then choose to fly 3 friends out and extend their visit for week, all expense paid OR get back on the flight for the next leg of the competition. If at any time a contestant is bit by any of the 5 poisonous snake, antivenom will be administered and they will be eliminated. The contestant(s) that manage to survive through all 10 cities will win a reward still to be determined."

COOLBEANS! I can't wait for the first person to actually die from getting bitten, then it'll be just like the movie!


Beyonce and her big ol' ass will be on "The Tyra Banks Show" tomorrow (Friday). Beyonce, who took the opportunity to strut her stuff on Tyra's catwalk, told Tyra how much she misses being able to shop at regular stores like 'Target' and Su Chins "Real Hair For Less". Just joking about Su Chins but we know Miss.New Booty buys her hair in bulk from some horse ranch in Idaho.

Also, B's mom, Tina Knowles, showed off the latest designs for the House of Dereon, the sexy fashion Beyoncé and her mom created together. They even got some of the rejects from "America's Next Top Model" to help model them!

Be sure to check out B, Momma Knowles, Solange, Papa Knowles, Solange's baby, her babies daddy, 2 ducks and a chicken on the "The Tyra Banks Show" September 15. Check your local listings kiddo's because I'm sure I'll be missing this one :)

Here's Tyra Banks spoofing 'De Ja Vu' [Thx Juicy-News]

Thursday, September 14, 2006

And The Numbers Are In...

This weeks urban soundscan rounds out with "THE B - GIRL" HERSELF, MS. BEYONCE with her sophomore album "B-DAY" debuting at #1 with 545,000 units sold in its first week's release, making her album certified GOLD in just one week!!! A lot of people was skeptical of her album sales at first but, whether it's better than her previous album or not is only left to be determined.

In other soundscan news, DANITY KANE continues to thrive! The came in at #4 this week on the top 200 Soundscan Album Sales, with 82,000 units sold, bringing their Album Sales total to 434,000 albums sold in less than one month of its Bad Boy release date! Very Impressive: Gold Sales are right around the corner! Shout Outs to the whole BAD BOY & MTV STAFF! Diddy proved a lot of haters wrong with this one! Source

Oh my shiit!

Man, that Janice is an evil bitch isn't she!

Celebs Then...

and Now..
[Click Picture for Source]

..I Love You B!%#@

Aww they are soo pretty together! Kimberly Stewart with her ex-con boyfriend.. He looks like he's into that "sticking a broom-handle up your anus" freaky type sex.

Monica Claps Back...

So as I was over at my girl
Juicy's site, I once again came across the clip of Monica on a radio show talking about Miss.Jones. As you might or might not remember Miss.Jones came out blasting Monica saying that she 'dumbed' down her talent with her new song "Everytime the Beat Drops"

So out of boredom I decided to listen to this lil interview and never in my life have I laughed sooo much. Aside from what Monica was saying the hosts, Frank Ski and Wanda of the "Frank Ski and Wanda Morning Show" were off the hook and ghetto fabulous as ever!! (click picture to access audio)

Jay-Z's a Travelin Man...

Jigga Man kicked off his world tour last night in Bratislava (yeah there's such a place) to a sold out crowd. Next week I'm sure we will hear that B also performed in that same funky named place!

[pic courtesy of YBF]

Jay Z also appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Music Preview. The album, reportedly titled Kingdom Come, will feature production by Timbaland, Kanye West, Just Blaze, and Dr. Dre, as well as Coldplay's Chris Martin. He's also filmed "Diary of Jay-Z: Water of Life," set to air November 24 on MTV

Happy Be-Lated Birthday Nassir!

Last night Kelis threw Nas a star-studded birthday party at the Canal Room in NYC. The theme for the party was straight up"Old School" Dang I love those throw-back parties, even though not EVERYONE came dressed up old-school style (which is a major party foul) it was a great turnout. Everyone from the likes of Katt Williams, Fat Boys, Rakim, Diddy, Kanye West, Chris Webber were in attendance.

Many of those that filled the Canal Room wore their old school paraphernalia like Cazals, fat laces, jean suits, gold "dookie" ropes and other items.

For others, accessories were given to them by Adidas, Kangol and faux gold bamboo earrings, which were popular with the b-girls of the 80's.

If you remember last month, Nas gathered about 100 of Kelis' friends and family to celebrate her 27th birthday in New York City. He gave her a blue-grey GMC Denali with a vanity license plate that read "PWRMATRS2." (I'm guessing it means "Power Matters Too)

Quote of The Day

"There is NO romance between me and Bobby Brown, he just frequently stays with me. I even pay for his pre-paid cellphone" [Karrine "Supahead" Steffans on her relationship with Bobby Brown]

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is what you call "Talking Out Your Ass"

Cell phones, complete with a charger and data chips, were found in the body cavities of four inmates at a maximum-security prison, and they had used the phones to direct criminal activities on the street, officials said Wednesday

Capt. Juan Ramon Arevalo, director of the Zacatras prison, said the gang members had introduced the cell phones, wrapped in plastic bags, into their bodies through their anuses. The phones were relatively small - about as long as an adult forefinger.

"Each one had a cellular with a number of chips," Arevalo said, adding that one also had hidden a charger in his anal cavity. Source

Well I'll be....

Quick News

  • Are you a killa on the mic? Lil Flip wants to battle you for $2,000 battle you for $2,000

  • Happy Tupac Day.. it has been 10 years since Tupac was killed. Click here to check out a classic homemade video of him and Jada Pinkett- Smith spoofing "Parents Just Don't Understand

Welcome Back Nippy!!!

Whitney Houston joined Clive Davis and Dionne Warwick at the 15th Annual Ella Awards honoring Johnny Mathis in Los Angeles last night. She made a rare appearance and looked older and quite heavier. Either way, I'm happy she's back to looking normal!


"Access Hollywood has learned from a source close to Whitney Houston that the star has filed for a legal separation from her long-time husband Bobby Brown. The source says legal documents were filed Friday and that Bobby Brown was served with those documents yesterday. Houston plans to officially file for divorce in October.
Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston got married on July 18th 1992. They have been married for 14 years.

They have one daughter, Bobbi Kristina, born March 4, 1993.

In June 2005, Brown launched his own reality series, "Being Bobby Brown," on the Bravo television network." Source

As long as she's getting her shit together I can't knock her for anything she's doing in the process...

Oh my sh!t!

I saw this clip a while back and forgot how funny it was!! It made me piss my pants.. literally.. I drank too much water and couldn't make it to the bathroom. Thx to Charley-Brown

Blind date with a crack whore!

Pictures... Pictures...Pictures

Raven on TRL
Guess she wears her StunnaShades indoors also .
p.s. I'll be seeing her this Sunday at the Oklahoma State Fair!!!

Kanye West Celebrates the 67th Annual International Best-Dressed List

[Kanye, Paris Hilton, Nick Cannon, Lil Kim, Scott Storch, Serena Williams]

Celebs at the "Heatherette" Runway Show
[Mya,Kelis,Nicole & Paris Hilton]

J.Lo at the Toronto Film Festival
This isn't the J.Lo I know.. that's the ass of a pancake. If pancakes had asses.

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