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Deelishus is NOT Pregnant...

[Recent Pic of Deelish and Busta Bus]

And she wants ya'll to know this, a few days ago a gossip site who is NOTORIOUS for fabricating stories stated that said Deelishis was pregnant. Well Mrs.London Charles herself got on her myspace and set the record straight:

Hey Guys and Gal Pals,
Normally I do not indulge in gossip nor rumor. I try my best to keep a straight face even in the midst of lies and accusation, however I have many friends, fans and even family who have contacted me in concern with the latest rumor...am I pregnant?The answer is NO! Babies are a blessing, but not at this time. I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter who is the light of my life and currently my only child.I truly appreciate the messages of concern. I also appreciate those individuals who asked me rather than accused me. In the same token, from the looks of the photograph ...advertised by MEDIATAKEOUT, I would have assumed the same thing. The photograph is current, taken just 2 weeks ago in South Carolina at a party with Wendy Williams and Charlemaine.
For future reference, there are times when I will appear a little heavier than normal due to hormonal changes that occur during a womans premenstrual cycle, pregnancy is not always the bottom line.
I love you all...and go get them D-Cuts baby!!!!

...and by D-Cuts she means her new line of jeans... check em' out at www.londoncharles.com

if you really wanna party with me...

put your hands where my eye's can see em...

^^^^^yea you notice to...Notice Busta's hand on dat azz. I know she's saying"It's all yours"

Those jeans is not cute!

And um yeah I peeped how his hand is all on her behind!

hmmmummm Busta was all up on that ass....Deelishes aint foolin nobody she sleepin with that Pitbull head dude Busta

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