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You Don't Think U Can Say "Nappy Headed Ho's" And Get Away With It??

Especially if you are of the Caucasian persuasion. MSNBC announced on Monday a two-week suspension of its simulcast of Imus' show after Imus referred to the Rutgers players as "nappy-headed hos." But as part of an "ongoing review process," which included input from its own employees, NBC Universal decided stronger action was necessary, and dropped his simulcast completely. This isn't the first offensive or racially charged statement Imus has said, a while back I heard that he had called someone a "Jiggaboo"on his show.

And if this ain't bad enough A radio station morning DJ encouraged listeners to call and say "I'm a nappy-headed ho" for a"Phrase that Pays" contest where listeners who called in would be awarded tickets to a NASCAR promotion at a local club.

please believe that they didn't fire that man because of what he said (indirectly, yes.) they only fired him because major sponsor were pulling out. it's a financial thing and not a morally correct one. that's how degrading rappers are still making money.

Ok, when any white person can be fired for any random comment it's time to stop. Get over it, it's not that big a deal. A Colorado college teacher says everyone who died Sept. 11th deserved it and they were all Nazis: somehow that's freedom of speech. A black man stands up in a televised meeting in front of the black caucus and says all white people need to be killed and black people applaud and black congressmen say NOTHING when they follow his tirade at the same meeting. And somehow that's freedom of speech too. Ok, publicly stating the idea that people should kill other people because of their ethnicity/nationality/religion is nowadays somehow the freedom of speech. Yet a random rude comment is unforgivable and reason to take away someone's livelihood. You know what a double standard is? Racism. I'm not in favor of trading racism against black people for racism against white people. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are racists. The fact that they have convinced the media that they are the spokesmen for black America only shows how stupid people have become. Jesse Jackson missed his only calling in life: to stand in front of Martin Luther King and take that bullet. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are both nappy headed hos.

I agree. The statement was apart of freedom of speech. People can say what they want just like rappers can. Kanye West made a comment on live television during the Katrina telethon. What happened to him? Nothing. Rappers disrepect women in their lyrics all the time. Blacks call each other the N word daily. What happens to them? Nothing. I'm black (not nappy headed) and I feel the man sort of got out of line, but when I look at the black race and how broken up it is, I over look his comment. It's freedom of speech. Dust it off and continue to live.

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