Friday, July 20, 2007

DJ BootLeGG Has The Same Girl...REMIXXX

OK, OK, I admit, I'm a R.Kelly fan...I have most of his CD's and bootlegged the sex tape at least 3 computer kept crashing, sue me. Despite him being banned from playgrounds for life and watched by cops carefully every time he enters a school zone, he's a amazing artist. With hits for days and the most fiya remixes, besides him missing a court date, he can't go wrong. Check out Kellz in his new single with none other than the R&B King at the moment Usher

R.Kelly feat. Usher - Same Girl

And you all know by now how I do...check out the best remix I've heard this year..sorry Diddy

Listen - R-Kelly feat. Usher & Teddy-pender-azz-down aka T-Pain - Same Girl


Ciara's The New Face of RocaWear

Don't know how well RocaWear is doing since Jigga man sold it for a hefty $200 million but with Cici being signed to be the spokesperson for Rocawear Ladies Clothing big things are sure to happen.. just joking. Rocawear is going to go down the shitter just like a crap after eating chitlin's for the past 2 days at your cousin Peaches' house.

Khia- The Love Doctor

Aside from offering the best advice about licking someone's sweatbox and anushole, Khia hits us up with her "Oprahly" advice columns about love. Yes my friends, "Hood Magazine" choose the most hoodest chick on this side of the Mississippi to run her own column to help give hoodrats sex advice! Check out her response to poor Mike who's having problems getting his girl to give up that "gurilla" booty.

Khia help me I been with this girl faithfully for 7 months and she havent let me
glance at the pussy. I havent felt no titties or nothing what am I doing wrong.
Shes not a virgin she got two girls. I don't know how much longer I can wait.
The hardest part is she always wearing short shit, and khia she got a big
gurilla ass. Please help me!
-Mike (Houston, TX)

Khia, the hood doctors, response:

What's really Hood Mike? This sounds like some Jerry Springer shit, 7
months without even a glance at the pussy what is that about, you sure she's not
a man? I know you said she has two kids but damn are they her's? You know
there's a lot of punks out here getting ass shots and tittie jobs but for real
you say you ain't feel no ass, titties or nothing. What is she saying about this
because something in the milk ain't clean. What is she telling you when you try
and get some, damn I'm lost for words. Well all I can say is if you really care
about her talk to her and find out what's really going on and why she's holding
back. Tell her your needs as a man and let her know how you feel cause shit
she's going to have to drop them panties sooner or later and I hope she ain't
hiding a dick under there. Shit maybe she's waiting for marriage this time you
say she has two kids already, maybe she wants to do it right this time and if so
you better start shopping for a ring or move...Next!!!!!

BRILLIANT! And since she's about to blow up you know she had to go and do a photo shoot. Check out these new photo's of quite possibly the most beautifulest women in the world.

[pictures courtesy of RBTF]

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Youtubery Of The Day: Cupid Shuffle..The Instructional Video

I wasn't going to post this... but it was way to good to pass up!

If your not familiar with the "new dance craze " aka Cupid Shuffle aka the new Bus Stop. Check out the video......How do these people get record deals...

If that didn't make you damn near piss in your pants, the single also comes with an instruction video. My favorite move is the "Sanford & Son"....WARNING Please stretch before watching the video, Asylum does not want any lawsuits while performing this dance...

You know how I do...So If you actually want to try this at home, try your moves on the remixxx

Listen - Cupid feat. DJ Unk & Fabo - Cupid Shuffle (Remix)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SexyLady Video Shoot

I'm gonna let you know upfront that this song will be hated by me with a passion like that damn Cupid shuffle...Yung Berg is shooting a remix for "Sexy Lady" featuring Jim "dirt angel" Jones and Rich Boy.

Ahhh....nothing like having some Superheads before their prime.

I swore a little while ago that i would never talk about peoples' mom's ever again so please do me the favor and caption this Kodak moment

If somehow you missed me posting this song last month, keep up and click here

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Still Trapped in The Closet PT. 12-20

Well, Well, Well, what do we have hear. Trapped In The closet is back, please people run with fear. O yes people, Sylvester is back! R. Kelly is in the process of shooting 10 more episodes of TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET after signing a new deal with cable network IFC. Somehow I feel a golden shower will be worked into these episodes....I'm just saying. NEways Kelly has to step his game up because Weird Al styled on'em with his rendition..Check out Trapped In The Drive Thru


Monday, July 16, 2007


Weezy and his daddy pose for the camera in this months issue of XXL.

Kelly Rowland Collapses During Performance

[picture courtesy of]

K. Row reportedly collapsed while performing in Nigeria this past weekend.

According to sources: Kelly was in the middle of performing when all of sudden she fell unconscious. "People thought it was a dance routine at first but then her dancer started screaming for help. The crowd started screaming 'Kelly! Kelly!!' then about 10-15 mins later she was carried off stage.

"Kelly's reps claim that she passed out due to dehydration and that she's now doing fine. She's reportedly recuperating in a Nigerian hospital.

Where was Beyonce with her iron on "Kelly Rowland" shirt when this happened? I bet you B can go a whole week without drinking water and still perform without a hitch, that's what happens when you have the camel on your side!

Most of the websites like YouTUBE and DailyMotion have taken the video off. But my girl SandraRose has it..

Rihanna in 'Paper Magazine'

Rihanna covers the August issue of "Paper Magazine".. I've never heard of this magazine before so I don't believe it exists.. call it what you want. Also, she is tearing up the UK charts with "Umbrella".. I mean it's my jam and all but if I hear "ella ella eh eh eh" one more time I'm gonna butt rape someone with my umbrella.. ella ellaaa..

When You See DJ BooTLeGG

Fanny has been making hits! Check out the vid for Fanny's latest hit single "When I see You"

This reminds me of my family reunions. Dance your ass off with the plastic liquor cup still in hand.Check out the drunk studio version of "When I See You"

Of course you know I had to bring you the remixxx...

Listen - Fantasia feat. Polow Da Don & Young Jeezy - When I See You (Remix)

Are you feeling Fanny? Speak on it

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Quick Scoops


Curtis Has Been Pushed Back.....Again

After being pushed back from June 26 because "the CD plant would not be able to deliver "Curtis" on time for international distribution", Fif's new LP has been pushed back yet again. This push back also comes with a new lie.... excuse. The LP was pushed back to September 3rd BUT Interscope feared sales would not be as strong as usual because of Labor Day weekend. Interscope elected to pushed the CD date to Sept. 11 BUT out of all people, 50 felt it was disrespectful to drop the CD on 9/11 so as of now, there is no release date. I'm kinda confuse...50 has a single out saying "just move your panties to the side" but your afraid of disrespecting people for dropping an album on 9/11.... Am I the only one lost? I smell bullsh*t. I think the SoundScanKilla will be named FlipFlopFifty in a matter of weeks and Interscope knows it.


Quote of The Day

"Come on! We would have to do something for that to happen."- Rihanna on her being pregnant by Chris Brown

Words Of Wisdom.. From Mike Tyson

I hate myself for watching this video. My life is now changed.

Remy Ma Shot Someone?

Reports are flying that over the weekend Remy Ma shot a broad.

According to the NY Times Remy Ma was arrested yesterday for allegedly gunning down a 23-year-old friend outside of NYC's Pizza Bar. Remy reportedly got into a fight with the woman, shot her black ass, fled the scene ,got into a car crash then escaped on foot. Word is the reason Remy busted a cap in her ass was because she accused her of stealing $2,000. Don't play with Remy's weave money.

Remy Ma turned herself in Saturday night. She was charged with attempted murder, assault and weapon possession.
''I ask everyone to keep an open mind,'' said
Scott Leemon, her attorney. ''Things are not always as they seem.''
"Things are not always as they seem"? Remy shot a chick over $2,000. I don't care if the chick said Remy's mom was uglier then a retarded pitbull, you still don't go around shooting people all willy nilly.

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