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Ay Dog, You Got Any Rap Snacks?

Percy Miller Jr. *aka* Lil Romeo is quite the entrepreneur I must say. This child is coming out with his own line of Potato Chips called, "Rap Snacks"

Romeo recently purchased Rap Snacks Inc., a popular potato chip brand for an undisclosed amount, acquiring the rights to the Rap Snacks line of potato chips, which are dubbed "The Official Snack of Hip Hop."

I'm sure these chips are BOMB after a night of drinking, smoking and watching "Maury.

Also check out Romeo's latest "at-home" photo shoot. I'm sure his Mexican gardener Rodriquez, took these pictures for him.


I'll eat those rap snacks right off his six pack!

I don't know about the chips, but Romeo is certainly looking delicious!!!

^^U aint never lyin!!!!!

stay in school kin folk...where do you get these?!?

these chips have been around for a while downsouth, they really good and cheap!!!!!

looks like he's going to make a big impact in the GAY community with that pose laying down on grass with wesson oil on his chest SMH

I have seen those snacks at Big Lots.

this yungin betta stop playin wit my emotions like this!!! and those damn rap snaks been in every "foodtown" and select gas stations down here for the longest. lets not forget the cash money, nelly, youngbloodz, master p, mystikal flavored ones as well.

these are some nasty ass chips.

touch it, you read my mind! (Shaking my head)

o romeo

Those chips are good. they need to update the picture of course with that six pack and i bet they would be flying off the shelves!!!

Yeah, these chips been in Philly for years now! You can tell just by looking at the picture on the package! They're really good too, i think his are the sweet honey bbq.

Somebody get an oil rag and wipe him down immediately!

whendid that chipz come out?
and he looks so sexy when laying in the gras

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