Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beach Bodies!

Miss.Kelly was spotted soaking up the sun at Miami Beach yesterday. Fabulous summer body. I can't say anything bad about Kelly she's perfect in my eyes!

J.Lo and Marc Anthony were spotted in Puerto Rico. Marc is so hot, i want to lick his little nipplets.

Foxy Brown Dropped From Record Label/Blackberry Incident.

Foxy Brown’s management has announced that the trouble-prone rapper has left Def Jam after 13 years and inked a fresh deal with Koch Records, which has also agreed to house her label, Black Rose Entertainment.

This comes just dayz after she was arrested for going upside the head of her neighbor with her blackberry phone. According to police, the artist was arguing with her 25-year-old neighbor when she struck the woman in the head with her cell phone. Police said the victim had some teeth knocked loose and suffered a swollen lip and eye as a result of Foxy’s alleged assault.

Krotch records!?! What the hell is that. She better start investing in selling "Shake N' Wear" wigs like Brandy.

Beyonce & Solange Launch Dereon in Canada

B, Solange and Momma Knowles were in Canada launching the "Dereon" version of their clothing line. This line is supposed to the more affordable version of the "House of Dereon Couture" line. Poor Solange, how unfortunate does she look. She looks like the black-headed step-child that no one wants.

"Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 13-22" New York City Premiere

Now “Trapped in the Closet,” the tale of infidelity, violence and violent infidelity by R. Kelly, is getting, even more complex. Mr. Kelly has created 10 more episodes of his cult video series, which he and a cast lip-sync as he narrates the story to a lilting, and unchanging, beat, punctuated by the sound of water dripping. Since Monday, the IFC cable channel’s Web site,, has been streaming one new chapter daily.

Given the plot twists — Episode 9: “Not only is there a man in this cabinet/But the man is a midget! (Midget! Midget! Midget!)” — fan anticipation is almost absurdly high. Private viewing parties, tribute performances and singalong screenings are scheduled for around the country, celebrating the first hip
hopera/altcomedy/independent video crossover hit.

Mos Def Gets Into Squabble With TMZ Cameras

TMZ cameras were rolling in front of Hyde nightclub last night, Mos Def went face to face with a paparazzi who snapped his photo in front of the world famous celebrity hotspot.

Pissed off that the photog wouldn't delete the shot, Mos first used his words to try and convince the guy to do what he wanted saying, "I'm not from around here" and "You're violating my space." Just when it seemed that Mos was going to give up and walk away, one of the rapper's sneaky pals got behind the photog and tried to forcefully snatch the camera away. The photog, who ain't exactly a little guy, held on for dear life.

That's when Mos jumped in -- trying to grab the camera from the other side and jerking the snapper around ... until he realized that the other cameras were recording the whole thing.

Mos then ran up to the TMZ photog and explained, "I'm not trying to damage nuthin' ... I just want him to erase the photo. I'm not hurting him, I just want him to erase my photo and knock it off."

Mos Def Mos Def, The number one rule in Hollywood is that all blackies look alike, if he would have just continued walking out of the club, I'm sure they would have mistaken him for Chris Rock and all would have been good in the world.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rihanna @ People's Music Lounge

Rihanna was in NYC today promoting and performing for People Magazines Music Lounge. Her cute little brother was there also. Just a little side-info, Mandy Moore just covered "Umbrella".. it sounds H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!! Click here to hear her acoustic version.

The Face of Perfection!

Macy Gray is the epitome of beauty. Her face is flawless, her wigs are exquisite and her buck teeth transcend the test the time.

M.Gray was at Club Prive yesterday making it rain for a few "skrippers".

Melanie B's Husband Is Related To Dionne Warwick.. SIKE

Entertainment columnist Janet Charlton is reporting a laundry list of bad behavior from Stephen Belafonte, the man who married Melanie Brown in a secret wedding ceremony last June.

According to Charlton, the couple’s marriage certificate contains the name Stephen Belafonte, but his real last name is reportedly Stansbury. In the past he has tried to pass himself off as Dionne Warwick's nephew and Harry Belafonte's son, Charlton writes.

He also has criminal records in New Jersey, San Diego and Los Angeles, according to the column. The L.A. infractions include assault with a deadly weapon in Beverly Hills and vandalism and assault on a roommate in Hollywood.

Does Scary Spice know about his record? She probably doesn't care about all that because he's lightskin and has good hair. You can't let a Mulatto with that type of natural wave pattern go to waste!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guess Who!

Guess who has a wedgie!

It's our good friend Mike Tyson of course stopping by Pinkberry's Iced Yoghurt Parlor in Hollywood .

Do You Love Bootz?!

Well join her fan club then! For the basic membership price of only $19.99 you can get
  • Welcome Letter from Larissa Aurora

  • Birthday Card sent to you by Larissa Aurora

  • Autographed Picture

  • Mouse Pad

BUT WAIT.. For the low low price of $99.99 you can get the DELUXE membership which includes:

  • Welcome Letter from Larissa Aurora

  • Birthday Card sent to you by Larissa Aurora

  • Autographed Picture

  • Mouse Pad

  • Autographed Poster

  • Coffee Mug

  • Name Entered in Drawing for Lunch with LarissaAurora

  • Personal Phone Call from Larissa Aurora

Wait?? I get a personal phone call from BOOTZ!?! Hot damn where's grandma's checkbook!

Beyonce Gives Away A Benz To A Lucky Listener!

Beyoncé gives a JAMN 94.5 listener the ride of her life as she presents Maritsa Barros with keys to a new Mercedes Sunday in Boston as part of the radio station's Summer of Cars from Stars giveaway contest.

Welcome To My Ghetto

The 2nd Annual Ozone Music Awards went down in M.I.A yesterday. Of course everyone came out looking so Krispy.

This lace-front madness has gone too far. Please have a professional administer this wig or I'll be forced to donkey punch the next person I see with their weave looking like this in their neck.. because I'm hood like that.


[Kandi (Xscape), Rasheeda, Lil Scrappy, Princess (Crime Mob)]

[Plies, Hurricane Chris]

[Diamond (Crime Mob)]

[Young Joc]
[Thx Anon&Alicia for the correction!]

Man We Been Wearing The Same Curl...

This has to be THE funniest thing I've seen in the past 34 hours. Kel Mitchell is a fool. Anyone who saw him on BET's "Cash Give-away" knows that he's an animal with re-making songs.

Here to re-makes R.Kelly's "Same Girl".. instead it's called "Same Curl".. hi-lar-ious!

Ay Dog, You Got Any Rap Snacks?

Percy Miller Jr. *aka* Lil Romeo is quite the entrepreneur I must say. This child is coming out with his own line of Potato Chips called, "Rap Snacks"

Romeo recently purchased Rap Snacks Inc., a popular potato chip brand for an undisclosed amount, acquiring the rights to the Rap Snacks line of potato chips, which are dubbed "The Official Snack of Hip Hop."

I'm sure these chips are BOMB after a night of drinking, smoking and watching "Maury.

Also check out Romeo's latest "at-home" photo shoot. I'm sure his Mexican gardener Rodriquez, took these pictures for him.


Top Models On The Move

Jade (cycle 6) is the new spokesperson for "Applebottom" Jeans.

Toccara (Cycle 3) joins the "I Will Not Lose" campaign for Rocawear

The most recent ANTM winner, Jaslene, has a spread in Vibe Vixens last issue.

[pictures courtesy of here & here ]

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