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It's HOV Baby

I feel like most of my posts today has something to do with Beyonce. Jay Z recently did a photo shoot, and considering he's the #67 most unsexy man I'd still hit it! Here's Jay in his latest photo shoot for RocaWear... Didn't he just sell that tho??! Peep his shoe game. Those are sicker then a dog with worms.

UPDATE: Thanks to an anon reader for letting me know that these pics are from a photoshoot for XXL magazine, not a Rocawear Ad!

Those aren't Rocawear ad pics they are from an article he did with XXL

Jay-Z is fine. Say what you want!!!

I would so hit it too! lol

Can i get a what what!!

he's one of the most ugliest men alive.

I think these pics are old, someone correct me if I'm wrong, great photoshoot though! LoL @ Hollz

I'm married and I still......Nah. I gotta good hubby. (But I sure wouldn't mind lettin him "mistakenly" kiss me!!)

I think Jigga is hella sexy!

Looks aren't everything. Come on now Bey could have other richer, better looking men, I am sure but she chooses Jay. There's just something about him. Jay's appeal is in his swaggar. There is something sexy about power and he oozes power. Three things rule our society: Money, power and sex. He does it for me. He could GET IT.

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