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My New Favorite Person is FANNY!

Fantasia made her Broadway debut as Celie in The Color Purple last night in NYC.

The play’s web site now says “starring Fantasia” in type almost as big as the show’s title, and that’s for good reason: she’s a huge box office draw. Her casting brought $6 million into the box office!! I've yet to hear reviews of the show but I'm sure she did an UH-MA-ZING job!!

She turned it out. Here is a review from TallingBroadway.com

"From the moment she walked on stage, the cheering began, and you knew that the entire audience was supporting her every step of the way. In terms of learning the role, which everyone said would be so tough for her, she was flawless. Every note, line, and movement was spot on. Not only that, but they were all character-driven and moving. She nailed every laugh, and was completely believable as Celie. The tears poured down her face in the emotional moments of the show, and the singing was beautiful and controlled in a way I had never heard her sing before. Her big song near the end of Act 2, "I'm Here," stopped the show, and much of the audience rose at that point to give her a standing ovation. When she came out to bow, the entire theater erupted, and as Fantasia broke down crying, the noise from the crowd was deafening. Alton White, who plays "Mister," handed her a bouquet of flowers, and she gallantly led the cast in a rousing reprise of the title song.
This was a magical evening in the theater. Fantasia's performance not only surpassed all expectations, but ranks right up there as one of the most glorious performances I have ever seen in a Broadway musical. And, trust me, I've seen a lot."

wow@ anon!!

i'm sure.. your girl can keep it gangsta, but when i heard her sing live.. she's the truth and she is not playing! i got love for fanny.. can't wait to see the broadway play!

Wow. Glad to see she has received rave reviews. I do feel that she is very talented. I love to see talent get its due. Especially in this day of where the end thing is the cookie cutter talentless cutsey r&b chick.

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