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Survivor Show Re-Cap

Yesterday the new and controversial 'Survivor' aired last night.. as you many of you may remember I had posted earlier on that the contestants on this season were going to be grouped by races (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic) Now I was really hesitant to watch this because
  1. I have all white room-mates and they woulda heard a N**** PLEASE! Atleast 9 times throughout the show.
  2. I couldn't remember what time it came on.
Needless to say I missed it. But I wasn't surprised when I read online that the first person to get voted off was from the "Black" tribe. Now I am in no way, shape, or form saying this is a conspiracy to get a black man off the islands.. but.. this is a conspiracy to get the black man off the island! Just joking.. click here to continue reading the re-cap
African Tribe

Asian Tribe

White Tribe

Hispanic Tribe

I watched it, and I haven't watched Survivor in the last 6 or 7 seasons, but I was curious (nosy) to see how things would turn out. I was a bit disappointed that the our people didn't do better straight out of the gate. But a little off topic, I saw a funny spoof on the new Survivor Season, I think it was on Mad TV. On the spoof the tribenames were, "Team Soy Sauce" (Asians), "Team Burrito" (Latinos), "Team Chicken & Waffles" (you should know who that is) and I forgot what they called the white team. I seriously tried not to laugh at it, but it was too funny...

Team White Bread! That was the last team name!

This will not work as a matter of fact, that is what I believe.
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