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Rev. Sharptons's Penis Just Got Hard...

Rev. Sharpton just can't get enough of all the press he stands to receive for all these cases of "racial and ethical insincerity's", a new case has come up where director "Oliver Stone" made a racial remark in reference to black people liking the movie "Scarface", according to NYDAILY NEWS:

"Oliver Stone may wind up in the same circle of hell as Don Imus now that the director has been accused of using the N-word.
Screenwriter Barry Michael Cooper says Stone whipped the racist epithet on him at an L.A. party shortly after Cooper's movie "New Jack City" came out in 1991.
"Oliver Stone's my hero, so I went over to him," Cooper recalls in StopSmiling magazine. "I said, 'Man, I love your movie 'Wall Street.' … He said to me, 'Okay, thank you very much. I bet you like 'Scarface,' too. All n—s like 'Scarface.'"

Mind you, this was said in 1991, when Oliver Stone was high of off that ooohhh-weeee.

For real 16 years ago....Get a damn life.....

he really has nothing better to do

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