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If Black Hollywood Were A Sorority.

I came across Rocka.Candy Blog and I must say it's an interesting read. The website places Black Hollywood elites in a specific sorority that they think they would be in. Here's the list!

Alpha Kappa Alpha’s The Stereotypes: Always attractive and pulled together like as if Anna Wintour is watching. Most likely to smile in your face, but dis you behind your back.

R.C’s Choice for Membership:
  • Alicia Keys: Would be the pretty one recruited for her talent.
  • Beyonce: Would be the leader of the chapter, and of course the most popular one on campus because she's the most involved.
  • Christina Milian: Has the typical AKA look and amiable personality so she’d be the chapter mascot.
  • Brandy: Her mom is a real AKA, so of course, she’d kick her way in since she’s legacy.

Delta Sigma ThetaThe Stereotype: This is the ride or die chick, she’s strong, confident and and knows what she wants in life – so you better not get in her way – cause she’ll cut you.

R.C.'s Choice for Membership:

  • Ciara: Doesn’t have the Delta “get it girl” ‘tude, but would have been sought after for her dance moves.
  • Jennifer Hudson: Classic Delta approach to life, large and in charge.
  • Gabrielle Union: Did you see her in Bring It On, or Deliver Us From Eva – classic Delta on screen and off.
  • Eva Pigford: We see her as the petite Delta who doesn’t look like the rest, but don’t be fooled by her small stature – she’d cut you first.

Sigma Gamma RhoThe Stereotype: The pretty girl with personality of a Trekkie. You’re always surprised to find out that “she” belongs to a sorority.

R.C’s Choice for Membership:

  • Amerie: Stunning girl who doesn’t always get it right, but tries hard in the process – classic Rho mentality.
  • Kelis: She’s so unique, she’d join this sorority just to start a new trend.
  • Monica: Would have wanted to be an AKA or Delta, but wouldn’t want to deal with the politics.
  • Megan Goode: Would become a Rho just to insure she’s the prettiest Rho on the yard.

Zeta Phi BetaThe Stereotype: The down to earth girl, who loves her sisters and can cook up a good meal on the side – she’s also down until the end.

R.C.’s Choice for Membership:

  • Fantasia: She’d be the Queen of the Zeta’s, and would find a reason to over-sing at every event.
  • Ashanti: Would join because of family obligations - it wouldn't be an issue for her since she just doesn’t fit in with any of the other groups.
  • Eve: She’d be the mascot of the group, would be down because they offered her membership first.
  • Letoya Luckett: Would've been courted by the AKA's but joined Zeta just to spite Beyonce.

This is SOOO true and SOO funny!

It's long but is true in certain ways. I agree with anonymous

Wow.. this is cute!

I really like these! And they all really fit the "stereotypes" of the different sororities. Now I'm thinking of other actresses and singers who could fit into each group. I wonder where Faith Evans, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Buffy the Body, and Sanaa Lathan would fit in? But we can guess...!

^ Mariah Carey would be an AKA!
Halle Berry.. I dont know what she'd be but Delta Sigma Theta already tried to grant her honorary membership and she declined.. So she'd probably be an AKA! lol.

Buffie the Body wouldn't be in a sorority.. She'd probably be a Kappa Diamond or a damn Q Pearl! LOL.
Sanaa Lathun would be an AKA or Delta!

Faith would def. be a Delta or a SG Rho... Mariah would be an AKA. Sanaa would be a Zeta or SG Rho.

Alicia Keys is an AKA.

That whole thing about AKAs smiling in your face & dissing you behind your back is some BS. Those that are not us just hate on us because they can't be us!

I have to totally disagree with Eva being a Delta.. did you see her on Americas Next Top Model.. she was a total bitch

Faith a Zeta, Mariah AKA, Halle AKA, Sanaa Zeta or Delta and Buffie??? Just my thoughts.. and that comment about the AKA's is so TRUE!! Smile in your face being fake and talking about you behind your back...@anon 4:13, come on..keep it real..hell, I'm a soror, i know how it goes, and half them bitches I don't deal with for that reason!!

I agree with Juicy's predictions except Eve, Eva, and Ashanti

I think Amerie is more AKA or Delta type (I see her trying to fit in with the AKAs and being a Delta to spite them). Alicia Keys is already an AKA. Halle Berry is more of an AKA and MC is definitely for the AKAs. Faith would probably be down with the Rhos. Sanaa Lathan seems like a Delta but would probably join AKA b/c Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Allen and all the other popular chicks are AKAs.

Love this..Im an AKA from Hampton and we always get slack for being light and snobby...but it is partly true!! FAB BLOG

i think kelly rowland is such an AKA. she's always put together, so proper. halle is def AKA, like kelly rowland she's so proper and always put together! alicia is already an AKA. i see bee as a delta because she's so fierce and definately eva the diva! sanaa is more zeta material, and gabby union is definately delta!

First off whores...do some research! Halle is a Delta...So there's no need to speculate on that! That shit about AKAs is the truest shit ever wrote! When my sorrors (oo-oop!) and I pledged our girls, the AKAs had a line at the same time we did. Three of the girls on their line were fighting their big sisters for sleeping with their boyfriends! That's fuckin wack...where's the sisterhood in that?! Most of them are some lame bitches!

Anonymous....When is comes to Delta, u need to STFU!!! Your 3-day ready made ass don't know shyt bout Delta or whose in the organization!

Zeporia (hoping this is a nickname) you must be a neo (or new to the game - in the world of delta)..who oop-oops while writing? This blog was not designed to attack back and forth. Both groups work hard for what they accomplish and boyfriend/messy-ass problems follow anytime there are a large number of females..do your research. Skee- Wee bitch!!

"First off whores...do some research! Halle is a Delta...So there's no need to speculate on that! "

Zeporia Halle Berry is NOT a member of Delta Sigma Theta. I am 100% as I have had a personal sit down chat with our past national president where this topic came up. Please don't worry about defending Delta your word choice says NOTHING about what Delta or Deltas stand for. Thanks anyway.

Oh my Goodness! Ladies, what is the beef about? My sister is a DST and I love her just the same. Why must we always go back to STEREOTYPES? Let it go!!! As far as the website goes it is funny to me and cute. Now whether someone is or is not in a particular sorority that is upto those who know what they speak of. All others that are unsure of their groups history and members need to remember this,...It is better to keep your mouth closed and thought to be a fool than to open your mouth and remove all DOUBT. Think about that.

Alicia(already ak but i woulda guessed delta)
Halle(beauty queen)
Christina(just b/c)
Latavia and farrah(formerly of destinys child resident sassy girls)
Meagan Goode(pretty popular and not much else

Beyonce(her im every woman mentality...there are plenty of pretty dsts)
Ciara(hardcore steppin)
Jennifer Hudson(large and pretty)
Gabrielle(strong black woman)
Aaliyah(if she were alive...more of a tomboy but still beautiful)
Sanaa Lathan(strong and confident)
T boz and chilli(know what they want and set out to get it)
Nia Long(strong and talented)
Letoya Luckett

Sigma Gamms
India Arie(unique)
Erykah Badu(marches to her own drummer)

Fantasia(i can see that or dst)
Eva pigford(i just cant see her in in anything else)


oh i could also see Left eye as a sigma gamma rho

Zeporia...no offense halle berry is not a member of dst...she was offered membership but neither declined nor accepted so her sttus is pending...as for anonymous...u said who oo oops while writing but then you said skee wee bitch...what the hell??? anyway elephant hugs to all of my sorors...oo oop

omg...this is funny...most are true...but i think bee is a delta and so is letoya...michelle is an sgrho and kely and solange are akas...the other two girls did seem stuck up so there akas...maybe the red headed one could be a dst...gabrielle and sanaa are deltas...nia long is delta...ciara is delta...meagan goode is aka...monica is aka or delta...probably delta

oh by the way i meant the other two girls from destinys child...and when i said sum1 was a delta or aka etc...i meant delta or aka material lol

HALLE BERRY is NOT a delta. I'm the niggest HB fan known to man and she isn't. MC Lyte is actually and SGRHO she was inducted a few years back. Alicia is an AKA and those are the facts

Isn't Alicia Keys an honorary member of AKA in real life?

People, people, This is NOT TRUE! It definitely is a fair characterization and very funny; no doubt but not true. I say fair because AKA’s definitely play the “pretty” card but contrary to what people may think, membership into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is not based on looks or who can dance ect. These wonderful ladies would probably be an asset to any of the 4 black sororities. Thus, if you are not a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. please do not attest to what's true and what's not true because the truth is you have no clue. Case in point Ms. "Zeporia." You claim to be a delta and don't know who is or who isn't an honorary member of your own organization and then you insult my organization. Not only do you not know about our process but you don't even know your own. Honestly, I doubt that you are a delta. Yes, Alicia Keys is an honorary member, not only for her accomplishments in the entertainment industry but also for her extensive philanthropy work with World Aids and with Frum the Ground Up. Sincerely, an Active Member of AKA.

I see Beyonce as a delta b/c shes so strong willed...Kelly Rowland is definitely AKA material...Michele Williams and Letoya also come off as Deltas...LAtavia and that othe r girl who was with em for like 1 week would be AKAs...and Solange would be an AKA to spite her sister

I am not even a soror..but i am interested and i am already losing interest...some of you should REALLY learn how to sustain a certain image that reflects your sorority! This is NOT a good look!
And stop bashing the AKA's!

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i think that sanaa would be a sgrho.

I though this blog died a long time ago, whether you all no it or not these blogs are killing us, we need to just let this die out damn- there are no stereotypes everyone has a variety of ladies in their organizations the people that joined the organizations for the stereotypes are scared to let it die off come on folks yall got folks not in organizations buying into this crap black folks no they cant get it together for nothing and its not funny and its not true it makes us look bad

every group is unique and different and i think the stereotypes are just funny; you can definitely find a mix of personalities in each one. Since all of them are in involved in scholarship and community service there has got to be something to distinguish them from one another and that's why the stereotypes came to be. Like all stereotypes, these statements are just extreme generalities with a hint of truth. I can't agree or disagree with them. a stereotype may fit one chapter through and through but the same sorority at a different school may be the exact opposite. it depends on the school and the chapter. It also depends on where. the stereotypes change from one region to another along with the popularity of each sorority.

Alicia Keys IS and AKA!

alicia keys really is an actual AKA..but i think its all mixed up but still cute!!!!

I can't believe some of the ladies on here are truly members of the organizations they are claiming. If they truly were, they would not be using profanity in that manner.

It's quite obvious that the majority of the people commenting about this are not even members of any organization and by the content of their post, wouldn't be extended membership in any of them. They are all wonderful organizations founded to help African-Amerian men and woman achieve to a high standard of excellence. ALthough our names, colors,etc., are different, deep down inside we are all trying to attain the same thing and were founded on the same principles,more or less.

AS a member of Sigma Gamma Rho, I must say that we are all ladies and we should keep it classy, as the sister stated this is all for fun and not to be taken seriously. There is no need to dis other organizations because we all serve one purpose and that is too our sisterhoods and the community. As women, especially women of color, it so important for us to come together and leave all of the negativity some where else.

What are the requirements for being an honorary member of DST? Do legacies still have to meet GPA requirements? Can exceptions to the GPA req ever be made? Thanks in advance for you response.

This comment has been removed by the author.

obviously the person writing this blog doesn't belong to a BGLO and I bet 90% of those that commented aren't either...

I just can't with this. at all

yall sad ass GDI's need to stay in your lane. greek life is so much more than the superficial bullshit yall see. you make these stereotypes and follow them because that is what you see on the outside. BECAUSE YOU ARENT ON THE INSIDE!!! clearly build character and maybe you can be in our world

After reading some of these comments, I don't even know if I want to join any sorority. Too much beef going on, kind of disappointing how some go back and forth about this subject... :(

Lol this is really funny! Im an SGRho. Greek interests please dont make the mistake of not joining a sorority because of the ignorance of some. This is coming from the daughter of an AKA and neice of many Deltas. There is so much more to these organizations.

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I'm laughing bc I'm shocked that, not only are some of you Greek, but that you went to a real college, reading all the grammatical errors. Oh well. Back to business as usual...grading papers. Lol

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