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Keyshia Has A Vocal and Wardrobe Malfunction in Church..

Easter Sunday was just not a good Day for Keyshia Cole, Eurweb reports that Bishop Noel Jones had invited her to participate in a mini concert of sorts and thats when things went downhill.

First starters Bishop mistakenly introducing her with the wrong first name, she had a “wardrobe malfunction” that she was not aware of. Wearing a short dress with thin straps, apparently Cole bore more skin than was deemed appropriate for the church. When a female member of the church attempted to cover her with a shawl, the back of her dress was accidentally lifted. According to witnesses in the choir stand, Cole’s backside was exposed. The woman assisting Cole managed to cover her rear just before she stepped out to sing.

She reintroduced herself as a recording artist and asked everyone to pray that she keeps the faith to sing the right messages to the yourg women she reaches with her music. Without pause she broke into an undigestable version of “His Eye Is on the Sparrow" which got progressively worse each time she tried to make adjustments.

The audience was restless. “Take your time,” one random voice from the packed to the brim sanctuary in Gardena, CA chimed. “You can do it Keyshia!” called another. Unable to find the correct key, her vocals were shaky, out of tune and far from the quality of “Love,” her first mega hit that showcases her as an able vocalist. At one point she stopped to clear her throat and apologized to the audience. The musicians chased after her to find the right key and couldn't as she barely finished one verse in an shapeless a capella.

Giving up in middle of the verse she apologized and lingered for a moment before she was ushered off the stage as the filled-to-the-brim audience looked on, applauding lightly.

I didn't hear anything wrong with the way she sang the song. Maybe off beat, but hey, she gets paid!

Personally, I thought she was doing a little too much to the song. I would hate to hear her do the National Anthem. Whew! But her voice was a little rough, but then again, who sounds all that good first thing in the morning for church choir, right?

I'm starting to think she's a studio singer. I haven't heard any live performance of hers that was good. I know that even the best has bad days, but has she ever had a good one outside of the studio?

The "Broad" can't sing PERIOD!!! Inside or outside of the studio.

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