Friday, April 27, 2007

Slow News Days....

The past few days have been veeerrryyyy slow with any new gossip. So here's the news I've compiled from the last 2 days.

  • Beyonce's got that Vibe. She also went on record to say that she couldn't tell herself apart from Shakira while watching their video for "Beautiful Liar".. . [Picture Courtesy of That Grape Juice]
  • Eve is acting up, ol' girl was arrested for a DUI after she smashed her gold Maserati into a divider in Hollywood. Rumors are swirling because Actor Sean Penn, who could def. get it, went in to visit her and even offered to pay her $30,000 bail.
  • So Deelishis is dating Chance you say? According to her myspace and AHH she has a picture of the homo-thug himself with the caption, " This is my new man".. I wonder how Busta feels about this? Or maybe she's just using this for a publicity stunt for both of them.
  • Paris Hilton gets burned by Prince,not in the sexual way you nasties, you know the "Purple One" likes boys who wear high heels! During a recent show "The Artist" pulled Paris Hilton onstage and handed her the mic and said,"“Let’s see if she can really sing.” Paris ran offstage and left the club 2 songs later.
  • Whitney and Brandys Kid brother , Ray J, were spotted yesterday \ having a romantic dinner at a Beverly Hills restaurant. There were rumors that these 2 had called it quits after the sex tape fiasco, I guess she had a change of heart, and who wouldn't, Ray-J has a crooked dick!
  • Bootz from "Flavor of Love" and most recently "Charm School" visited a radio station talking about NY and Buckwild. Girl is straight gutta, I bet she mixes sugar with ranch dressing for an aphrodisiac (whaddup Hollyhood!) Click here to listen
  • It's True, There will be a "I Love NY: Season 2", here's the official casting call:


  • Check out Rihanna's video for "Umbrella".. she's hot as shit, i'd bump cooters with her, as long as she didn't talk of course.

  • Did you hear about the next new R&B group? Tank was on the Doug Banks Show and said He, Tyrese and Ginuwine will start the ultimate R&B group, they haven't come up with a name and from the looks of it I don't think anyone told Tyrese or Ginuwine about this idea either.
  • Halle Berry was sporting an "Obama For A Change" T-Shirt, guess it's safe to say ol' girl isn't a Clinton Fan.
  • Tuesday was the 5 year anniversary of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez's death, she would have been 35.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Pic's of Mel B and Daughters

[pictures courtesy of Celeb-Woohoo]

What Does Suge Knight Do On A Boring Night?

He goes out and defends his BFF Britney Spears of course.
TMZ spotted Suge Knight outside of a nightclub going crazy on a K-Fed look-alike. Suge was screaming: "He's a bitch" and "Britney's the homie, cuz she's the underdog"As he pulled out of the driveway he told the TMZ cameras, --"That fool want to act f**ked up with Britney, act weird about her kids, we'll chase his ass up out this city!"

Beyonce's Commerical/Messed Up BDay

[click picture to watch video]

So here's Beyonce's Samsung commerical, I haven't watched it because the broad just can't "ack".
Also, for all you Beyonce haters you'll love this, she has pulled all of her remaining B-Day Deluxe Edition albums from the shelves due to the pending lawsuit against her by singer Des'ree who claimed B used her song "Still In Love" (Kissing You) without her consent.. Read more here...

T.I. and Tiny at Body Tap

T.I. and fiance Tiny were at 'Body Tap' stripclub this week making it rain on them ho's..Hey, some people handle grief in their own special ways, I personally like to sit back blow a bleezy and watch Coming to America while sitting on those playskool chairs, while T.I. and Tiny wait for "Diamond" to make her bootyclap on their faces.
Word on their relationship? They are back on again, for the 50th time.

What Happens in Cabo.. Stays in Cabo

Unless your MJ. Here is Jordan in Cabo celebrating his divorce with a few random snow bunnies. What I would give to be a fly on the wall.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mel B and Child in OK! Magazine

Her name is Angel Iris Murphy Brown and Mel B says the child looks just like her daddy, Eddie Murphy.

Monday, April 23, 2007

T.I. & Tiny

A reader had sent my this picture of T.I. and ex-fiance Tiny at the VIBE Magazine offices in NYC a few weeks ago. I don't know if this is the first official picture of Tiny since she had the miscarriage/stillbirth or not. I see she's been text messaging Keyshia Cole's stylist.

[Thanks BooLittle]

Marque Houstons Boo

Marques Houston was recently spotted by a fan walking hand-n-hand with R&B Superstar Mila J.. Ok she's not that big of a superstar, I was just being nice but you can check out her myspace.

What happened to Kim Karadashian you say? Word is that he tossed Kim because she's been 'tossed' by everybody else. But damn, does Mila J not resemble that Iraqi broad!?!

For My Ladies

Me and my roommate were discussing this matter a few nights ago, and it has to do with the chewable birth control pill. My stance on it? Why? Why would you want to take a chewable birth control pill, in my head it wouldn't be as effective but according to research it's just as effective as orally taking one..
According to MSNBC: The first chewable birth-control method, a tiny, spearmint-flavored tablet that also can be swallowed without chewing, has hit pharmacy shelves. Femcon Fe, which contains the same hormones as standard oral contraceptives, offers a new option for women who don't like swallowing pills and want to take their birth control with them, according to Carl Reichel, president of drugmaker Warner Chilcott of Rockaway.

What's your take on this? It's not that expensive, running about $44 for a months supply, plus it tastes like mint! Would you switch to this form of contraceptive?

Deelishus is NOT Pregnant...

[Recent Pic of Deelish and Busta Bus]

And she wants ya'll to know this, a few days ago a gossip site who is NOTORIOUS for fabricating stories stated that said Deelishis was pregnant. Well Mrs.London Charles herself got on her myspace and set the record straight:

Hey Guys and Gal Pals,
Normally I do not indulge in gossip nor rumor. I try my best to keep a straight face even in the midst of lies and accusation, however I have many friends, fans and even family who have contacted me in concern with the latest I pregnant?The answer is NO! Babies are a blessing, but not at this time. I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter who is the light of my life and currently my only child.I truly appreciate the messages of concern. I also appreciate those individuals who asked me rather than accused me. In the same token, from the looks of the photograph ...advertised by MEDIATAKEOUT, I would have assumed the same thing. The photograph is current, taken just 2 weeks ago in South Carolina at a party with Wendy Williams and Charlemaine.
For future reference, there are times when I will appear a little heavier than normal due to hormonal changes that occur during a womans premenstrual cycle, pregnancy is not always the bottom line.
I love you all...and go get them D-Cuts baby!!!!

...and by D-Cuts she means her new line of jeans... check em' out at

Pictures of The Day

Beyonce on tour in Sydney, Australia

Venus Williams sporting her "real" hair in Florida

Vanessa Williams Bares It All for "Allure"

It's been more than 2 decades since Vanessa Williams lost her Miss USA Crown for going nekkid in Penthouse Magazine. Now Vanessa will again bare her special parts in a more tactful manner for Allure's magazine, ‘Look Better Naked’ issue coming out in May.
And for you nasties who want to see Vanessa's bagina click here and here

Cassie was also featured in this issue.

Simmons Women in "Hype Hair" Magazine

Sisters Vanessa and Angela along with their step-mother Justine Simmons appear in the latest issue of "Hype Hair" magazine. Even though Justine isn't their biological mother the resemblence is uncanny, then again I think Justine and Rev Run also look alike which is a little weird.

[Click picture for larger view]


Anika Noni Rae Makes "Disney" History

Congratulations to Anika Noni Rae who has been chosen to make Disney history as the voice of Maddy in Disney's first black princess play, "The Frog Princess", which will be set in New Orleans. If you don't remember her, she was, as I like to call her, the "reject" dreamgirl. I mean she was the bomb but with sooo much publicity for J.Hud and Beyonce her performace was overshadowed. Anika beat the likes Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Tyra Banks, who all reportedly auditioned for the role.

Mya on Ocean Style Magazine

Word has spread that Mya will be releasing her new album “The Liberation” on June 26 after it was pushed back from it's initial November release date. She has already released her first single, "Lock U Down," which was produced by Scott Storch and has also finished up the latest video which will feature a guest appearance by none other than Weezy F. Baby.

On top of all that, she has a 3 page spread and is on the cover of the May issue of "Ocean Style Magazine"
Click here to visit her myspace and hear a sneak peak of the new songs on her album

There's A Freak In The Churrrrccchhh

So the story goes that a few days ago Akon got into some trouble after pulling a girl onstage during a nightclub performance, and started dancing in a "lewd" manner with the girl. According to the Trinidad Express the incident took place on April 12 at the Port of Spain nightspot, "Club Zen". Akon called Danah Alleyne onstage with him after she won round one of a dance competition held at the club. Now Akon didn't know ol' girl was 15 years old so when the disturbing video video footage of Akon simulating sex with Alleyne hit the internet, the incident created an uproar.

AND it just so happens that this child is the daughter of "Paster Dave Alleyne of the 'Flaming Word Ministry of Chaguanas'. Her daddy defended her by claiming that she was taken advantage of at the concert. "She likes dancing and won a competition,"Alleyne said, adding that she became a victim in a situation where she had no control.
Click Here to read the rest of what Pastor Daddy had to say about his little Angel.

Pictures courtesy of HollyScoop

Rihanna's Video Shoot for "Umbrella"

Here's pictures from the set of Rihanna's new video "Umbrella". I'm guessing its about an umbrella or something. As much as I don't like Rihanna's voice the song is the business.

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