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Quote of the Day...

"When I become a mother, I'm going to be punching photographers." Beyonce on the paparazzi photographing celebrity children

pic source: DLISTED

and she meant that...chick is from H-town.

and you are sooo wrong for that shot of her azz. LOl!

fuck making me aware of how shes gonna react to paparazzi taking pictures of jay-z jr.'s oversized lips, i wanna know why the hell this broad is on her back and please dont tell me this was some type of choreography routine because if it is she should get her GAWD DAYUM dance license/pass revoked. i am getting sick of her shenanigans!

She needs an IV drip with liquid that will make her STFU!

Your gonna be punching people, yet you can't take up for yourself when PETA approached you? You don't want your kids to be shown, yet you flash your nephew around so whats the problem.

That picture: Too funny for words!

Initially I glanced at this picture and was hoping it was only a random vegas showgirl that took a dive, but no - that would be too much like right. Of course, it's our beloved Beyonce. Ahhh the joys that B brings us...priceless. ;)

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