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Monday MegaPost!!

Yeah that's Macy Gray, and yeah she's nekkid. She supposedly likes to walk around the house butt booty ass naked, saying she got it from her mom.
Happy 34th Birthday Pharreeezyy!! He was joined with Diddy and Jigga Man as they toasted to Cristal! Just joking, they of course were drinking "Ace of Spades" cham-pag-nay!

Want to smell like Ursher!? Do ya?! Well dammit now you can with his new 2 part cologne.. USHER and USHER. The "He" of course is for the gents, and the "Her" is for the ladies.

These are the promo pic's for the newest spin- off of America's Next Top Model, called "Nigeria's Next Top Model".. the concept is the same, where 15 girls will be battling it out for a modeling contract, this time it will be in Africa. The website is temporarily closed down due to some type of surge but when I get more info I'll letcha know what's up!
Vuuurryyy nice :)

So there's a rumor that Young Jeezy & USDA are assembling all-white female street teams in various cities across the country, as part of the promotion for the group's latest single "White Girl." I recently read today that this was just a rumor and there was no such thing in the works.. who cares, I think this is a bomb ass idea.. maybe.

Sooo after being called "Baby Murphy"for a few days, Melanie B has finally gotten around to naming her daughter, Fortuna Daphne Bay.. Daphne Bay sounds like a neighborhood and Fortuna sounds like that stripper who made her ass clap in my face one night in Magic City.

The Cheetah Girls, minus Raven, were at a movie premiere last week. Seriously, who wears their Easter outfit to movie premier's

Mary J Blige and her husband attended the "Entourage" Third Season Premiere this week

Shar Jackson (Kevin Federlines ex, and Neicy on Moesha) went under the knife a few months back getting work done on her jaw and stomach. Her body looks like a square, but I guess that's what's hood now. Shout of to C&D for the picture.

Angela & Vanessa Simmons unveiled their new line of footwear, Pastry: The Cake Collection at the Underground Station on Thursday in Atlanta last week. V&A took a stab at entrepreneurship with the launch of their footwear/sneaker line. The Pastry Shoes Collection will consist of colorful mid priced athletic footwear for women. Each pair of shoes will come with a stick of lip gloss (A little accessory) with the scent and color matching the shoe’s theme and ribbon wrapped box for the sneakers

Here's the official ad for the collection..Yummy. Mrs.Carter can't stop won't stop, here she is in Tokyo, the first stop on her WORLD tour! Also, she was seen sporting a ring that spelt out "Shawn"... it is not an engagement ring my friends, ALSO, Jay Z denies that he has a love child, and thinks it's down right dirty of us gossip blogs to assume so.
*Mental note* Find out who designs those shoes.

Speaking of Easter, Snoop D- O -Double- G and family celebrated their Easter Holiday by hosting a community Easter Egg Hunt at a high school in LA

Yeah that's "Lady of Rage" and Miles from Moesha.

Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons hosted their very own Easter Party in NYC. I see a little "Kimora" in Aoki! Cute girls

While we are on the subject of the Simmons, Russell Simmons is selling his MASSIVE New Jersey Mansion he shared with Kimora for $23.8 million. The Mansion is WELL worth 23.8 million, it has gold sinks and toilets, a movie theatre, state of the art gym, handwoven CARPET, swimming pools with waterfalls and that's not even the beginning of it.

Alicia Keyes took a break from her rigorous marathon running and attended the Timberwolves vs. Knicks game.

Just a few days before Nia Long was there cheering too!

Lastly...Honestly Oprah must live under a rock, or at least Steadmans balls sack because she was quoted as saying: "wasn't quite sure who she was. I remember saying, 'What does she do?' and nobody could say actually what she did." Oprah Winfrey didn't know who Anna Nicole Smith was before she died.

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alicia is gaining wieght!

love beyonces shoes but unfortunately they don't do anything for her and niether does that dress

Alicia Keys has always been thick. It looks good on her. I'm glad she doesn't do what most chicks do which is starve themselves trying to look like anorexic magazine covers. Eve, Keisha Cole, and many others have done it and they all look like stick figures afterwards (big heads, no frame). I'm happy AK is not afraid to keep it real and call out those down with the dumbness of trying to be something they weren't built to be.

this nigeria's next top model thingy is not a tv show, its an event thats goin to be held in london. y r all the bloggers gettin this info wrong?? check this website out for the correct info

FYI, since you liked Bey's shoes... they are the Christian Louboutin Fox Trot Platform slingbacks and they'll set you back about $710

Woowa 710 bucks for shoes? NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! still love them though

yeah and i never said they alicia was ugly with the wieght i marely made a statement

Liked it
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