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Do You Love Bootz?!

Well join her fan club then! For the basic membership price of only $19.99 you can get
  • Welcome Letter from Larissa Aurora

  • Birthday Card sent to you by Larissa Aurora

  • Autographed Picture

  • Mouse Pad

BUT WAIT.. For the low low price of $99.99 you can get the DELUXE membership which includes:

  • Welcome Letter from Larissa Aurora

  • Birthday Card sent to you by Larissa Aurora

  • Autographed Picture

  • Mouse Pad

  • Autographed Poster

  • Coffee Mug

  • Name Entered in Drawing for Lunch with LarissaAurora

  • Personal Phone Call from Larissa Aurora

Wait?? I get a personal phone call from BOOTZ!?! Hot damn where's grandma's checkbook!


$100 for a FANCLUB MEMBERSHIP?? Bitch pleaseeeeee!!!!

WTF??? They done gone too damn far now....Bootz?! A phone call?? Her mean ass....Girl, ya 15 mins are OVER!!

Her website is a joke. Who in their right mind would pay $100 just to basically get a phone call from her. Pathetic.

This girl better gone' somewhere. I hear her mom is her manager. She probably put this bright idea of charging $100 in Bootz head.

Dont nobody wanna meet that hoe... on second thought she does need a good old fashioned ass whoopin...so does her mother

that's a joke - who is she kidding!! GHETTO FAB.

Her boobs...are they real? That's the only thing I'm interested in?

^^AS real as her hair.

But seriously, I hear they are real. Everyone's was except Leilene.

I wouldn't pay .99 to hear that stank hoe's voice. However, I might pay 2.00 to watch Pumpkin's stupid ass spit on her

Who ever said GHETTO FAB was right on the money.

You have got to be kidding who would really pay $100 to see or talk to this ho! Girlfriend get a life.

Umm is it just me or...does bootz shirt completly not fit??

Bootz seems 2 b a true strong black gal. If she wants 2 charge $99 4 her fan club so b it stop hatein u do it 2 if u had the chance.

hahaha yall some hatin asses for real...yall be finding the smallest details on her and tryna make fun of her plz!! yall talk so much shit i bet yall would NEVER say dat to her face. so keep talkin ur bullshit scary asses u dumasses make me laugh..talkin shit like yall gonna do something.. shut the fuck up already.

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