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Death Row Sex Parties

PanacheReport reports that the label "Death Row" dabbled in well-known sex parties back in the 90's,

"According to Frank Alexander, in his book, "I Got Your Back," Death Row hosted infamous sex parties/orgies. He said, 'Suge would fly women in from everywhere, mostly from Atlanta, Ohio and Las Vegas. The parties were catered with the best soul food around, including: smothered pork chops and smothered chicken, fried chicken, barbecued ribs, collard greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread.

At one of the parties, I lost track of Tupac and then someone told me he was in another room of the house. I was kicking it with the TV remote. I started switching channels, one of the bedrooms had a camera in it. Pac was in the room having sex with this girl. I turned it off right away because I didn't want to invade his privacy.

Later on when Suge showed up, I told him about it. He said, "I don't have any cameras in the bedroom." I showed him the channel and Suge flipped. No shit! I got fucking cameras in the bedroom?"

At another one of the parties, Pac walked out of the shower into the living room butt naked. The women gasped at the size of his manhood and he started playfully chasing a woman around the room with his manhood.It wasn't like he was trying to hide anything since all the women were either dressed in scandalous bikinis or shorts or walking around nude. This was a orgy in progress. "
Don't they know that damn food gives you gas, why would someone want to "gas" a chick up before poking her anus?! Crazy fools.

see what happens when muffuckas go broke and you famous??? books come out exposing ya ass! but dayuuum I would've loved to be the chick Pac was bangn out!

U know damn well Suge new about the camera in the room . He would probably sit down and jack off watching people have sex . I wouldn't doubt if he had sex video tapes of it either . That man will burn in hell .

Huh? Why do they think we want to know this? Next=>

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