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Lil Romeo Is Ballinnn..

Lil Romeo has officially signed on as a member of the 2008 Universities of Southern California Trojans basketball team. Romeo, a 5'11 All-American point guard at Beverly Hill High School, will put all of his film and TV roles on hold, while he attends USC and earns his degree in business administration. According to representatives for Romeo, he is is the first nationally known active Hip-Hop star to receive a full athletic scholarship. Romeo's brother Vercy Miller is also signing with the Trojans, as well as standout shooting guard DeMar DeRozan of Compton High School.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Denzel Washingstons son play football for USC?!

Ballin must run in the family, Master P played for the Hornets practice squad and then was signed for pre-season to play for the raptors in 99. He also played in the CBA.

Denzel's son played football at Morehouse

This nigga ain't no All-American. Check out rivalshoops.rivals.com/viewrank.asp?ra_key=1617

He ain't even ranked in the top 150 Ball Players in his class, so how the hell is he "All-American"?

5'11? Where? Please that boy is so desperate for attention and so is his NBA-failure-assed Daddy!

Wow. Hate is an ugly color. All-American or not...USC awarded him a scholarship. Why can't we commend this young man for doing something positive. UGH, people are really starting to bug me.

I agree Keli. At least he's doing something other than HATINNN!!!!!!!

well Lil Romeo is setting up his future quite nicely, regardless of having money, long money at that he's educating himself and going for his dreams, perfect role model for some of us even as adults!

Im proud of Romeo.... forget these haters do ya thang shawty


And Denzel's son went to Morehouse, played football, and graduated. He was then signed by and now plays for the St. Louis Rams.

Hip hop today is an incredible force upon American youth and even beyond on a global level. Hip hop and rap has created entirely new industries such as the hip hop jewelry genre, upgraded the look of the common drinking cup to the majestic looking pimp cups, has virtually created a new and expanding language, and have even affected the automotive industry with such bold customizations as large spinning bling bling wheels and transformed fashion and clothing in an unprecedented way and yes, even given birth to Lil Romeo. Hip hop is no doubt way more influential and powerful than rock and roll. Word to your mother.

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