Friday, July 27, 2007

BLACK FIESTA BOWL STAR RECEIVING DEATH THREATS: He proposed to white girlfriend on national TV.

Remember the Boise State running back who scored the winning points in the Fiesta Bowl, then proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend on national television? Well, he says he's hired security for their wedding because of racial threats.
Ian Johnson, who is black, and Chrissy Popadics, who is white, are due to be married Saturday in Boise. Since his proposal this past New year's day, Johnson said he's received phone calls, letters and some personal threats from people who object to their marriage plans.
"You take it for what it is - the less educated, the less willing to change," Johnson, 21, of San Dimas, Calif., told the Idaho Statesman for its Tuesday editions. "But we're not acting like we're naive to all the stuff that's going on. We know what's been said. We're going to make sure we're safe at all times. It's an amazing day for us, and we'd hate to have it ruined by someone."

Kanye and Fiancee' in Harpers Bazaar

Kanye is showing off his L.A. pad and fiancée, designer Alexis Phifer - in the August Harper’s Bazaar. On its pages, he talks about:

His style“It’s like …pop luxe. Pop and luxury. Everything about me is pop and luxury.”“Alexis is my original stylist,” says West.”She helped me get fresh!”

Meeting his fiancée, Alexis Phifer:Alexis was wearing Miss Sixtys. … I had on this throwback jersey, and the first thing I said to her, because I could tell she was stylish, was ‘I don’t normally dress like this!’ ”

His favorite designer“I lived for Dior until Hedi Slimane left. So I’m gonna see what he comes out with.”

Claims that he’s cocky“I’m really shy. … Why do you think I’m so cocky? It overcomes it.”

On his worst relationship“It was one of those relationships where, as the months went by, I just kept thinking, There’s something wrong here. It kept getting weirder until the day I came off the road a little early and heard some noises coming from her basement. Let’s just say she and another dude were having a good time without me. It was the worst possible ending, like going to Disneyland, getting on Space Mountain and having it fly off the tracks.”


Thursday, July 26, 2007

If Black Hollywood Were A Sorority.

I came across Rocka.Candy Blog and I must say it's an interesting read. The website places Black Hollywood elites in a specific sorority that they think they would be in. Here's the list!

Alpha Kappa Alpha’s The Stereotypes: Always attractive and pulled together like as if Anna Wintour is watching. Most likely to smile in your face, but dis you behind your back.

R.C’s Choice for Membership:
  • Alicia Keys: Would be the pretty one recruited for her talent.
  • Beyonce: Would be the leader of the chapter, and of course the most popular one on campus because she's the most involved.
  • Christina Milian: Has the typical AKA look and amiable personality so she’d be the chapter mascot.
  • Brandy: Her mom is a real AKA, so of course, she’d kick her way in since she’s legacy.

Delta Sigma ThetaThe Stereotype: This is the ride or die chick, she’s strong, confident and and knows what she wants in life – so you better not get in her way – cause she’ll cut you.

R.C.'s Choice for Membership:

  • Ciara: Doesn’t have the Delta “get it girl” ‘tude, but would have been sought after for her dance moves.
  • Jennifer Hudson: Classic Delta approach to life, large and in charge.
  • Gabrielle Union: Did you see her in Bring It On, or Deliver Us From Eva – classic Delta on screen and off.
  • Eva Pigford: We see her as the petite Delta who doesn’t look like the rest, but don’t be fooled by her small stature – she’d cut you first.

Sigma Gamma RhoThe Stereotype: The pretty girl with personality of a Trekkie. You’re always surprised to find out that “she” belongs to a sorority.

R.C’s Choice for Membership:

  • Amerie: Stunning girl who doesn’t always get it right, but tries hard in the process – classic Rho mentality.
  • Kelis: She’s so unique, she’d join this sorority just to start a new trend.
  • Monica: Would have wanted to be an AKA or Delta, but wouldn’t want to deal with the politics.
  • Megan Goode: Would become a Rho just to insure she’s the prettiest Rho on the yard.

Zeta Phi BetaThe Stereotype: The down to earth girl, who loves her sisters and can cook up a good meal on the side – she’s also down until the end.

R.C.’s Choice for Membership:

  • Fantasia: She’d be the Queen of the Zeta’s, and would find a reason to over-sing at every event.
  • Ashanti: Would join because of family obligations - it wouldn't be an issue for her since she just doesn’t fit in with any of the other groups.
  • Eve: She’d be the mascot of the group, would be down because they offered her membership first.
  • Letoya Luckett: Would've been courted by the AKA's but joined Zeta just to spite Beyonce.

No More Floetry!?!

According to my partners over at AHotMess, MTV personality Amanda Diva is set to replace Natalie Stewart (The Floacist) in the hit soul-group "Floetry".
Amanda Diva will perform her own lyrics in place of Stewart’s and, backed by a live band, the duo will also show off new songs they’ve composed since the change in lineup.
I hope this is just a horrible rumor , this ol' Alicia Key's wanna-be can't be replacing "The Floacist". Now my heart hurts.. ..but just a little bit....

aaannddd now I'm over it ! Click here to check out the tour-dates.

Deelishus's New Video- RumpShaker

Yeah you read it right. Someone had enough nerve to not only let Deelishus squeeze her ass in a recording studio, but to ALSO produce this mess some would call a music video. If UnCUT was still on BET (how I miss it so) this would be the number one requested joint.

Ok ok, I watched the video 3 times already, she's my new girl crush, from the head down of course.

Who's This Man??

Meet my new friend John Utendahl. A little info about my mulatto friend is that he's the the founding member and Chairman of the Utendahl Organization – one of the nation’s premier full-scale, minority-owned financial service institutions. In other words, Mr. Utendahl is a PAID investment banker in New York. has him on their list of the "75 Most Powerfuls Black on Wall Street".

Why is he so important?

Well this handsome 6'3 specimen is rumored to be dating the VERY annoying Tyra Banks. According to rumors that's the reason "The Tyra Banks Show" has announced plans to move from LA to NYC.

Kelly Rowland Once Wished She Wasn't A Blackie...

According to PageSix, Kelly Rowland once wanted to be caucasian.

"It's said that brown-skinned girls don't sell magazines and that's so sad," the sexy songbird tells next month's Essence. "I remember wishing I was more fair-skinned, but Tina Knowles, Beyoncé's mom, would say, 'Don't you know how beautiful you are?'

She made me come into my brown beauty. I didn't get it, but now I do. I am chocolate and beautiful and loving it."

There's a joke in there somewhere, it's just too early for me to try and find it. On another note check out this fabulous photoshoot Kelendria did for Marc Squires courtesy of

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Get Yer Umbrella's!!

Rihanna has her own collection of Umbrellas and wants YOU to buy them son. They are only $19.95. Each umbrella comes Rihanna's name written on it so everywhere you go people can see how corny you really are!

But wait.. I hear these lil peices are SELLING like hotcakes!
Get them

Reggie Bush Cockblocks for His Vagina

Reggie Bush a cock-blocker? That's what a recent fan is screaming in his detailed account of meeting the famous football star. According to the fan, he had asked Bush if he could take a picture with him this past weekend in MIA.

Bush happily obliged and took a picture, then the fan had noticed that Kim Kardashian had walked up and the fan proceeded to ask Reggie if he could have a picture with Mrs.New Booty herself. According to the fan Reggie said, "Nahh dog it's not ok that's my girl your talking about"

So then the boy leaves and sits down and notices Reggie whispering something to Kim K, in which she turns to the fan and smiles. When Reggie notices her smiling at the kid he quickly grabs Kims hand and shakes the spot.

I bet you $10 that if Bush wasn't there someone would have gotten their salad tossed that night.

Beyonce Falls During Concert

Eh, it happens sometimes. Beyonce was performing, "Ring The Alarm" during one of her recent concerts and got dizzy from swinging her head around so much that she lost balance and fell. When she got up the audience started applauding. This broad fell and didn't even miss a beat!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pimp-C Calls Out Atlanta's DownLow Rappers

I have to say this is the funniest interview I've heard in a minute! If you don't know who Pimp C, I'll give you a quick briefing. He's one half of the legendary UGK who's been in the rap game for a minute. If you still don't have a clue, maybe this will remind you...he's the guy in the white fur.Most of you "TRL" kids know him from this and the Texas folk recognize him from this. NEways during an interview with Hot 107.9 of ATL, he address a lot of issues with Hip-Hop but what caught my attention was when he started to shed some light on the gay rappers of Atlanta.
Around the 13 min. mark Pimp C lets the gay rappers be known. Pimp knows who they are and will expose them anytime they decide they to get reckless...pardon the grammar but I had to write it in ebonics for you to get the full effect lol

Pimp C: Let me say this and ya'll might not like this but ATL is considered to be the gay capital of the world right now. And ya'll got gay clubs over there with boys standing in the parking lot kissing in the mouf,and you know, if your gay and out of the closet, that's cool, because everybody has their preference but its time to clean up our own neighborhood! Cause the dude from Texas shouldn't have to get on no magazine for you to clean up your own neighborhood. So if I really wanted to diss Atlanta, there was a bunch of things I could have said about a bunch of people and I could have really hurt some feelings. Cuz I know who the gay rappers iz. I know who let there momma stick dildos in them, and I know who did what, when and why!

Hot 107.9: Do you mind expressing any of those gay rappers right now..those sugar sausages??

Pimp C:Nah man, it's no need to embarrass anybody that hasn't done nothing to us, but if you gay manye and you ashamed of it, you need to stop doing stuff you ashamed off. Anything in the dark will come to light. I ain't got to expose them because they expose themselves everyday and every night. If you gay and you rap, you need to come out of the closet and let us know who you iz. If you don't have pride in what you do then don't do it. You know who is getting caught in the Range Rover with the boy. You know what's going on in ATL like I know.......Anybody don't like that could each 7000 wee wee's and die...

To here the whole interview, click the pic below...Pimp C didn't say it but you all know he was thinking it

I don't have the slightest clue who Pimp talking about though? Range Rover...caught with a boy,,,,could it have happened on Spring St...? The whole interview made my night a little more entertaining. It was funny as hell but he speaks the truth. Thank the cute Asian chick who works at the radio station for this one.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Rumor Has It: Another Tell All Book Is In The Works

No I'm not talking about Lil Kim this time. I thought Kim Porter was the dumbest ride or die chick out there staying with Diddy for so long. I was so wrong. I'm guessing she stayed with Diddy so long so she could have a lot of material. Rumor has it, numerous publishers are reaching out to Kim for a book deal to "explain" the relationship she had with Diddy and also talk about his "bad party habits". No further details or deals have been announce or made as of yet.
With a reported 1.2 million child support check coming to her for the next 18 years AND a book about Diddy that will probably make her millions, I think she just out hustled the hustler..? Hey Tiny..are you paying attention!!! lol

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Arrested Over The Weekend

The Theme song for this weekend

Besides the drug bust I seen in Lithona, Georgia(ATL suburb) over the weekend while heading to the So So Def events, your local police department may have score it big with the recent arrest over the weekend.

Both Weezy & Ja caught cases in New York in separate incidents but for the same bullsh*t over the weekend. They were later spotted in central booking breaking in song performing their new single....I kid, I kid... NEways Ja Rule was pulled over and searched after being caught speeding while Weezy was pulled over and searched because a snitch... fellow law abiding citizen reported weed being smoke in and seen out of Weezy's car. After being search, both rappers were found with 40-cal's and hit with gun charges....conspiracy?? Yes, CNN is having a field day right now


H-town Rapper Lil Flip caught a felony charge Saturday for credit card fraud. Flip bought a $671 Southwest Plane ticket to Baltimore over the phone with an American Express card. The problem is, it wasn't Flip's card but the reservation was left in his name. There is a lot of holes in the story and Flip is due in court today. The only question I have is why are you in a $800,000 home with diamonds in your chain....flying Southwest...with no first class....Please tell me you are being frame! Is this the way we ball!?!

source:Houston Chron


Mel B Ready To Get Hitched

A little birdy told me that Mel B is set to marry her boyfriend of 2 months, Stephen Belafonte.

I never noticed how much of a vixen Mel B is, here she is in LA with her kids Phoenix Chi, 8 1/2, and Angel Iris, 4 months, going to the Grove shopping center for dinner on Friday.

[picture courtesy of Celebrity-Baby]

Beach Bling?

[Click to enlarge picture]

ONTD had a great post about accessorizing your swimming suit with jewelry as you would your clothes. What do you think of this concept? Celebs tend to think it's a bomb idea, if you don't plan on getting in water of course. From Mariah, to Beyonce to Kim K wearing expensive jewelry is the way to go while frolicking on the beach.

[Click to enlarge picture]

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Re-Cap

Serena Williams showed off her man parts for Jane magazine's final issue. In an interview with the magazine, Serena was quoted as saying:

"I’ll take off my shirt in a second - locker room girls don’t have much shame. Once I was getting ready to go out and my hitting partner - who is my best friend and, like, Greek God handsome, walked into my hotel room, it wasn’t awkward for me, but he freaked out. I told him we had to get married."
Kiki is getting ready for her new reality television show. Here's a magazine scan of the TV promo ad.The reality show will premiere on The Style network, August 5th. It will mainly focus on her life in the fashion industry and being a mother of 2 daughters (Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons). Rihanna covered this months issue of Vibe Vixen..
Click here to check out the inside magazine scans She also hit up 106& Park.. LOVE the hair.

Deelishis and Buckey (Shay) were in DC last week. Compared to Deelishis' monster ass, Shay just has a booty in training.
Comedy Central Roasts Flav..and the reason why he didn't stay with Hoopz of Deelishis was because Brigitte has that on LOCK son!!

So So Def Summer Fest's So So Sexy All White Affair hosted by Jermiane Dupri, Nelly & Larenz Tate at Compound Nightclub was held on Saturday.

The cast of Hairspray performs on the TODAY show. Evander Holyfield and Lyfe Jennings took in a Beyonce concert this weekend in Atlanta.

Ron DeVoe was there with his wife!

Jennifer Holliday slipped into the sequined dress of Effie once again for a 25th anniversary staging of 'Dreamgirls'. She'll be performing from July 18-29 in Atlanta.

Major photoshopping going on here because everyone knows she has a wonky eye.

On to the news...

  • Lil Flip got arrested for credit card fraud. This negro bought a plane ticket from Houston to Baltimore and charged $671.00 to an unauthorized card.

  • Monica is allegedly 3 months pregnant. Looks like her lil thug baby will have a little thug brother or sister to play with soon!

  • Word is Chili (From TLC) was visiting Ushers mother over the weekend and Tameka showed up... Rumor has it that Tameka yelled in her manly voice, "Doesn't Your BOYFRIEND HAVE A MOM YOU CAN VISIT"...

  • Hoopz is rumored to be on the second season of Charm School.

  • Dave Chappelle was rushed to the hospital for exhaustion. He was released 12 hours later.

Lastly, Beyonce performed in ATL this weekend and changed it up a bit and did the "Soulja Boy". BEST performer alive I swear! Thanks to Melody over at PCJ.

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