Friday, October 20, 2006

You ain't IKE..

Soooo.. a while back I saw this clip of Jay-Z slapping/stiff arming one of his Roca-fella executives.. I mean damn NAOMI! I don't know how it came up again, but I like watching it for some reason.. I'm such a dirty hooker, God has a special place for me.

Eva The Diva on TV?

Eva Pigford, the quintessential winner of 'America's Next Top Model,' may be giving super-duper-model Tyra Banks a run for her money.
The Inglewood-reared beauty is onboard as host of. the new reality competition, 'My Model Looks Better Than Your Model,' described as a sophisticated ride into the world of fashion styling.

Created and executive produced by Sean J. Johnson and Nathan H. Williams, 'My Model' --premiering Nov. 1 at 10:00 p.m. on the digital cable channel BET J-- will provide aspiring fashion stylists a chance to flex their fashion acumen. Twelve contestants will be judged by fashion photographer Ezequiel "Ez" de la Rosa and 'Trace' magazine fashion editor Daphne Devallie.

.. I think I'll start watching this show from now on. My pretty lil head starts hurting when I watch Tyra's ginormous gleaming forehead for too long.


MJ in London

The things I would do to this man would be illegal in 4 states and 3 countries.

MJ made a surprise visit to his Jordan Classic Camp in London yesterday.

[picture courtesy of concreteloop]

JD Fired For Looking Like A Troll...

"Jermaine blames Virgin for not getting the album enough airplay and not working it."l promoted the album and blames his higher ups for dropping the ball.

Jermaine Dupri is standing by his woman Janet Jackson amidst sluggish movement of her new album, “20 Y.O.,” which reportedly experienced a 74 percent drop in sales during its second week of release – falling from No. 2 to 9 on the Nielsen SoundScan chart.

According to the Daily News, Dupri has threatened to resign his post, and is trying to stir future sales by courting Mariah Carey to record a duet with Janet that would be featured on a new version of the disc .

Update: He LEFT Virgin Records

Soooo.. who's gonna start bringing in some income. I mean JD can always go ahead and work for the Circus. He'd be the mother effin main attraction!


Dreamgirls Movie Posters


Looks like more people will be talking about Beyonce then Jesus this Christmas... Fa-la-la la laaaa

Dreamgirls Movie Trailor

Quote of the Day...

"When I become a mother, I'm going to be punching photographers." Beyonce on the paparazzi photographing celebrity children

pic source: DLISTED

Move Over Cristal, Hello Ace Of Spades

After the huge boycott of Cristal by many rappers, most notably Jay-Z, many people (including myself) were left wondering what high end Cham-pag-nay would be able to replace Cristal? In Jay-Z's new video (Show Me What You Got) he was seen brushing off the bottle of "Cristal" the waiter gave him and opted for a different type of 'cohol.. let me introduce ya'll to

Ace of Spades.. the "new" Cristal.

I'm not a champagne type of girl, gimme some Rum and Coke and I'll be happier then a chinese hooker.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Real World: Denver

This show is still on? I mean I haven't watched it since Coral was on that show...

So I previewed the trailer and it looks like the last 45 episodes of Real World, there's the token black guy, the black guy who acts white, the drunk girl, the girl who likes to kiss drunk girls, the gay guy, and the frat guy. I could make a better reality show from rounding up the bama's I see in Wal-mart everyday.

..and I know I'm not the only one who gets pissed when I see only 2 black people on the show. I can't hate, atleast these are full fledged blackies and not mulatto bastards.

Check out the trailer here

Miss.Michele Has A Myspace..

If you aren't on Myspace then you really are on some prehistoric ish! Literally, everyone and their momma's are on here. Check out New Yorks mom's myspace page.

...while you're over there hit up your girl JUIICY!

Monique and her Chinchilla

Where was I when Mo'nique was on "The View" talkin about 'black woman don't shave their legs or armpits'?

[picture courtesy of D Listed via Crunktastical]

Besides looking like "Daddy's little linebacker" she surprisingly isn't the only one who thinks like this. Mi Madre doesn't believe in shaving her legs either, she also likes to grease and cornrow them badboys up for the winter.

....Also if anyone knows how to stretch a reality show it's VH1, they are setting up production for a new show, the concept is a "My Fair Lady" type show. The girls will be enrolled in a charm school and will compete to be the finest lady, Mo'nique will be their teacher.

D Listed

Random Pictures!

Mya performed at the FFANY 'Shoes on Sale" to benefit breast cancer research.

The Cast of Men, Money and Gold Diggers were partying it up in Houston, if you haven't read this book or seen the actual play (JeCaryous Johnson) then you are definatly missing out! Click here to see when he's coming to your town.

[Chico Benymon,Robin Givens, Ginuwine, Essence Atkins,Terri Vaughn, Jecayous,, Tank, ]

Brandy and her boyfriend were seen out and about. Such a lovely couple, don't you agree!

[picture courtesy of ConcreteLoop]

Golden Brookes, work it.

  • My girl Erin over at A Hot Mess has some EXCLUSIVE pictures of Deelishis naked.. Am I the only one who's tired of looking at her donkey?

J.Lo was spotted outside of her Miami Hotel room with her mom. She's a natural beauty by all means.

[pictures courtesy of ONTD]

Americas Next Top "Porn" Model

[Tyra Banks and Tyra Banxxx on the set of the "Tyra Banks Show"]

Ok, so normally I wouldn't have even thought twice about posting this story but according to PageSix:

TYRA Banks has advised her porn-star lookalike, Tyra Banxxx, to quit the business and find a more respectable job. But her campaign backfired. Banxxx just shot a new hard-core video that cheekily parodies Banks called "America's Next Top Porn Model," in which women compete by performing sex acts. Banxxx tells, "I love this business and I'm not going to leave it, and I'm not going to change my name."

What makes this soo funny is that I recently got this porn as a gift a few weeks ago. It's pretty wack, I mean I watched it while eating dinner and trying to beat myself at Solitare on the computer. I'd advise Tyra Banxxx to join forces with Mr.Marcus, now that'd be a flick worth watching ;)

America's Next Top Model/Fashion Runway

And the winner of Project Runway is.... Jeffrey, (BIG Shocker). Although Micheal was the crowds favorite, he was the first one to leave.

Here's Jeffrey's line:

Check out the rest of the other Designers here

Here's the pictures from the ANTM Photoshoot, the theme for the pictures were "Celebrity Couples" each model was photographed as a celebrity couple

Ellen & Portia

Donald & Ivana

Britney & Kevin

Beyonce and Jay Z

Brad & Angelina

Oprah and Stedman

Ashton & Demi

Bobby and Whitney

Eliminated ,AJ (Marc Anthony and J.Lo)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dear J.Lo

It looks like someone threw up all over your face,and I mean a bad throwup, like they ate hotlinks right before they did it.

Quick Scoops

  • Wesley Snipes keeps all his money TMZ

  • Forget Kelis, Ursher has a bossy b*tch by his side Sr8OuttaNYC

  • Karrine Steffans (Superhead) was spotted leaving a LA nightclub with Jamie Foxx... What happened to Bobbbyyyyyy?!

  • Check out the Dreamgirls promo pic, movie looks boring so I'll probably just cop the bootleg from Pookie next week.Concrete Loop

  • Never mess with a black person and their food Fox News

The Game and his Prom Date..

Sooooo many thoughts running through my head... I guess this was an "after prom lets hit up IHOP before they close" type of date. I'm ok with that.

Alicia Keys Arrested?

There are pictures floating around the internet with captions saying that Alicia Keyes was arrested for "domestic dispute".. some say she got into a tizzy with her girlfriend. Who knows, plus these pic's look hella old.

And am I the ONLY person who believes that Alicia Keys doesn't munch cootchie?

[pictures courtesy of]

Deelishis Speaks On Her Womanhood/Scars

Recenly Deelishis sat down for an interview with where fans were allowed to ask her questions, here are just a few:

Deelish on when NY lashed out at Flav:
She was a tad bit extra for me. I never witnessed a true moment for her until that moment. You would never see New York pull her weave behind her ear. That was the only time she was real. She was humiliated.

Deelish on her scars:
There's something about my personality that's far more compelling than my scars. I've never had to deal with anyone ever making me feel bad about that in my 28 years. I wasn't self-conscious until recently with the show. I've read some of the cruelest things in those blogs.It wasn't until now that I find myself covering it up. And I'm going to have to check myself on that. My scars have never defined me. I define them. It's all about who you are. You can't worry about things you can't change or control.

Will you remove your scars?
No, I won't remove them, and it is very expensive. Plus, if I treat them, my doctor said that there's no guarantee that they'll go away and stay away. Like I said, no one really cared until now, but I'm good...

Deelish on people questioning her womanhood:
I AM a woman. The first time I read that, I didn't know how to feel. It cut deeply. It cut like a knife and more importantly I have a daughter. I've been through things only a woman can go through, so for someone to strip my God-given abilities, it hurt. When we were adolescents we all went through torment because kids are cruel. I didn't expect to go through this now. It was heartbreaking.But, I held my head up. I was born a woman and I will die a woman.

Word on the street is that Deelishis babies daddy.. you know, the one who has "money on-top-of money" is pretty pissed that she went on the show in the first place, also he's an superintendent for the Detroit School district, I guess I need to forget about being a doctor because the school system is where the REAL money is at... *yawn*

Catch the rest of the interview here

UPDATE: I just read over at that Deelishis babies father is an environmental manager at Lear Corporation in Southfield, Michigan. Who knows, and quite frankly I could care less unless he was trying to pay my utilities.

Kimora Simmons, "Got Milk" Ad.


[picture courtesy of GhettoFABU!]

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New York is a Bad B*tch..

Yeah she may be a lil crazy and smells like old porkchop grease but New York is one brainy chick.

She graduated from Syracuse University (Magna Cum Laude) with a degree in Sociology. She then went to work in Real Estate right after graduating making OVER 150K.

While the other chicks were attending NBA parties and posing for magazines trying to start a modeling career New York was getting everything from endorsements, public appearances and even co-owning her own dress boutique. Must we not forget a while back when I posted she was giving $20,000 to 5 graduating seniors in High School to help foot the bill for College? Well Miss.New York is paying for that out of her own pocket.

On TOP of this she will even have her own reality show "Flavorette of Love".. Losing never felt so good!

New York's Myspace

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