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Anti-Rape Condom!

The things my people come up with, according to Walk Taken:

"Rapeex is an anti-rape female condom invented by a South African woman. The condom is inserted manually whenever she is traveling alone, late or night or thinks she will be in a situation where she might be vulnerable to being raped. When the man enters the woman, sharp microscopic barbs that are inside the condom hook on to the man’s penis. This would ideally give the woman time to escape. The condom can only be surgically removed (therefore alerting the hospital and police), but will not cause any major damage if the man get helps immediately."

It's hood in the streets of Souf Africa.

so i guess you can't use tampons with that. wow...

thats a good idea, kinda crazy but a good idea. I think some women might wear it in other scenarios though, just to be a bitch!!

Ok, so if they just start castrating rapists, I bet the numbers would go down. Just a thought... maybe?...

But what if she's traveling on a dark lonely road just to get to her boyfriend's house?

by the way you say "my people" it was a white chic that came up with this retrarded idea remember there is a huge white "african" population in south africa my dear. give "us" a little more credit

I don't care what race invented this...this ish aint right! Makes might nuts hurt thinking about it.

You know some low down chicken head will use this on your ass if you just happen to not clean the dishes today. I hope this ish doesn't hit the U.S.

I love it, if your not a rapest well you need to becareful about where you sticking your dick. And for the rapest I'm sure they'll think twice about raping some body again.

^^^^ I agree 1,000,000%. This device may seem a little on the wild side, but atleast SOMEBODY'S trying to put rapists out of business!

see now my man travels so as tight as my stuff is........ that condomn gon fug it up!

The rapists will adapt... better start coming up with an anal option.. I wish these women the best of luck, there is no excuse for rape. I do agree though that I can see some crazy chicks in the states using this for other purposes. I guess it just makes the exploration of foreplay all that more important doesnt it?

Ummm, I think I would not travel on a dark road alone. It can only be surgically removed...then what if nothing goes down...you still end up in the hospital. Maybe she needs to go back to the drawing board with this one.

This shit is wild

No Keli... it can only be surgically removed from the MALE... not from the female using it.

I wonder if they have study the effectiveness of the anti-rape condom in preventing HIV/AIDS or other STIs?

Only a rapist would call this stupid. It's a good idea; sad that it's necessary, but a good idea.

well........ let me just say that if this thing every becomes widespread it will increase chances of butt rape. Better buy two....

And what good will that do? If it use becomes widespread men will just stick there fingers in to check and pull it out.

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people are so ridiculous stupid ignorant and infuriating rape of women is a serious epidimic in the world. It is not a "crazy" idea become more educated on a product and its purpose before you start posting stupid ignorant comments.

How about protection for the guy? is it that there are no cases of Women raping guys? lol!

That's absurd...I'll...I mean the rapist will just end up killing the bitch after having his cock shredded.

Rape is an epidemic in South Africa. 3 out of 4 women have admitted to being sexually assaulted before they turned 20. Roving gangs of men rape women in South Africa as a form of "male bonding" and has to do with cultural ideas of masculinity. This is not a solution to the staggering problem of rape in South Africa, but at least someone is trying to do something about it.

This idea is so goddamn retarded. As other people have pointed out: real rapists will simply stick something up there beforehand to ensure that nothing is up there. This thing is nothing but a revenge tool for angry, psychotic women (read, most) who wish to get their husbands back for things that they may or may not have done. Hopefully these women are murdered when they try to do that.

Here, I do not actually think this is likely to have success.
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